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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1347 - Sword-forging (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1347: Sword-forging (Two)

“Forge swords? What swords do you want to forge? How are they so powerful that they can kill two emperors? Are you going to be training some powerful secret technique instead?” Yadriam glanced over and asked out of curiosity. She had gained a complete understanding of Jian Chen’s strength during their time together in the Sea of Despair. She assumed that he possessed some powerful treasure, but his battle prowess was only at the level of a standard Saint Emperor. He would find it difficult to put up a fight against experts who had become Saint Emperors a very long time ago.

This was because the hall master of the Serpent God Hall possessed powerful secret techniques, more than just one of them. After observing Jian Chen, she understood that the power he used was very great, but he had never used a secret technique.

Jian Chen shook his head and said, “I’m not going train some powerful secret technique. I will be forging weapons that suit me.”

Yadriam became even more curious. She looked at Jian Chen in surprise, as if she no longer knew him. It was a common fact that all the humans of the Tian Yuan Continent practiced Saint Force and would condense their own Saint Weapons from it. She had never seen anyone become an exception to that fact in all these years, let alone hear that an expert needed to forge their weapons.

Even the Ruler Armaments of Saint Rulers, King Armaments of Saint Kings, and Emperor Armaments of Saint Emperors were all condensed from Saint Force by their previous owners. They were a materialization of energy, which made them even tougher than steel.

“Jian Chen, we’ll wait half a year since you’re so confident. Reconstructing my body is very urgent, but so many years have passed already. Just another half a year is nothing,” the sea goddess agreed to Jian Chen’s suggestion. Clearly, she did not wish to see anything happen to the resurrection process and ruin everything they had done so far.

Jian Chen shrank the divine hall to the size of a fist and gave it to Yadriam so that she could bring it back to the Sea Goddess Hall. Afterward, he returned to the Turtle clan by himself. He spoke to the elders before immediately entering seclusion. At the same time, Tie Ta entered seclusion as well. Jian Chen had given him a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach and a few Immortal Tier heavenly resources. He planned on using the heavenly resources to properly increase his strength.

After all, he was the same as Jian Chen. He possessed battle prowess on the level of Saint Emperors, but his cultivation still dwelled on the level of Saint Kings.

The Turtle clan was as prominent as the midday sun in the sea realm now. Guests visited them from everywhere, and they were all extremely polite. Even the people from some of the most powerful clans dared not to act snobbishly when they paid a visit to the Turtle clan, so Jian Chen and Tie Ta did not need to worry about the safety of the clan. They entered seclusion at ease and cut off all contact from the outside world. They would not emerge until they had accomplished what they were aiming for.

Deep underground in a gloomy room, a fist-sized golden tower hovered in the air with a hazy glow. Jian Chen sat within a majestic hall within the artifact space as he communicated with the sword spirits.

“Master, there are two main steps to forging the swords. These two steps possess the utmost importance to forging anything. The first step is to melt the materials by using your own Settling Flames. However, the grade of the materials is closely tied to the strength of the flames. If the materials are too high of a grade and the flames are too weak, it’s impossible to melt the materials, thus, making it impossible to continue forging them.”

“The second step determines whether the forging of a sword is successful or not. They need to be inscribed with sword inscriptions. The quality of an immortal sword is not only related to the materials it’s forged from but also the power of the inscriptions. The more powerful the sword is, the more powerful its inscriptions are.”

Jian Chen immediately found the matter to be troublesome after hearing that. He knew that it would be difficult to forge the Azulets swords, but he had never imagined it would be so complicated. He knew nothing about Settling Flames or sword inscriptions. His agreement of half a year with the sea goddess had been based off of what the sword spirits had told him to say.

It seemed like he had a lot to learn if he wanted to forge the Azulet Swords. Half a year might not be enough time.

“Master, you don’t need to worry so much. Since we said that you only need half a year to forge the swords, you will definitely be able to do it in that time frame. The Settling Flames are divided into three major levels, which are the Settling Triflames, Settling Hexaflames, and Settling Novaflames. The triflames are the weakest and can only melt materials that are no higher than the Immortal Tier. However, these Settling Flames are produced by circulating and burning the energy in the body with the use of a secret technique. We will be passing this secret technique to master. With master’s talent, you should be able to grasp it very quickly, and with master’s Chaotic Force, the flames produced will definitely be Chaotic Flames. Even though they’re not true Chaotic Flames, they’re much more powerful than Settling Flames of the same level. They will be able to melt Immortal Tier materials…”

Jian Chen gained somewhat of an understanding of forging the swords with that explanation. Creating the Chaotic Flames was akin to burning the Chaotic Force within him, which would be consumed very quickly. Jian Chen had only just reached the fourth layer, so his Chaotic neidan was still the size of a soybean. He did not have a lot of Chaotic Force, not enough to gain a grasp over Chaotic Flames.

Jian Chen grabbed a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach from his Space Ring and consumed it without any hesitation. It turned into vast energy that expanded throughout Jian Chen’s body. The amount of energy was extremely shocking, but it was pure and gentle, making absorption very easy, and it would not cause any problems for his body, such as exploding from too much energy.

Jian Chen began to circulate his energy along a certain path as he began to refine the vast amounts of energy within the peach. A fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach could increase his cultivation by two thousand five hundred years. This period of time was calculated according to the time of higher worlds, so on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was enough to replace ten thousand years of cultivation by a person or even more than that.

Of course, talent played a factor in regards to the time period as well. Every single person possessed a different amount of talent, which was why they would spend different amounts of time at similar cultivation levels. If the peach was consumed by a genius, it would probably only be equivalent to a thousand years of cultivation or just a few centuries.

The vast energy had already formed a swirl in Jian Chen’s dantian. He was currently refining and absorbing the energy as quickly as he could. His soybean-sized chaotic neidan seemed to have become a bottomless lake. As the vast amounts of energy poured in, nothing evident seemed to happen. It was growing at an extremely gradual rate.

Seven days later, the energy from the peach completely disappeared, having all been absorbed by Jian Chen with nothing left. The fifth grade peach had increased his chaotic neidan by an inch in diameter. It was just slightly smaller than a dove’s egg now.

Jian Chen observed his chaotic neidan and could not help but feel rather disappointed. The effects of the peach were not as significant as he had imagined. The amount of energy he needed for cultivation had increased by several fold yet again after reaching the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body.

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