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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1377 - Breakthroughs Complete
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Chapter 1377: Breakthroughs Complete

At this moment, another tremendous presence erupted as well. Four presences appeared at the same time, causing the energy in the surroundings to become chaotic. The wind in the surroundings became even more violent as well.

You Yue had also broken through to Saint King, drawing in more rainbow clouds. There were now four layers of clouds in the sky.

With the four layers combined, the clouds spanned across an unprecedented area. They almost enveloped the area a million kilometers away. Even in Mercenary City, the distant horizon glowed with rainbow light.

The Saint Kings who had gathered in Mercenary City all looked in the direction of Flame City. They were all astounded.

It was already an overwhelming matter for three people to simultaneously become Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent. It was extremely rare even in the prosperous ancient times. There were four people becoming Saint Kings now and they were all located in the same region. They had no choice but to feel astounded.

“Good, good. Fantastic, another person’s become a Saint King. Our continent’s power has increased slightly again. The young really are going to be surpassing the old,” a Saint King at Great Perfection praised.

“Has the breakthrough to Saint King become easier than before?” Many people connected the four simultaneous breakthroughs to this question.

Back in the mountain range near Flame City, You Yue was clearly different from everyone else when she broke through. White, clear, and gentle light flickered on her body, as if she was a moon in the night.

Endless amounts of white light gathered behind her and condensed into a huge round moon in the end. It was extremely bright and gave off a gentle glow. It illuminated the surroundings, adding a unique color to the rainbow world that the clouds created.

Jian Chen stared at You Yue from afar. He knew that You Yue’s cultivation method was extremely extraordinary, far more powerful than Saint Tier cultivation methods or cultivation methods of Saint Emperors. This was why a phenomenon like this had occurred as soon as she broke through to Saint King.

Afterward, Dugu Feng and Bi Lian broke through as well, reaching Saint Ruler. The energy from the Violet Cloud Peaches still remained, continuing to carry their strength through the cultivation levels like a hot knife through butter.

In the sky, two layers of five-colored rainbow clouds silently formed, enveloping an area of a hundred kilometers. However, since four layers of seven-colored rainbow clouds already occupied the sky, the two layers were ignored. Many people even missed them all together.

A few figures appeared one after another in the surroundings. Not only did the event attract the Saint Rulers of a few hermit and ancient clans, even quite a few Heaven Saint Masters had come.

“This is unbelievable. The four who have broken through to Saint King are actually all in the depths of this mountain range. I never thought that there would be four powerful experts hidden here,” a Saint Ruler from a hermit clan softly said. He found this news difficult to believe.

“Shh, don’t make too much of a disturbance. We don’t want to disturb the four seniors who are breaking through. Let’s go see what the four seniors are like.”

The Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters began to carefully advance toward the depths of the mountain range. They wanted to see the four Saint Kings personally.

In the end, the group of them stopped ten kilometers away. They could see the Saint Kings from very far away.

“One, two, three, four, five, six. There’s actually six people cultivating there, but they’re all enshrouded by a white mist. We can’t see what they look like, and there’s someone else nearby guarding them. Hmm? That person sure is weird. He actually carries two swords on his back.”

“That’s not mist. It’s formed from extremely pure energy of the world. My god, have I seen wrong? Such pure energy of the world is actually drifting from their bodies. No wonder I felt that the energy in this mountain range was countless times richer than elsewhere…”

“That doesn’t seem to be energy of the world. It’s countless times denser and purer than the energy of the world we know. Who are they?”

The Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters all discussed among themselves and all felt shocked. All of them spoke very gently or used communication techniques to communicate. They were afraid of disturbing the people there.

“Everyone, I am the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen. My friends are cultivating here, so please do not approach them and disturb them. Otherwise, I can only cause you offense,” Jian Chen said to all of them through a communication technique.

“What! The captain of the Flame Mercenaries!? I’ve actually just heard from the captain of the Flame Mercenaries.”

“It’s that person with two swords on his back. I never thought he’d actually be the great Saint Emperor Jian Chen. Those people are actually being guarded personally by Saint Emperor Jian Chen…”

“Everyone back off, we can’t get too close…”

“I’ve actually witnessed Saint Emperor Jian Chen with my own bare eyes. Am I dreaming…”

Jian Chen stated his own identity and immediately surprised the people in the surroundings. If they did not become excited for some reason, they became filled with dread. Their gazes toward Jian Chen were either filled with fear or abnormal excitement.

Jian Chen’s name had resonated throughout the continent long ago. Not only was this because he was the fourth Saint Emperor on the continent, but he was also an extremely powerful one as well, having defeated two Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent in a single stroke.

Jian Chen had become a legend across the continent now. He was as well-known as Mo Tianyun from the ancient times, or possibly even more famous, because he had cultivated for less than a century.

Even in ancient times, there had never been anyone who had become a Saint Emperor without even reaching a hundred years in age.

The people who had been drawn over by the activity became extremely obedient after learning Jian Chen’s identity. They all retreated to several dozen kilometers away by themselves. They watched on from afar and even watched their own breathing. They were afraid of disturbing the people in cultivation by breathing too loudly.

As time went on, more and more people appeared. No Saint Kings had been drawn over, but there were quite a few Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Master. However, none of the people who had come later on dared to get any closer after being seriously warned by the people who had gathered earlier. They had taken up a role of protecting the people in cultivation by themselves.

There were people of the Flame Mercenaries among them. They were filled with pride when they heard that their own captain was there.

The group of people’s break through took around a dozen of days to complete. Their strength had undergone an overwhelming change with the increase this time, with Ming Dong in particular. He was the strongest, having reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, followed by Huang Luan and You Yue at the Seventh Heavenly Layer. Bi Hai on the other hand fell behind. As the person who had reached Saint Rulers many years ago, he was now at the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Saint King.

Dugu Feng had become a Saint King along with the four of them. He reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer from a Heaven Sant Master in the beginning. Only Bi Lian was the weakest, but even with that being the case, she had reached the peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer as a Saint Ruler. She was quite close to becoming a Saint King.

They were all filled with joy when they roused from cultivation, Ming Dong in particular. He had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint King in a single stroke from Saint Ruler, making him the strongest among all of them.

“This Comprehension Tea is just far too wondrous. It can help me comprehend the mysteries of the world so easily. It makes it hundreds of times easier than comprehending the mysteries beneath Mercenary City,” Ming Dong excitedly exclaimed.

Jian Chen also faintly smiled. He was happy for their drastic increase in strength.

A fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach was enough for a mortal to become an immortal in a hundred days and surpass Saint Emperor. This was why the immortal peach was a priceless heavenly resource even in the Immortals’ World. It was extremely valuable. However, they were unable to absorb all the energy from the immortal peaches due to their restrictions in strength and talent. A lot of it was wasted, which was why a single peach was only able to make them become Saint Kings.

A few people gathered in the surroundings finally became bold enough to approach them. They congratulated them sincerely, but when they discovered that the people who had broken through were part of the upper echelon of the Flame Mercenaries, their mouths hung agape once again.

They were stunned by Bi Lian in particular. She had only been an Earth Saint Master before, and within just a dozen days, she had become a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. She was even more powerful than them, so the people who had come over with congratulations all became flabbergasted. They struggled to accept the reality of the matter.

At that moment, they even thought that their cultivation of thousands of years had been a complete waste.

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