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Chapter 1294: Transformation of the Primordial Godsilk

“And in the history of our Immortals’ World, there’s even been a few times where Xuanhuang Microcosms have given birth to Immortal Exalt Xuanhuang beast emperors. They are extremely powerful, and even a few Immortal Emperors of our world fell to them. Since this is a Xuanhuang Microcosm of the highest grade, it will definitely have a few Immortal Monarch and Emperor Xuanhuang beast kings even if there are no Immortal Exalt beast emperors. With your current strength, you cannot set foot in there, master. Only death awaits you there. This is because the domain can only be entered and not exited. The only way to leave would be to smash through the barrier, and you would need the strength of an Immortal Monarch to do that,” Zi Ying followed up.

Jian Chen completely dropped the thought of obtaining the ninth grade Violet Cloud Peach with that. All he could do was stare helplessly at the barrier. Although he knew that once he become powerful enough in the future, he might be able to enter and collect the heavenly resource, but at that time, the resources would no longer be as valuable as right now to him.

“But the domain doesn’t seem to be as vast as the elemental mountains. How can such powerful Xuanhuang beasts thrive in such a small region?” Jian Chen thought of something that confused him, so he asked the sword spirits a question.

Qing Suo could not help but chuckle at what he asked, “Master, you don’t understand. This is being bigger on the inside. From the outside, the region really is nowhere near as vast as the elemental mountains, but there is an even vaster world inside.”

“Is that so?” Jian Chen was enlightened. It was the same logic with Space Gates. They seemed exquisite on the surface, but an extremely large space was hidden within.

At this moment, the Space Ring on Jian Chen’s finger began to radiate a golden light. A golden mail completely woven from golden threads suddenly flew out, hovering in the air with dazzling golden light.

“It’s the Primordial Godsilk. Why has it come out of the Space Ring by itself? What’s happening?” Jian Chen stared at the golden silkmail blankly as it floated in the air. He called out in surprise since he was rather confused.

It had already been quite some time since he had obtained the Primordial Godsilk, but it had always been an inanimate object. It just lay in his Space Ring silently, without exhibiting any movements outside the norm. Yet, it had flown out of his Space Ring by itself, clearly behaving different from normal.

At this moment, even the sword spirits’ attention was drawn to the abnormal movements of the Primordial Godsilk. Their gazes became fixed on it. None of them could figure out why it was moving on its own.

With the appearance of the Primordial Godsilk, the Xuanhuang Qi in the barrier of the domain began to pulse in an unstable fashion. Shortly after that, a strand of pure Xuanhuang Qi broke away and floated through the barrier. As soon as it approached the silk, it was absorbed.

The Primordial Godsilk immediately began to give off an extraordinary presence after absorbing the strand of Xuanhuang Qi. It shone with a golden radiance as it illuminated the surroundings, turning the entire area a golden color.

“The Primordial Godsilk is actually absorbing Xuanhuang Qi. This has never happened in the Immortals’ World. Is this connected to the disaster of the world?” Zi Ying and Qing Suo stared at the process in shock. Everything happening before them had surpassed their understanding.

Jian Chen watched everything unfold in utter shock, but his heart was soon filled with much joy. The Primordial Godsilk was extraordinarily tough. Even with his current battle prowess as a Saint Emperor, he was unable to damage it at all. However, the defences of the silk were extremely limited as well. It could only block the attacks from Saint Rulers. Attacks from Saint Kings would be able to penetrate the silkmail and injure the wearer or even shake the wearer to death from the great force. As a result, Jian Chen hadn’t used the Primordial Godsilk after reaching the third layer of the Chaotic Body.

Now that the Primordial Godsilk had absorbed a strand of Xuanhuang Qi, he could clearly feel it rapidly strengthen and could tell that its presence was growing as well.

Soon, a second and third strand of Xuanhuang Qi was siphoned away from the domain before being absorbed by the Primordial Godsilk, making it glow even brighter.

The Primordial Godsilk absorbed a total of nine strands before stopping. Its golden radiance gradually dulled as well, and completely disappearing a few seconds later. It returned to how it had looked before and dropped out of the air.

Jian Chen did not let the Primordial Godsilk hit the ground. He stuck his hand out. to catch it with lightning-like speed. Immediately, an odd feeling appeared. It was unclear and indescribable.

Jian Chen focused all his attention on the Primordial Godsilk in his hand. He knew that the Primordial Godsilk was different from before after absorbing the Xuanhuang Qi, but he could not tell exactly what was different. However, without a doubt, the Primordial Godsilk’s defense was just far, far more powerful than before.

The sword spirits also stared at the Primordial Godsilk fixedly. After a moment of silence, Qing Suo said, “I never thought that the Primordial Godsilk would absorb Xuanhuang Qi. The world gives birth to the silk, and since it’s absorbed Xuanhuang Qi by itself, does that mean that Xuanhuang Qi is connected to the calamity of the world? Is this calamity so bad that it requires Xuanhuang Qi to counter it along with the Primordial Godsilk?”

Zi Ying pondered a little and said, “That might not be the case. Xuanhuang Qi is an energy of the highest level, just like Chaotic Force, but it’s vastly different at the same time. It might be that the Xuanhuang Qi benefits the Primordial Godsilk, which was why it had absorbed it. After all, the Primordial Godsilk in master’s hands is still in the form before the calamity, so it possesses a certain level of self-awareness. If it is the Primordial Godsilk after the calamity, its self-awareness will disappear, and it would truly become inanimate, obviously unable to absorb Xuanhuang Qi. If I have guessed correctly, we can explain why the god artifacts forged from the Primordial Godsilk that have been brought into the Xuanhuang Microcosms and have appeared in the Immortals’ World have never absorbed any Xuanhuang Qi.

Jian Chen immediately gave up on the thought of asking the sword spirits after hearing their conversation. Even they could not give definite answer. They were guessing. Clearly, even they could not draw a firm conclusion.

Jian Chen did not want to waste any time at all. He put the Primordial Godsilk away and reluctantly glanced at the ninth grade Violet Cloud Peach one more time before turning around and leaving, full of regret.

He definitely could not enter the domain. Without the strength of an Immortal Monarch, he would not even be able to leave if he did. All he could do was stare at the ninth grade Violet Cloud Peach if he remained.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Tie Ta continued to wander through the forest. They searched for Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts and heavenly resources. Although Jian Chen was now in possession of the much stronger Primordial Godsilk, he was still not bold enough to provoke the Class 10 Xuanhuang beasts. The Primordial Godsilk could only block attacks from Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts after absorbing the Xuanhuang Qi. It was useless against Class 10 Xuanhuang beasts.

Several dozen Saint Kings hovered above the ruins of Mercenary City. They were unmoving, like monks in meditation. Although their eyes were closed, they paid close attention to the ground below. As soon as there was any movements, they would inform the grand elder as soon as possible.

There were several dozen Saint Kings scattered within the ruins as well. All of them were formation masters who possessed great achievements in formations. They had worked together to create a killing array. Although they knew that it would be completely useless against Origin realm experts, they were not discouraged at all. They created formations to the best of their abilities.

All the Saint Kings of the Tian Yuan Continent had already gathered within the miniature world owned by Mercenary City. Not only did Hao Wu come, even the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union and all the Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters were present. Even most of the human Saint Kings in the sea realm had gathered here. The total number neared a thousand.

All of them were building up energy and preparing for a battle against the experts of the World of Forsaken Saints as well as waiting for news from the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races.

“I wonder if the Sea race, magical beasts, or the Hundred Races will send reinforcements,” the grand elder said, worried. The World of Forsaken Saints was just far too powerful. Just by themselves, it would be very difficult for them to repel the invaders.

“May I ask if you’ve found senior Houston of the Bloodsword sect?” A Saint King looked at an old man in blood-red robes.

The old man was the vice sect master Jiang Wang. He shook his head and said, “We’ve already used a secret technique to contact the former sect master, but we’ve haven’t received a reply. I don’t know either where the former sect master has gone.”

“Of the three human Saint Emperors, great elder Tian Jian is currently refining the divine hall. The path lord has expressed that he will participate when the time comes. It’s just that the former sect master Houston’s whereabouts are unknown. I hope he can hurry back in time when the battle erupts,” a great elder of a protector clan gently sighed.

At this moment, the grand elder’s expression suddenly changed. He said, “There’s news from outside. There has been abnormal movements at the entrance. Let’s go!”

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