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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 132
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 132: Death Siege (Two)

A strong killing aura flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. Not waiting for the Tianxiong clan to advance any further, he lifted his own sword to attack. With a speed almost invisible to the naked eye, the Light Wind Sword flashed out at the swords approaching Jian Chen.

Against such a fast sword, even the stronger people in the group weren’t able to properly defend themselves. The moment the sword finished its downward arc, the mercenaries had immediately fallen to the ground. A small trickle of blood flowed silently from their throats and stained the ground beneath them an iridescent, red color.

But the Tianxiong clan had brought over 100 people, so the deaths of such a small amount of people was of no concern to them. Another group began to charge rampantly toward Jian Chen with sounds so loud that their stampeding echoed.

Seeing the group of people that didn’t seem to know death charge forward, Jian Chen’s glare turned cooler. With a sigh, he increased the speed of his sword thrusts, and each one of the mercenaries found their throats stabbed. In their hearts, they knew this was a fatal blow and that there was not a single amount of mercy to be found within Jian Chen.

Even though Jian Chen knew that the Tianxiong clan was a major clan in Wake City, he wasn’t at all afraid of matters like this. Now that he was by himself once more, he didn’t have anyone behind him he had to worry about, so there was nothing to be anxious about.

Jian Chen’s petite body constantly wove through his attackers as his Light Wind Sword endlessly flashed around. With every arc of his sword, another person would fall, and thanks to his fierce battle strength, the entire restaurant had become a place of chaos. The chairs and tables that were previously organized neatly were now scattered about, while the fragrant dishes of food had crashed and spilled to the ground.

As fast as a demon, Jian Chen quickly dispatched mercenary after mercenary. Within the span of a few seconds, another 10 mercenaries had fallen, never to rise again. It was almost as if Jian Chen had eyes on the back of his head that could observe everything on the battleground. Every single time a mercenary swung his Saint Weapon, Jian Chen would “barely dodge” the danger at the critical point. He was a single man facing dozens of people, but even after fighting for some time, he hadn’t received any wounds. Even as the mercenaries tried their hardest to slash at him, Jian Chen’s clothes didn’t even have the slightest tear.

Seeing his mercenaries fall to the floor one by one without Jian Chen sustaining any wounds, the young master of the Tianxiong clan scowled with dissatisfaction before cursing, “This group is useless, USELESS! Everyone here is good for nothing, I didn’t know that my father had raised such a useless amount of trash that even a dozen of them couldn’t seize a single person.” He shook his head turned to look at the man to his side before barking out, “What are you and your men standing around for? Hurry up and capture him! Once he is taken back to the Tianxiong clan, I will show him my awesomeness. Hmph, anyone that’s insulted me has never gotten away with it. He won’t be an exception.”

The group of people the young master had yelled at was all the strongest mercenaries. With their statuses, they would definitely be highly respected, even in the Tianxiong clan. After not being given face by the young master as he yelled at them, they couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

The men looked at each other before one of them spoke out, “Although this person is young, he is extraordinarily strong. His movements and the speed of his sword are incomparably fast; even if it were us going against him, we would have difficulty as well. Moreover, all of his sword strikes so far have been fatal; if the mercenaries did not die by a sword through their throats, then they died from having their hearts pierced. From this, you can see that this person is not simple at all. Facing him head-on right now would be an unwise decision, and we may even get injured. For now, it would be best to call a few people over for him to waste his Saint Force over. The moment he uses up all of his Saint Force, we will strike and win easily.”

“Not bad, I approve of this suggestion.”

The man’s suggestion had been quickly endorsed by the other mercenaries. Although, this would increase the amount of casualties among the Tianxiong clan, the responsibility of that would fall upon the young master himself and not the mercenaries themselves. And since this second generation master didn’t care for them at all, they weren’t willing to throw away their lives for him. If it meant throwing away the lives of others to persevere their own lives, they would do it.

Following up, another squad of mercenaries entered the restaurant to kill Jian Chen. The people in this group were of the Great Saint level, so they were stronger than the previous group by a large margin.

Jian Chen immediately engaged the Great Saints in a fierce battle. Against a group who was much stronger than before, Jian Chen’s pressure had greatly increased; he would not be able to fight as easily as before.

As the fighting grew more and more intense, the entire restaurant became even more ruined. All of the surrounding walls had holes kicked through them, causing the entire restaurant to be on the verge of collapsing.

Outside of the restaurant, a large crowd of people had gathered, and were passionately gossiping about the fight that was happening inside.

Inside the restaurant.

In a brilliant flash of silver, Jian Chen stabbed one of the Great Saints in the heart, killing him instantly. Stamping on the chest of the man, he sent the body flying backward, creating yet another hole in the walls of the restaurant before the body flew out.

The restaurant shuddered violently once more, each sway stronger than the last. Finally, the loud crunching sounds of wood could be heard as it trembled once more.

Jian Chen nimbly dodged the blades of 3 Saint Weapons while looking at the wobbling pillars of the restaurant. Without any hesitation, he pushed the mercenaries away as he escaped from the newly created hole, out onto the streets.

“Chase after him! Don’t let him get away!”

The moment he saw Jian Chen leave the restaurant, the young master cried out at the mercenaries to chase after him.

After the young master had spoken out, the group of mercenaries next to him had also cried out, “Not good, the restaurant’s about to collapse, escort the young master away to safety!”

Immediately, a middle aged man grabbed the young master by the shoulders before bringing him out of the way of the collapsing restaurant. Everyone else followed closely behind.

The moment the group ran out of the restaurant, the entire restaurant caved in. In that moment, the mercenaries that didn’t make it in time were buried.

Soon after, a silver ray of light came flying toward the young master of the Tianxiong clan.

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