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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 136
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Chapter 136: Pursuit of the Tianxiong Clan

While Jian Chen was in midair, he had quickly killed the mercenaries who were chasing him. This sudden show of strength had surprised everyone; they hadn’t thought that Jian Chen would be able to kill the mercenaries. With this new development, many of the mercenaries decided against their original plan to block Jian Chen.

Although many people were seduced by Tianxiong Lie’s promise of a heavy reward, one needed to be alive to claim it. If they were to throw away their lives, they would not be able to enjoy it even if they earned the reward.

After killing the mercenaries blocking his path, Jian Chen continued onward. Jumping down from the buildings, he ran off to get closer to the the city gates.

After seeing what had just happened, there was no longer any mercenary that dared to obstruct him. So for a good amount of time, Jian Chen’s journey to the city gates was very smooth.

“You won’t get away. Even if you run to the ends of the earth itself, I, Tianxiong Lie, swear to break your body into a thousand pieces!”

An angry roar came from the Tianxiong clan leader riding on his magical beast mount from behind Jian Chen. They were currently chasing after Jian Chen at top speeds, and it wasn’t hard to tell from the noise just how powerful Tianxiong Lie’s determination to kill Jian Chen was.

Jian Chen’s killing of Tianxiong Kang was tantamount to killing Tianxiong Lie’s whole family. After all, Tianxiong Kang was his sole son, and with Tianxiong Lie’s body being in such a state, he had lost the ability to reproduce.

Jian Chen turned a deaf ear from Tianxiong Lie’s murderous roars. The only thing he wanted to do was to quickly escape from the huge city. The sounds of the footsteps from behind were getting louder and louder as Jian Chen realized that they belonged to a magical beast much faster than his own speed.

5 kilometers, 4 kilometers, 3 kilometers…

Jian Chen was rapidly approaching the city gates. There was only 2 kilometers left until he reached them. He could already see the giant gates leading outside of the city, but right behind was Tianxiong Lie, who was riding his magical beast only 1 kilometer behind him.

“Commander Hadow, if you can close this gate and help stop this person, then I, Tianxiong Lie, won’t be able to thank you enough!”

Tianxiong Lie’s voice came out like powerful thunder from behind him. Quickly, the city gates to Wake City began to close.

Seeing the city gates close, Jian Chen’s face immediately fell. His eyes swept toward the gates 40 meters away as he let out a deep breath of air. The Saint Force within his body began to circulate within his body, increasing his speed by some degree. At the same time, Jian Chen was employing the techniques he had learned from his past life; both of his legs ran at such a fast speed that his feet looked as if they were gliding across the ground. For every 10 or 20 meters that he glided, his legs touched the ground once.

In a flash, Jian Chen arrived at the foot of the city gates. Already, there was a large group of mercenaries congregating by the rapidly closing gates awaiting Jian Chen. Quite a few of them were cursing Jian Chen.

Jian Chen didn’t bother to slow down at the sight of this. Instead, his legs disappeared in a blur as he ran another 30 meters before leaping at the city gates in preparation to climb it. Finally gathering his strength, Jian Chen’s legs stamped onto the ground and began to scale the wall.

The moment Jian Chen had started to climb the wall, the people below had immediately taken notice and began to chatter nonstop.

In two breaths’ time, Jian Chen had smoothly climbed up the 40 meter tall city wall. Both of his legs stepped off of the wall without a hitch, and he flew over the heads of one of the guards on top of the wall before descending down the other side.

It was going well for Jian Chen; on his way down the city wall, he met no obstructions. Even as he flew over the heads of the guards on top of the wall, they could only look at him with wide eyes.

As Jian Chen climbed the city walls, Tianxiong Lie, who was right behind, immediately jumped up onto the wall without his magical beast and started to scale it in the same manner as Jian Chen had. However, not only was the magical beast very heavy, it was not an expert in climbing ,so it remained on the ground as Tianxiong Lie stopped in his tracks, but didn’t admit his violations, nor was he willing to go with the officials.

After that, another group of 10 middle aged men rushing over and looked at the city walls before climbing up the wall and running in the same direction as Jian Chen. These people were the Saint Masters of the the Tianxiong Clan.

“Open the gates!”

Just as these people flew out from the city, a deep sound came out from behind the gates. Soon after, the closed gates began to slowly creak open.

On the wall stood two middle aged men. One of them wore a long white robe, while the other wore black armor. At that moment, the two middle aged men were looking at the group of people currently walking into the distance outside of the city at rapid speeds.

When Jian Chen’s group disappeared from their lines of sight, the middle aged man wearing armor looked at the white robed man next to him and asked, “Commander Hadow, why didn’t you hold him back?”

The white robed middle aged man smiled and said, “He killed Tianxiong Lie’s sole son, Tianxiong Kang, and I haven’t even had the chance to thank him yet. Why would I stop him?”

The armored man paused for a bit, and seemed to have thought of something, he broke into a smile that made it seem like he was taking joy in another’s misfortune.


Outside the city, the feverish Jian Chen looked back at Tianxiong Lie, who was pursuing him from behind. His face grew heavy as he saw Tianxiong Lie; although Jian Chen hadn’t fought with him yet, he knew that Tianxiong Lie was not an equal opponent.

Looking at the area behind him, Jian Chen began to think for a while before biting his lips in frustration and then turned to run toward the direction of the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

He knew that in this wide open space, there would be no way for him to shake off the determined Tianxiong Lie. The only method for him was to run toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range. From there, he would be able to use the complicated forest and terrain to his advantage to escape from him.”

Seeing the gap between him and Jian Chen shrink further and further, Tianxiong Lie’s eyes immediately turned red. He didn’t conceal his powerful murderous aura at all as he roared in anger, “You can’t run away from me!”

Jian Chen turned back to survey his surroundings. There was only about a 500m difference between him and Tianxiong Lie. Based on this situation, Tianxiong Lie would most likely catch up with him before he reached Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Jian Chen hesitated for a bit before clenching his teeth. The Light Wind Sword suddenly materialized in his right hand. The next moment, Jian Chen’s figure, which was rushing forward, suddenly stopped. He then spontaneously charged toward Tianxiong Lie.

“Great Saint Master, I want to witness exactly how strong you are.”

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