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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1346 - Sword-forging (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1346: Sword-forging (One)

No one knew how large the Sea of Despair was. It had always been shrouded by mist even in ancient times. The sea goddess’ Abyssal Crystal divine hall floated aimlessly through the Sea of Despair. It moved at all times, making it impossible for anyone to find it, including Origin realm experts. The only method was to use an Abyssal Crystal as a guide. Only then could someone find the correct location.

Yadriam excitedly flew up the steep stairs as Jian Chen followed close behind her. They made their way to the front entrance step by step.

The door of the divine hall was tightly closed and the entire structure hid an extremely powerful energy. Before this energy, even Jian Chen and Yadriam shivered.

Yadriam took out the Abyssal Crystal and performed several hand seals. She used a secret technique to activate the energy within the Abyssal Crystal. A blue pillar of light appeared from the crystal, and under Yadriam’s control, it formed an extremely profound inscription, which then struck the main entrance with lightning-like speed.

Immediately, the door of the divine hall began to shine with a blue light. The powerful energy sleeping within seemed to have awakened, and with a series of creaks, the door slowly opened.

Not only was the Abyssal Crystal the guide to finding the divine hall, but it was also the key to the divine hall as well. However, a corresponding secret technique was needed.

An icy and desolate presence immediately began to radiate out of the divine hall, causing Jian Chen and Yadriam to shiver inside. They felt like they had arrived in the ancient times. The divine hall had drifted through the Sea of Despair for several hundreds of thousands of years, even reaching over a million. It had never been opened the entire time it had drifted, so the residual presence inside was extremely ancient.

The divine hall was empty and silent. An invisible pressure permeated the entire building. The door closed automatically after Jian Chen and Yadriam entered the divine hall. Afterward, the sea goddess’ familiar voice rang out.

“You’ve finally arrived safely in my divine hall. Jian Chen, I’ll send you to the control center of the divine hall and give you partial control. Take the divine hall and leave the Sea of Despair with Yadriam,” the sea goddess said with excitement that she struggled to hide. There was not long before she would be able to bask in the sun once again.

An invisible force gathered and surrounded Jian Chen. The force was gentle, but it was also powerful to the point that Jian Chen could not resist.

With a flash of blue light, Jian Chen was sent away by the force. He entered the control center and began to refine the divine hall.

“Yadriam, you are injured. Jian Chen needs a few days to refine the divine hall, so use this time to heal,” the sea goddess said to Yadriam. Her figure had not appeared, so her voice originated from the surroundings.

“Yes, your majesty,” Yadriam replied politely before sitting down on the spot. She began to work on recovering.

In the Sea of Despair, she and Jian Chen had suffered injuries on different levels. Jian Chen possessed the toughness and recovery rate of the Chaotic Body, so he was able to recover without requiring much time after becoming injured. Yadriam was not in possession of such a powerful body. Although she had ingested quite a lot of medicine, there were still signs of injuries hidden within her body.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed. Yadriam made a full recovery within those days and returned to her peak condition while Jian Chen had successfully refined the divine hall. He had left the control center and had appeared before Yadriam.

Jian Chen only gained partial control over the divine hall. The true master of the divine hall was still the sea goddess, but after he had gained partial control, he had obtained an even clearer understanding of the power of the divine hall. He was as insignificant as an ant before the divine hall. The power hidden within was enough to easily wipe out Saint Emperors.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Yadriam worked together to pilot the divine hall. They hurried off in another direction, guided by the Abyssal Crystal.

The journey back was far less complicated than when they made their way to the divine hall. Not only did Jian Chen and Yadriam manage to avoid many of the dangers in the Sea of Despair; they were even able to resist the distortions of space with the divine hall. They had no need to worry about being transported to an unknown location due to the distortions, throwing them off-course.

Their primary reason for entering the Sea of Despair this time was to bring out the soul of the sea goddess and prepare for her resurrection. Without the Abyssal Crystal, even the sea goddess would find it very difficult to make it out of the Sea of Despair. After all, she was no longer in possession of her peak strength. She was just a soul now, unable to use many of her abilities or secret techniques.

The divine hall did not fly very quickly, but since it could repel the distortions of space, they managed to avoid a lot of detours. It only took around a dozen days before they made it out of the Sea of Despair, returning to the sea realm. It was several fold shorter than the amount of time it had taken them to reach the divine hall.

“Your majesty, what should we do next?” Jian Chen asked. Now that the entirety of the sea goddess’ soul had left the Sea of Despair, they could resurrect her.

“My resurrection requires the activation of the ninety-nine spirit springs in the sea realm. The Qi from the springs will nourish the vitality of my body, allowing my soul to fuse perfectly with it. There must be no disruptions during the process, or everything we’ve done will be useless,” said the sea goddess.

“Your Majesty, the hall masters of the Serpent God Hall and Heaven’s Spirit Hall have lusted over you legacy for a very long time. When your Majesty undergoes resurrection, the two hall masters are likely to come to disrupt the process. They are experts who have been emperors for a very long time. We obviously do not fear them in an open fight, but I fear that they will disrupt the process without considering the consequences. That will be very difficult for us to stop,” Jian Chen said with some worry.

“I’ve already made many preparations for her Majesty’s resurrection. Coupled with her majesty’s weapon and divine hall, stopping them will not be difficult,” said Yadriam.

“Yadriam, can I ask how confident you are at stopping the two hall masters? They possess powerful secret techniques after all,” Jian Chen asked.

Yadriam thought about it silently before responding, “I am around eighty percent confident that I can and ninety if I have her majesty’s divine hall. It’s just a pity that the resurrection cannot be held in the divine hall, or there would be no problem even if there were several more opponents.”

Jian Chen fell silent and sank into his thoughts.

“Jian Chen, do you have any good ideas to successfully resurrect me?” The sea goddess asked hopefully.They had reached a crucial stage for her resurrection. She did not wish for everything to fail here and waste everything they had already accomplished.

“Your Majesty, if you can give me half a year to forge my swords, I am confident I can stop the two hall masters or even kill them. Then, your Majesty’s resurrection will be successful,” Jian Chen said, full of confidence.

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