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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1350 - Sword-forging (Five)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1350: Sword-forging (Five)

The wild lava formed a scarlet wave that gushed into the sky before scattering like resplendent fireworks. It rained down everywhere, causing the entire sky to become scarlet red.

At the same time, the surrounding temperature climbed at an unbelievable rate. The sea of lava in the surroundings vigorously bubbled like boiling water.

The Chaotic Flames created from the Chaotic Force were far more powerful than Jian Chen had expected. Not only had the volcano erupted prematurely because of them, but all the volcanoes in the surroundings were affected as well.

Every single volcano seemed to be an independent existence, but they were all connected beneath the earth. Jian Chen’s Chaotic Flames, which were at the center of all the volcanoes, had basically influenced all of them. Terrifying waves of heat rapidly rolled out, quickly expanding across the entire region.

At the same time, the Saint Rulers who had been cultivating in their caves stopped what they were doing and immediately emerged. They stared at the depths of the lava in shock.

“What’s happening? Why has the temperature here become so terrifying where even I find it hard to endure? Has something happened to the volcanoes?”

“Odd. Why is the temperature of the volcanoes climbing? Even I find it rather difficult to withstand. This has never happened before.”

“Is something happening to these volcanoes?”

The Saint Rulers all stared at the depths as surprise and suspicion filled their faces. They had already cultivated in this region for many years, so they possessed an extremely detailed understanding of this place. What had happened today was unprecedented.

They hesitated above the sea of lava for a while. A few of them had retreated toward the outskirts because the temperature was still climbing. If the temperature continued to rise, a moment would come where they would find it unbearable even as fire-attributed Saint Rulers.

In the end, only three people remained. They were the strongest of all the Saint Rulers present, having already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer and were not too far off from Saint Kings.

“Something’s definitely happened inside the volcanoes to cause these sudden changes. It might even be a fortuitous encounter. Sirs, would you like to work together and see just what is happening inside?” A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler asked the other two people.

In the end, the three of them agreed to move together and headed further into the depths simultaneously.

However, when they were a thousand kilometers from where Jian Chen was forging his swords, they both needed to stop. They all became flushed and their bodies seemed to be burning. The heat there had completely exceeded anything they had been expecting. They had possessed the strength to travel through the volcanoes before, but they had reached their limits now. They even began to suspect that they would be reduced to ashes if they took another step forward.


Suddenly, with a powerful sound, the entire sea of lava churned. Huge waves tossed and turned as white-hot lava erupted from the largest volcano a thousand kilometers away, shooting through the sky. The eruption was so violent that it caused the surrounding space to gently tremble, and the heat was so shocking that it seemed to burn the air.

The three Saint Rulers stared in a daze at the unique, white-hot lava from a thousand kilometers away. With their sharp senses, they noticed that the violent fire-attributed energy in the surroundings calmed down with the eruption of the white-hot lava, behaving like a docile little lamb.

The lava shot into the sky and blossomed like a flower. It fell like a fan, enveloping a radius of a thousand kilometers.

“Oh no, retreat!” The three Saint Rulers revealed different expressions, because they just happened to be within the area that was going to be enveloped by the lava.

In the end, they managed to avoid the white-hot lava by a hair’s breadth after fleeing with everything they had. When a stream of lava fell fifty meters away from them, the terrifying heat reduced their clothes to ashes instantaneously. Even their bodies became pitch-black, having been injured by the heat.

“So scary!” The three Saint Rulers all shivered from fright. They had suffered such injuries even though they were fifty kilometers from a stream of lava. The outcome would have been unthinkable if they had been hit by a stream.

“Something must have happened to these volcanoes. We cannot stay here for long. Let’s leave as soon as possible and report this matter to Mercenary City. I am worried that this is connected to the World of Forsaken Saints,” a Saint Ruler immediately reached a conclusion before leaving in a state of shock. He hurried to Mercenary City.

Jian Chen sat at ease in the depths of the magma. All of the magma surrounding him had become white-hot. The temperature of the magma had increased several fold.

He used Chaotic Force to protect himself, so he did not fear the heat. He held a material for the Azulet swords in his hands. He lacked weapon forging experience, but the sword spirits would primarily be in charge of forging the swords this time. He was only there for support, so he did not need to possess much skill at forging weapons.

What he did was very simple, which was listen to the sword spirits’ commands. He melted the materials in a particular order before letting the sword spirits handle everything else.

“Master, you must closely observe the forging process this time. You will be able to gain quite a lot of valuable experience. Since the Azulet swords that we are forging this time are only immortal artifacts, just Zi Ying and I will be enough. However, if you want to forge god artifacts, the completion of such an item will completely depend on master,” Zi Ying warned. He and Qing Suo had already materialized, floating above Jian Chen’s head as two illusionary figures. They stared at Jian Chen as he melted the materials with great attention.

Jian Chen nodded. He understood that the Azulet swords formed this time would only be temporary substitutes. He would not use them permanently. Once his strength had reached a corresponding level, the swords would fall into disuse. He would end up forging a second set of swords in the future.

Heaven’s Soulstone, stardust, and all the other materials Jian Chen had gathered over many years, with great effort, were melted into a liquid by his Chaotic Flames. Jian Chen continued to power the Chaotic Flames so that they could purify the liquid so that only the essence of the materials remained.

Jian Chen spent a total of seven days on this step. The liquid had been reduced to two-thirds of its original size, but only the purest essence remained.

“Condense!” Zi Ying and Qing Suo exclaimed together. With that, Jian Chen immediately maneuvered the liquid in the air, having it undergo condensation by following a set of orderly steps. In the end, he condensed the blades of two palm-sized swords. He then used Draconix Wood to form the hilt, slowly forming the swords.

At the same time, Zi Ying and Qing Suo began to move as well. They each tended to one of the swords as they constantly changed hand seals, engraving inscription after inscription. Jian Chen poured his Chaotic Force into the blades endlessly as well, refining and forging the swords even more.

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