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Chapter 1287: Easy Kills

Tie Ta remained in cultivation, but since it was much easier to absorb the energy crystals from the Xuanhuang beasts than monster cores, his strength had increased extremely quickly. Jian Chen could basically sense that Tie Ta’s strength was increasing at every moment of the day.

Jian Chen did not disturb Tie Ta. He left the artifact space by himself and advanced through the boundless plains of desolation. Since the sword spirits guided him, he did not become lost. He maintained a straight path throughout his journey.

A day later, a great mountain range appeared in Jian Chen’s vision. From afar, it seemed like a huge, slumbering dragon. The mountain range weaved about and was extraordinarily steep. Even from afar, Jian Chen could clearly sense a vast presence radiating from the mountain range.

The mountain range seemed very close, but it was extremely far away from him. After traveling several hundred kilometers, he finally arrived at the foot of them mountain. Immediately, Jian Chen felt like he was facing an entire world.

Jian Chen felt like he was standing before a vast world as he stood before the mountain range. It was teeming with a vast, boundless presence, and he felt as insignificant as an ant when he stood there. Not only was it due to a difference in size, it was also due to a difference in presence.

The height and size of the mountain range was unknown. It reached as far as the eye could see, while the mountain peaks were obscured by a layer of hazy yellow clouds.

The mountain range was red in color since it was filled with various fire-red vegetation. It was teeming with fire-attributed energy of the world. Jian Chen had never sensed energy so vast, and it even possessed faint strands of Xuanhuang Qi.

“This is the elemental mountains. The mountain range is a natural barrier in Xuanhuang Microcosms. The entire mountain range forms a circle around the center. As long as you cross the mountains, you’ll be able to reach the central region of the Xuanhuang Microcosm,” Zi Ying appeared above Jian Chen and gave an explanation to Jian Chen as he stared at the huge mountain range.

As soon as Zi Ying finished speaking, Qing Suo appeared as well. She stared at the elemental mountains ahead and said, “There are many heavenly resources of the five attributes within the elemental mountains, and the Xuanhuang beasts that guard them are quite strong as well. There are no Xuanhuang beasts below Saint Emperor, and there might even be one or two Heavenly Immortal Xuanhuang beasts, so master needs to be extra-careful in the mountain range. The difference between Earthen Immortals and Heavenly Immortals is qualitative. With master’s current strength, there should be no problems dealing with peak Earthen Immortal Xuanhuang beasts, but things will become troublesome if you come across a Heavenly Immortal Xuanhuang beast.”

Jian Chen became rather stern. Heavenly Immortal Xuanhuang beasts would be existences that had surpassed Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent. Jian Chen no longer feared Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts now that he had reached Sword Origin, but he was not confident he could deal with Xuanhuang beasts that had surpassed Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen entered the elemental mountains. He entered the region of the fire-attribute, so all of the vegetation around him possessed a demonic red. The vegetation gently swayed like tiny sparks dancing about happily while the temperature soared as he traveled deeper.

The vegetation in the elemental mountains was not made up of ordinary plants, but they were not heavenly resources either, so they were not as useful. However, there were many heavenly resources hidden among them.

“Master, there is a stalk of Scorching Fire Grass three kilometers to your left. If cultivators of fire-attributed cultivation methods ingest the grass, not only will it increase their cultivation speed, it will refine their energy.” Five minutes later, the sword spirits discovered a heavenly resource hidden among the plants and immediately informed Jian Chen.

Jian Chen arrived where it was, and he carefully removed a weed-like plant from the ground. The Scorching Fire Grass was only the size of a palm and seemed very ordinary. It was so red that it almost seemed like blood, hiding extremely dense fire-attributed energy within.

“First grade of the Immortal Tier!” Jian Chen recognized the quality of the Scorching Fire Grass with a single glance. He knew quite a few Immortal Tier heavenly resources in the Xuanhuang Microcosm now, so he obviously developed some ability to discern certain types of heavenly resources.

The Scorching Fire Grass was not some particularly valuable heavenly resource, so there was no Xuanhuang beast guarding it. Jian Chen left as soon as he had collected it, continuing his search.

“Master, there’s another Flamecloud Fruit Tree up ahead. It’s reached the fourth grade,” Qing Suo said again without long.

Following Qing Suo’s directions, Jian Chen indeed came across another Flamecloud Fruit Tree. The tree was much larger than the one from before. The thumb-sized fruits on it glowed with a hazy, red light, as if there were flames dancing inside them.

However, two Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts loafed around the tree. They seemed like foxes. They were completely fire-red and relatively small, only the size of an adult human. However, their heads were tiger-like, abnormally fierce in appearance as they glared around.

The moment Jian Chen discovered them they discovered Jian Chen as well. They immediately stood up and produced throaty growls, slowly advancing toward Jian Chen. Their four limbs were powerful while their claws were both sharp and long. They gave off an icy-cold glint.

Jian Chen habitually pulled his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring. His mind emptied as he reached Sword Origin. He swung the sword at one of the Xuanhuang beasts from fifty meters away.

Jian Chen’s attack seemed to stimulate a certain presence in the surroundings. It seemed simple, but it seemed to also possess a certain supreme power. As he struck out, a glow appeared, causing the surroundings to dull. An extremely bright, snow-white streak of light shot out, flying toward the Class 9 Xuanhuang beast.

The Xuanhuang beast narrowed its eyes as fear filled its face. It could feel just how terrifying the streak of light was. It wanted to dodge, but it discovered that it could not no matter what it did. As a result, it swung its paws in attempt to tear the streak of light to pieces.

Spurt! The streak of light collided with the sharp claws, and they were completely severed. However, the silver-white light weakened slightly after encountering the obstruction, finally landing on the Xuanhuang beast’s head.

A deep wound immediately appeared on the head of the Xuanhuang beast as blood wildly spurted out. It quickly dyed its entire head red.

The other Class 9 Xuanhuang beast could not help but halt after seeing its companion injured from just the first clash. It looked at Jian Chen in fear and already began to consider retreat. Although these beasts lacked intelligence, their beastial instincts still made them feel dread when they were attacking an existence that was stronger than them.

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