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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1295
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Chapter 1295: Initial Scouting

The several dozen formation masters within the ruins of Mercenary City stopped what they were doing and took to the air. All of them stared down with extremely stern expressions.

Soon afterward, a Space Gate ripped open high that was over ten meters wide opened up in the air. It was the World Gate of the miniature world.

All the Saint Kings who had been readying themselves in the miniature world owned by Mercenary City surged out. They moved extremely quickly and silently, only flashes were visible. All of them were extremely skilled with manipulating space.

In just a few short seconds, almost a thousand people appeared in the air. Almost all of them were Saint Kings, and only a fraction of them were Saint Rulers. All of them stared down with extremely stern expressions.

Powerful pulses of energy originated from deep beneath the ruins. The pulses were extremely unstable, and even they could feel them clearly.

“Oh no, they’re already coming over,” the crisp voice of a child rang from nowhere. Xiao Ling silently appeared in the air as she nervously stared at the ground below Her body was no longer illusionary but fleshly. She was no different from a real human.

Many people already knew the identity of the barrier spirit. Many Saint Kings calmed down with Xiao Ling’s appearance. All of them knew that the barrier spirit was not as simple as they had imagined. The barrier of Mercenary City was gone now, but the barrier spirit did not vanish because of its disappearance. At the same time, her strength belonged to the second level of the Origin realm, Returnance.

The thought that the continent was protected by a Returnance expert undoubtedly calmed everyone. It was exactly because of Xiao Ling that Mercenary City had become the representative of the Tian Yuan Continent, having surpassed the ten protector clans now.

“Dear barrier spirit, the city lord once entered the World of Forsaken Saints and engaged in a great massacre. Now, when the people of that world come to our continent, they will definitely seek for revenge. I wish that you can assist us when they come to our continent and eliminate the intruders. We have to keep them in the tunnel and make time for great elder Tian Jian.” A Saint King elder of Mercenary City implored Xiao Ling as he bowed. Xiao Ling was someone who had come from the same age as Mo Tianyun. She was also an Origin realm expert having protected the city for around a million years. Her status in the city had been propelled to the level of an ancestor as a result.

“I will,” Xiao Ling firmly nodded her head, but she still appeared to be nervous.

“It’s a pity that the barrier spirit’s mind is not mature even though she possesses indomitable battle prowess. It’s still at the level of a young girl. She probably lacks experience in battle as well, so if she comes across an opponent of the same level, she will probably fall to a disadvantage,” the grand elder of Mercenary City secretly sighed to himself, but what was there he could do?

All the experts that had gathered there were monsters who had existed for far too long. They could tell with a single glance that the barrier spirit still possessed the mind of a little girl and that she was not mature. They could not help but look at one another with worry. They wondered just how much strength of the Returnance realm she could use.

Bang! At this moment, a terrifying ripple of energy appeared from deep underground. Ir formed a thick pillar of energy as it broke through the ground and soared into the sky. It caused the entire region of earth to sink, forming an extremely deep abyss. The various formations that had been cast were destroyed before they could even be used.

The pillar of energy was extremely powerful, such that even Saint Emperors would pale when they saw it. The Saint Kings in the air dared not to take it head-on, so they all dodged, but there were still two Saint Kings who were a little slow. They were immediately smashed by the pillar and were ripped to shreds before being reduced to ashes. Not even their souls remained.

“Be careful, this is the wild streams of energy within the spatial tunnel. It’s surged because of the people from the World of Forsaken Saints,” Xiao Ling warned, but it was already a little late.

At the same time, several dozen vast presences appeared from beneath the ground. The Saint Kings at Great Perfection from the World of Forsaken Saints shot into the air like loose arrows. Their vast presences were being sent out. Every single one of them seemed to be in a rather awful connection, but they all gave off a presence that was different from the continent.

As soon as the Saint Kings flew into the air, they discovered all the people in the surroundings. They immediately became slightly stunned. They could tell with a single glance that virtually all the people who had gathered here were Saint Kings and that there were not many Saint Kings at Great Perfection. In the World of Forsaken Saints, they would be insignificant existences that would fail to raise any attention at all.

In reality, they had already prepared to face experts of the Origin realm in the other world. They had even thought that they would be surrounded by countless Saint Kings as soon as they had left the spatial tunnel, but they had never thought that they would see so many Saint Kings weaker than themselves and not even a single Saint Emperor.

Just when one of the leading Saint Kings from the World of Forsaken Saints wanted to say something, someone cried out from the encirclement, “They’re all Saint Kings at Great Perfection! They must be the scouts to see our strength! We can’t let them escape with their lives! Kill them!”

The shout set off a chain reaction like the butterfly effect. Close to a thousand experts moved at the same time, simultaneously using various powerful attacks and Saint Tier Battle Skills, sending a barrage mercilessly at the several dozen Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

All the Saint Kings dodged, but the attacks were just far too concentrated. From the single wave, half of them became injured and a few had died.

“Leave quickly!” The Saint Kings at Great Perfection called out and pulled out the piece of jade they had obtained from the Spiritking. They wanted to use the Spatial Force within to flee.

However, at this very moment, Xiao Ling moved. She gently swung her little hand and a wall of white lights appeared, quickly sweeping toward the group of people.

Some of the faster Saint Kings had already shattered their pieces of jade and were sent away without any obstruction. However, around twenty remaining Saint Kings moved a little slower and were all struck by Xiao Ling’s attack. Their bodies were immediately ripped to pieces while their blood filled the sky. Their souls were instantly wiped out.

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