Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1363 - Ant-like Emperors (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1363 - Ant-like Emperors (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1363: Ant-like Emperors (One)

“That’s the voice of the hall master from the Sea Goddess Hall. Who is the hall master referring to by ‘her majesty’?”

“The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall is one of the three great leaders of the sea realm. She’s an emperor who possesses the greatest status. Just who can still be referred to as ‘her majesty’ by her?”

Yadriam’s shout had caused a huge commotion among the group of people there. Everyone began forming guesses as to who the ‘her majesty’ was. They wanted to know who deserved to be called that way by an emperor.

Was there an existence that was even more venerable than a hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall?

“Is it the former hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall? Is one still alive,” someone guessed.

“No. Even if the former hall master is still alive, they’s only be referred to as old hall master, not her majesty.” An expert dismissed the guess immediately. He was a 15th Star expert and possessed a lot of knowledge. He possessed a certain level of understanding in regard to the inner workings of the three halls.

Suddenly, the ancestor of a powerful clan suddenly seemed to think of something. His face changed drastically and he uncontrollably shouted, “Since ancient times, only our goddess has the right to be referred to as her majesty. Is the great goddess still alive?”

“What? The great sea goddess is still alive? That’s impossible. It’s been a million years since the ancient times…”

What the ancestor said stunned countless people in the surroundings. All of them became taken aback by disbelief.

“That should be the case. What the hall master meant before was that the sea goddess was currently being revived while the hall masters of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall and Serpent God Hall are trying their hardest to stop her revival,” another 16th Star expert added. He was also the ancestor of a large clan. He was shocked, having been stunned by the great piece of news.

“My god! The great sea goddess is actually still alive. This is just unbelievable.”

Many people sighed in surprise. Only the sea goddess among the four champions of the ancient times remained, having stayed alive since ancient times until this current day. This piece of information was like a bolt from the blue to the entire sea realm. It caused a shocking ripple to flow through the entire sea realm.

Ten thousand kilometers away, the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was just about to throw the two quaking thunders in his hand when he suddenly heard Yadriam’s angry shout from afar. If Yadriam made it over here, killing the ruler of the Turtle clan and disrupting the sea goddess’ revival would not be so easy anymore.

Yadriam was young, but she was not weak. The two hall masters had even begun to feel that her strength was unfathomable. Even in their peak condition, they were not confident that they could win against her, let alone now when they were both injured.

“Keep that little b*tch busy. Leave this to me,” the hall master of the Serpent God Hall said heavily as his eyes emanated with cold with killing intent.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall did not hesitate at all. He immediately rushed toward Yadriam. Various formation banners had appeared in his hands. He tossed them out and they immediately merged with the surrounding space.

The next moment, the space around Yadriam trembled and she vanished, having been trapped by the formation.

The hall master knew that a single formation would not be enough to trap Yadriam, so he did not stop. He threw out formation banners one after another, casting down eight layers of them in the shortest amount of time possible. Every single formation possessed shocking power. They could be used to deal with emperors, and there were even terrifying formations no weaker than the Nine Dragons’ Formation of Destruction among them.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall immediately let out a breath of relief when he saw that he had successfully trapped Yadriam. He thought, “These formations are useless against Jian Chen, but I don’t think that’s the case with you.” He had originally prepared most of these formations for Jian Chen, but seeing how they would be useless against him, he used them on Yadriam instead.

On the other side, the hall master of the Serpent God Hall viciously smiled at Jian Chen. He was just about to throw his two quaking thunders.

However, Jian Chen moved faster than him. The Zi Ying Sword beneath him immediately returned to its original size and reappeared in his hands. It then shot toward the hall master as a violet streak of light.

The streak of light was far too fast, and with the distance between the two of them, the hall master could not even react. The violet light arrived before him and severed his hands.

Jian Chen successfully removed the two quaking thunders from the severed hands before calmly returning back to where he had been before.

The hall master produced a grunt when his hands were cut off. He immediately became rather pale. Violent light flickered where his wounds were as the residual sword Qi ravaged his wounds, bringing him great pain. The pain caused his face to spasm.

Blood fell from high up in the sky as his severed wrist spurted out large quantities of blood. The blood fell down like rain.

This was the blood of a Saint Emperor. Every single droplet possessed the pulses of powerful energy. This was a rare treasure to ordinary people.

Jian Chen did not let it go to waste this time. He pulled out a large gourd from his Space Ring and stored all of it away.

The hall master stared at his bloody wrists in shock. His eyes widened to the point where they almost popped out. His face was filled with disbelief as well as an unexplainable fear.

“This is impossible. This is not real,” the hall master cried out uncontrollably. His gaze toward Jian Chen became filled with dread as he rapidly retreated.

Jian Chen returned to a standing posture above the Zi Ying Sword as he examined the two quaking thunders in his hands. He faintly smiled soon after that and said, “What a surprise! To have actually obtained two quaking thunders of such high levels, the Serpent God Hall really is an ancient organization that has existed for several hundreds of thousands of years.”

Fear was written across the hall master’s face. He stared at the Zi Ying Sword beneath Jian Chen’s feet with wide eyes and yelled in fright, “This is definitely not your own strength. Jian Chen, what are you using?”

Jian Chen happily put the two quaking thunders into his Space Ring. He stared at the hall master and said, “These are the swords I’ve only just forged. With these two swords, I can kill Saint Emperors like crushing ants. Hall master, use whatever you have.”

The hall master of the Serpent God Hall became sheet-white. He stared at the two swords and a sliver of greed flashed through his eyes, but it disappeared very quickly. He then turned around to flee, no longer willing to stay for even a moment longer.

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