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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1306
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Chapter 1306: Shocking Lightning (Four)


A thunderous boom shook the surroundings as the bolt of lightning struck the tungsten alloy mine.

A large portion of the tungsten alloy within the mine had been extracted already, only leaving behind the purest tungsten alloy ore deep below. Since the alloy left behind was just far too pure, it was extremely tough and even a full-powered strike from a Heavenly Saint Master would only leave behind a shallow mark. It was extremely difficult to extract, such that probably only Saint Rulers possessed the ability.

However, why would Saint Rulers lower themselves to do something like that? As a result, the more pure ore had been left there untouched.

But at this moment, an almost-bottomless hole had been carved into the ore by the bolt of lightning. The ore that had been struck had vaporized without a single trace. The alloy seemed to have been reduced to nothingness by the lightning.

The entire mine violently shook as if a great earthquake was happening. Countless mountains in the surroundings collapsed, and in the blink of an eye, huge cracks littered the boulders. The mountain range had been reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye.

The surrounding Saint Kings, who were watching the spectacle, all became rather pale. They stared at the thick layer of clouds in the sky in both shock and dread. All of them slowly backed off subconsciously.

They had all sensed the extremely powerful energy within the lightning the moment it fell. It was enough to instill despair in them all. They had never seen such powerful lightning before. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection felt as insignificant as ants before it.

It was not just the Saint Kings. Even the five Saint Emperors gathered there became extremely stern. The lightning was far more powerful than they had imagined. None of them believed they could block the lightning, and even if they managed to, they would be half-dead.

The power of the heavenly tribulation overwhelmed all of them, and they all retreated. They reached twenty kilometers away before stopping, afraid that they would be affected by the ripples.

Only fairy Hao Yue remained where she was. She had a very deep understanding of heavenly tribulations and understood just how powerful they were as well as how to avoid them. As long she remained outside the affected region, the heavenly tribulation would not be able to reach her.

Bi Hai, Bi Lian, You Yue, had arrived with the Saint Rulers of the Flame Mercenaries behind them. They all gathered beside the Bright Moon Divine Hall. There were just too many Saint Kings present. If something suddenly happened, they would hide in the divine hall immediately.


With another deafening sound, the second bolt of lightning fell a few seconds after the first. It glowed with an extremely bright light as it landed in the exact same place.

The second bolt of lightning was clearly much more powerful than the first. It had reached a width of a meter and wherever it passed by, black cracks would appear in space. It completely obliterated the tungsten alloy below, reducing it into nothingness. All it left behind was a meter-wide hole of an unknown depth.

Suddenly, a faint, golden light began to glow at the bottom of the hole. The light was extremely dim, but it grew brighter and brighter at a visible rate. In just a few seconds, the light became extremely dazzling, resplendent like gold. A tremendous ripple of terrifying energy emerged from within the hole, enough to cause the Saint Emperors to reveal a different expression. The Saint Kings leaped in fright.

“What a terrifying energy ripple. It’s no weaker than a Saint Emperor. Just what is this?”

“Has some treasure of the world appeared? Specifically for us to deal with the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints?”

“What’s hidden within this mine? It’s actually enough to invoke the wrath of the heavens and be struck by lightning. Is this a blessing or a curse for our continent?”

“Oh no. The ripple of energy deep in the mine is rapidly strengthening. The lightning is so powerful, but it’s unable to kill this unknown thing?”

The Saint Kings discussed the events occurring before them. None of them were able to keep calm. The five Saint Emperors were all stern as they stared fixedly at the bottomless hole formed from the lightning.

Many people had already raised many ideas of investigating just what was below the mine, but the place was enveloped by a powerful ball of energy. No matter what they tried, they could not pass through it. Even Saint Emperors were no exceptions.

At the bottom of the hole was a thirty-meter-wide space. A golden liquid currently floated there enveloped in a resplendent golden light. The liquid seemed to be completely condensed from energy, and the energy was so powerful that it was stunning. Even Saint Emperors would not be able to keep their calm before it.

The golden liquid slowly moved, forming a vaguely human shape. It seemed like an unborn fetus within the womb, where its limbs and head had not become fully distinguishable yet.

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