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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 130
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 130

Trapped in the Restaurant

Seeing the group of people outside the restaurant, Jian Chen’s expression immediately hardened. Since the moment he saw the young master of the Tianxiong clan standing in the middle, he had already guessed that the reason these people had gathered here so early in the morning was because of him.

After all, yesterday he had not only committed an offense against the Tianxiong clan’s young master, but also killed three of the clan’s strong bodyguards. In short, he had already earned the hatred of the Tianxiong clan yesterday. After all, Peak Saint Masters still counted as very good hands in a remote place like Wake City. No matter in which clan in Wake City one was, Peak Saint Masters all had pretty high positions.

If a clan lost a Peak Saint Master, as well as two Primary Saint Masters, for no reason and didn’t regain face, the clan’s military power in the city would undoubtedly decrease by quite a lot. This was extremely important to a clan’s future.

Right now, the entire restaurant had been surrounded by the Tianxiong clan. Wanting to leave here without anyone knowing was impossible. Jian Chen could only helplessly leave his room and walk toward the main entrance of the restaurant. Although he was getting closer to his doom, and the opposite party had hundreds of people as well as some strong experts, there wasn’t a single trace of panic or concern in Jian Chen’s expression. He looked just as calm as he normally did.

When Jian Chen walked downstairs and arrived at the restaurant’s lower floor, he discovered that there were already many people gathered there. It was currently the peak hours of breakfast, and all of the tables in the lobby were filled with bowls and dishes emitting the fragrant aroma of meat. However, not a single person was sitting at those tables and enjoying the bountiful breakfast. Instead, they were all swearing as they stood up from their seats and slowly began to walk outside the door with indignant expressions.

“That Tianxiong clan is too damn arrogant. I was happily eating here before they suddenly commanded all of us to leave. Whatever random crap you guys do has nothing to do with us. We’re just eating our own meals, it’s not like we’d hinder you.”

“That’s right, that Tianxiong clan really thinks of themselves as Wake City’s number 1 clan. They’ve become undisciplined and out of control even though they’re just a small clan. When they encounter those famous experts in Tian Yuan Continent, they’ll be eradicated with just a slight stretch of a finger.”

Most of the people eating in the restaurant were mercenaries. Some of the more short tempered and braver ones grumbled as they left, but they said their complaints quite softly, as if murmuring to themselves. Not a single person dared to say it out loud. Despite this, the soldiers were all at a certain level of strength, and could hear the murmurs loud and clear.

The majority of the few merchants in the restaurant didn’t dare to show any signs of dissatisfaction in their expressions. They obediently left their seats and hurriedly walked out of the restaurant. Only the merchants that had certain amounts of strength were left. They all had expressions of extreme dissatisfaction; they were pretty much all foreigners, and although they weren’t afraid of the Tianxiong clan, a strong dragon couldn’t suppress a snake. It was clear that they wouldn’t go against the Tianxiong clan over such a minor thing and stir up more trouble for themselves. Thus, they eventually all walked out of the restaurant as well.

There were four white robed middle aged men guarding the restaurant entrance. Their powerful, electric-like gazes unceasingly scanned the people leaving. Although they had also heard a few of the mercenaries curse the Tianxiong clan in dissatisfaction, they didn’t dare to say a single word, and acted as if they hadn’t heard the curses. Quite a few of the mercenaries in the restaurant were foreigners that had some level of power backing them up, or were a part of a mercenary group. Although the Tianxiong clan proclaimed itself as a leading clan in Wake City, they didn’t want to upset any outside powers because some of them were so powerful that even the Tianxiong clan couldn’t afford to provoke them.

Soon, the restaurant’s customers had all left. In such a large restaurant, the only ones remaining were some servants standing there in a daze, at a loss of what to do. The restaurant owner also stood to one side with an expression of concern as he stared unblinkingly at the vacant restaurant. His face revealed the pain that he was unable to voice out; quite a bit of income had disappeared.

At that moment, the only one still in the restaurant aside from the owner and the servants was Jian Chen. Even the customers that had been resting on the upper floor had been forcefully oppressed and brought out by the restaurant’s servants.

Jian Chen sat on a chair with a leisurely expression, staring with interest at the group of Tianxiong clan’s people still holding fort outside the restaurant. His expression was completely relaxed. Although Jian Chen seemed to be carefree on the outside, he had actually put up his guard ages ago. After all, this time they had arrived with ill intentions; moreover, he clearly sensed that there were quite a few powerful experts among these people.

At that moment, the young master of the Tianxiong clan that Jian Chen had encountered yesterday in Magical Beast Mountain range walked into the restaurant with the protection of a large group of people. As soon as he entered the restaurant, the young master’s gaze fell onto the sneering Jian Chen sitting on the chair. A sinister look flashed in the young master’s eyes.

“Brat, I didn’t expect that you’d still be here today. Yesterday, I let you off. Today, I’ll pull you out from your roots.” The young master said with a cold smile. He looked at Jian Chen and said, “What about it, are you scared? Do you regret it now?”

The group of Tianxiong clan members standing behind the youth all sharply looked at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen lightly snorted in disdain. His gaze swept across the crowd of people standing behind the young master as he said, “Don’t tell me that you think this amount of people is enough to scare me? You’re being a bit too self-confident.”

The young master of the Tianxiong clan sneered back as he said, “You’re even more arrogant than I thought. However, I can’t help but admire your ability to talk big. Even at a moment like this, you still won’t admit your mistake or kneel down and beg me for mercy. Could it be that you think you can walk away alive today in front of so many of Tianxiong clan’s experts? Furthermore, I brought at least 100 people with me today.” The young master said with unrivalled confidence. In his opinion, he would definitely devour Jian Chen today.

Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile faintly at these words. Just now, he had suddenly discovered that talking with a hedonistic son of rich parents like him, who had never been out in the world, was an extremely amusing thing to do.

“Then do you believe me when I say that not only will I leave here today, but I will also break all of your soldiers at the same time?” Jian Chen’s tone gradually turned darker as he spoke.

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