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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1356 - Puny Saint Emperors (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1356: Puny Saint Emperors (Three)

“Such arrogance, Jian Chen. I’d like to see who will save you today,” Lankyros coldly said. Heavy killing intent filled his eyes as he immediately moved against Jian Chen. He instantly appeared before Jian Chen by traversing several hundred meters with a single step and swung a palm toward his head. The palm surged with energy as it shook the surrounding space, causing it to crack.

At the same time, the surrounding space froze as well. Lankyros had used his spatial powers to trap Jian Chen, preventing him from escaping.

Lankyros struck out viciously and forcefully in an attempt to finish off Jian Chen in a single stroke and end all future problems. His enmity with Jian Chen had already reached the point of no return. If he let Jian Chen to continue to grow, there would be a day where he would be overpowered, and that day would be the day his life ended.

Lankyros had completely forgotten about the threat of the barrier spirit from Mercenary City at that moment. He had already realized that Rui Jin and the other two were not present, so eliminating Jian Chen right now was more important than anything. He had even temporarily dismissed the powerful weapons,

When Jian Chen wanted to strike back, a white flash suddenly appeared. Cangqiong had already charged into the space frozen by Lankyros and appeared before Jian Chen. With a wave of his sleeve, he responded to the tiger emperor’s attack with a palm strike as well, blocking it for Jian Chen.

The clash between the two Saint Emperors immediately resulted in an explosion of terrifying energy. The surrounding several thousand meters of space shattered and disintegrated into darkness. All the volcanoes in a radius of several kilometers collapsed. Lava shot into the sky like a fountain, dyeing the sky red. It began to rain lava.

All the Saint Kings in the distance had retreated. Just the ripples of energy from a battle between Saint Emperors was enough to injure them. They were unwilling to suffer from something uncalled for like this.

The volcano Jian Chen stood on turned to nothingness as well. He used his glow to protect himself as he retreated in the air. He stared at Cangqiong in surprise. The two of them were not on any positive terms at all, so he did not understand why Cangqiong had stopped the tiger emperor for him.

From afar, Kaiser’s eyes narrowed. He stared at Cangqiong fixedly as a sliver of maliciousness appeared on his face.

Cangqiong stood with his silver hair ruffling in the wind and his back toward Jian Chen. His robes fluttered wildly because of the ripples of energy. His face was peaceful, without any sorrow or joy.

The tiger emperor’s complexion became utterly horrendous. He coldly said, “Cangqiong, what are you trying to do?”

“Tiger emperor, we four races are facing something that can cause extinction. The matter at hand is to stop the World of Forsaken Saints. We must not fight within and cause inner turmoil. That will only weaken our strength. At the same time, Jian Chen’s talent is extraordinary. It can be described as unprecedented, in fact. He will become a Saint Emperor without long, and this will increase the power we have to repel the invasion. That is something positive for us four races, so we should let go of everything that happened in the past,” Cangqiong calmly replied.

The tiger emperor did not waver at all. He asked in a heavy tone of voice, “Cangqiong, do you insist on protecting him?” Lankyros had already made up his mind about killing Jian Chen. He also knew that Jian Chen’s talent was impressive, which was why he did not wish to see Jian Chen become a Saint Emperor at all. Such a breakthrough would imply that his end had arrived.

“I am considering the greater good,” Cangqiong said sternly and righteously.

Jian Chen’s impression of Cangqiong was altered drastically. He could still remember that he never took part the many times Lankyros and Kaiser came for him, even in the fight for the Saints’ Fruit. Yet now, he ran the risk of offending the two Saint Emperors to speak up for Jian Chen. Jian Chen had an extremely good impression of Cangqiong now.

Suddenly, a tremendous pressure descended from above. Seeing how Lankyros had been stopped by Cangqiong, Kaiser struck out without any hesitation at all. His right hand had been injured by the sword, so he used his left. The hand had transformed into a powerful claw, stabbing toward the center of Jian Chen’s forehead with lightning-like speed.

Cangqiong became stern. He was unable to stop two Saint Emperors all by himself. When he wanted to take Jian Chen and flee with his supreme speed, Lankyros attacked him, preventing him from saving Jian Chen.

The three Class 9 Magical Beasts had moved away from the treasure, so a few Saint Kings moved. They ignored the battle between the Saint Emperors and went for the sword, all surrounding it. However, none of them dared to touch the weapon. Instead, they tried various methods to subdue it, and some of them had even tried dripping their blood on the sword.

“Argh!” A miserable cry rang out. A Saint King had tried to fuse a strand of his soul into the sword, but it had been wiped out mercilessly. It injured his soul, causing him to pale.

A dazzling white light condensed in Jian Chen’s right hand. It radiated with shocking sword Qi as he stabbed it at Kaiser’s claw.


The claw was very tough. When Jian Chen’s sword Qi collided with it, the screeching of metal rang out. Afterward, a few droplets of bright, red blood flew into the air. Every single droplet of blood pulsed with a powerful energy.

Kaiser violently trembled as disbelief filled his face. His left hand had actually been injured by Jian Chen. There was a bone-deep wound on one of his fingers, which took him by utter shock.

After all, he was a Class 9 Magical Beast and his original form was a mutated earthwyrm. Both his battle prowess and defense was more powerful than magical beasts at the same level as him.

“What did you use?” Kaiser asked heavily. He could tell with a single glance that Jian Chen was not a Saint Emperor yet. The reason Jian Chen had been harm him was all because of that bright, white light.

He had never seen such an odd and powerful energy. However, there was something familiar about it. It seemed like sword Qi, yet it was not.

“The Way of the Sword,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly and his face paled even more. Afterward, with a single gesture, the two swords that had just been forged immediately flew down as long streaks of light. They immediately appeared beside Jian Chen, sticking to his back as a cross.

Jian Chen drew the Zi Ying Sword from his back and poured Chaotic Force into it, causing it to immediately erupt with a violet glow. The light had basically encased Jian Chen but did not harm him at all.

Everyone, including the Saint Emperors and the Saint Kings who had attempted to take the swords for themselves, became stunned. Disbelief was written all over their faces.

Kaiser, Lankyros, and the path lord’s eyes had almost popped out. They had a deep understanding of the power of the two swords. It was impossible for Saint Emperors to subdue them, and if Origin realm experts did not appear, no one could do anything to the swords. Yet right now, the two swords allowed Jian Chen to wield them obediently. The powerful glow from the swords that even the Saint Emperors could do nothing about did not harm him either, which took them by disbelief.

They had even begun to doubt whether their eyes were working or not.

“How is this possible? How can you subdue the two swords? How did you do it?” The path lord asked in shock.

“It was me who forged them, so why describe it as subduing?” Jian Chen answered.

However, what he said was like a bolt from the blue to the path lord, tiger emperor, and Kaiser. They all became dazed from the shock they felt.

“It really is him who forged the swords. I never thought that there would be such a great senior on the Tian Yuan Continent. I, the glorious king of the dwarves, must ask him about his method of forging. Once we dwarves learn such an extraordinary method, it will be a new era. A new era of blacksmithing will begin,” Hank said excitedly. His face was flushed.

The other experts of the Hundred Races said nothing. They all just stared at Jian Chen. They did not know Jian Chen’s background, but they knew that there was rarely anyone who could match up to him if he wielded the swords.

“Just the two swords themselves can harm Saint Emperors. Now coupled with that young man’s strength… There is no one who can take him on in this world. Probably only the World of Forsaken Saints possess opponents for him,” the elven expert sighed in surprise. She could sense that the young man had suddenly become rather terrifying now that he wielded the two swords.

The other members of the Hundred Races silently nodded and agreed with the elven expert.

Suddenly, a clear resonance came from the sword and knocked everyone back to their senses. The resonance was long and rang through the surroundings. The Zi Ying Sword surged with sword Qi as it glowed bright with a violet light, enough to rival the glow of the sun and moon. It illuminated the entire place, as if the world had become violet.

Jian Chen struck out. He used the Illusory Flash and shot toward Kaiser as a blur. He stabbed out with the Zi Ying Sword. It shot toward Kaiser’s chest as a streak of violet lightning.

The moment Jian Chen struck out, he seemed to have fused with the sword in his hand. He had become the sword and the sword was him. They became on entity, inseparable.

Kaiser’s face drastically changed. He knew the power of the Zi Ying Sword extremely well. He was extremely fearful of the two swords, so he dared not to take them head-on at all. He tried to dodge.

However, he discovered, to his shock, that it had already locked onto his presence. He could not avoid it no matter how he tried. After Jian Chen had fused with the sword, he had become even faster than the Illusory Flash. He became a streak of violet light, reaching unbelievable speeds.

Kaiser angirly roared and a layer of scales appeared on him. He transformed into a half-human, half-dragon form and placed his claws before him as well.

Magical beasts rarely used weapons or armor, and this was the same for Kaiser. His body was the best armor while his claws were his sharpest weapons.

The violet light stabbed into Kaiser’s claws. They failed to stop the light at all. They were insignificantly fragile before the violet light. The streak of light pierced the two claws like a hot knife through butter before piercing Kaiser’s chest in the end. It left behind an almost undetectable wound.

The violet light did not stop there. Instead, it continued without slowing down at all, rushing toward Lankyros and piercing him as well. Only a shallow gash appeared on his chest.

Kaiser and Lankyros suddenly froze. The scales and clothes on the upper half of Kaiser’s body was reduced to dust, revealing his burly chests, and on there, a droplet of blood slowly rolled down.

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