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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1342 - Vicious Spirits Of The Mist (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1342: Vicious Spirits of the Mist (Two)

There were only a few pairs of eyes in the beginning before increasing to over ten. They followed close behind Jian Chen and Yadriam and very quickly, remaining silent throughout their journey.

When the pairs of eyes reached over twenty in number, they could no longer resist and attacked Jian Chen and Yadriam. Over twenty thick, hazy tendrils quickly stabbed toward Jian Chen and Yadriam’s heads. They seemed to be completely condensed from mist and seemed to be a part of the surroundings, making it impossible to discover their existence without a close observation of one’s surroundings.

Jian Chen and Yadriam were alerted the moment the pairs of eyes began to attack the two of them. Without even looking back, Jian Chen condensed a silver-white sword Qi on his arm and swung it back, sending a scattering of powerful sword Qi. The tendrils immediately dispersed when they clashed with the sword Qi while the sword Qi continued on toward the eyes without weakening at all.

A sharp cry immediately rang out from behind. The sword Qi had landed on the mist, and a few blurry figures began to flicker inside before dispersing. The figures varied from each other. There were human-shaped ones, beast-shaped ones, and even oddly-shaped ones. Every single one of the figures represented a pair of eyes.

Several of the eyes immediately dispersed.

At the same time, a pulse of surging energy appeared. Yadriam struck out as well. A trident of energy had already condensed in her hand, and she threw it like a javelin. The trident split into two, then four, and then eight, quickly shooting toward the eyes behind them.

The eight tridents seemed to weave together as the powerful energy pulses they gave off caused the mist in the surroundings to violently churn. They easily tore through the tendrils before viciously striking the eyes.

Every single trident possessed deadly precision, each striking a blurry figure in the mist, which was then followed by an ear-piercing howl. The figures that had been struck immediately dispersed.

The eyes seemed to possess a certain level of intelligence. After losing around a dozen companions, they seemed to have understood Jian Chen and Yadriam’s strength. Without any hesitation, they quickly retreated and vanished into the endless mist.

Jian Chen and Yadriam glared in the direction the eyes had disappeared. They frowned, and after a while of thought, Jian Chen said, “What weird things. Not only can they move silently, but they also don’t give off any presence either. I actually failed to sense that there was anything following us. If I hadn’t sensed their sudden attacks, we probably would have been in trouble before we even knew about it.

“Those must be the vicious spirits mentioned by her majesty. They came into existence from the mist. They’re quite hard to deal with, but fortunately they aren’t powerful, which was why we managed to repel them so easily. We have to be careful with our every step in the future. If we come across any emperor level spirits, they’ll be hard to deal with even if we work together,” said Yadriam. She was rather stern.

Jian Chen nodded quietly. Although he possessed the battle prowess of a Saint Emperor right now, he was still not the real deal. Saint Emperors could fall here, and even Origin realm experts needed to move carefully, so he needed to be prepared and remain vigilant at all times.

Yadriam had lost the connection with the Abyssal Bird again. She pulled out the Abyssal Crystal and used a secret technique to summon the Abyssal Bird using the energy within the crystal so that they could continue on their way.

As they moved, Jian Chen and Yadriam constantly encountered sneak attacks from the spirits in the mist, but under their vigilance, they were discovered beforehand and wiped out with lightning-like speed.

However, as they rapidly traveled further into the Sea of Despair, the vicious spirits they came across constantly grew stronger. They now faced Saint King level spirits and would even encounter some at Great Perfection.

They had no idea how many spirits there were in the mist. Jian Chen and Yadriam had already wiped out several thousand, but the number of them did not seem to decrease at all. They also had to adjust their paths constantly due to the distortions of space.

Along the way, they were ambushed by over ten vicious spirits at Great Perfection. The spirits were unable to harm the body. Their attacks only affected the soul, so they suffered. However, Jian Chen was no ordinary person while Yadriam possessed supreme strength, so the soul attacks did not affect them too much.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream rang out from ahead. It was extraordinarily unpleasant, containing an attack on the soul.

Jian Chen and Yadriam stopped simultaneously. They sternly stared ahead and remained on guard. Their souls actually wavered slightly because of the scream.

“Be careful. There should be an extremely powerful vicious spirit up ahead, at the level of emperors,” Yadriam said in heavy voice, as if she was about to face a great enemy. Even the sea goddess had said that they were difficult to deal with, so they could not afford to be careless.

Jian Chen became stern as well. He looked around his surroundings and said, “Should we take a detour?”

As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, the mist up ahead began to churn violently. A white figure gradually appeared before the two of them. It seemed to be completely composed of mist. It was a human-shaped vicious spirit with a long tail. It did not possess facial features, only a pair of extremely bright but foul eyes,

With the appearance of the vicious spirit, many more eyes appeared one after another in the surroundings. There were several dozen pairs of them.

The two of them had been completely surrounded by a group of spirits. Every single one of them was very powerful, the weakest being a Saint King.

“Looks like we can’t make it away anymore,” Jian Chen said rather regretfully. He knew that this battle was now unavoidable.

“I’ll go keep the emperor-level vicious spirit busy. You deal with the others,” Yadriam said heavily before decisively moving out. She charged at the emperor-level spirit and began to engage in a great battle with her trident.

The vicious spirit seemed to possess a tangible body. When it clashed with Yadriam the first time, it actually produced a powerful pulse of energy that caused the surrounding mist to churn violently.

Yadriam shivered inside. She did not gain the upperhand at all from the first clash. She was only on equal ground. However, the vicious spirits did not specialize in open battle but in targeting the souls of people. Open battles were their weaknesses. Yadriam was filled with an unpleasant feeling since their strength was equal in an open clash. She dared not hold back any longer, attacking the vengeful spirit with all she had.

On the other side, Jian Chen began to fight with the surrounding spirits as well. A powerful sword Qi was condensed in his right hand as he flickered through the mist with the Illusory Flash, dispersing the spirits one by one. Since the disparity of strength was just far too great, coupled with the fact that Jian Chen’s sword Qi was condensed from laws, the spirits were helpless against him. They immediately vanished once they were stabbed by the sword Qi.

Seeing how its subordinates were being culled by Jian Chen, the emperor-level spirit seemed to have become furious. It produced an ear-piercing screech and the surrounding spirits all began to charge at Jian Chen as if they had just received some order.

Jian Chen dispersed the spirits in a single stroke before dodging by using the Illusory Flash. However, the spirits were born from the mist, so they were in their natural environment. Thus, they were no slower than Jian Chen, surrounding him once again in the blink of an eye before boldly charging at him.

Jian Chen pushed the defense of his Chaotic Body to its limit and a white glow covered him as well. He was protecting himself with laws.

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