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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1384 - Tie Ta Enters The Battle
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1384: Tie Ta Enters the Battle

Outside, Jian Chen rampaged among the army of Saint Emperors from the foreign world with one of his swords. No one could stop him. Even though there were quite a few peak Saint Emperors, they were unable to last longer than three attacks against Jian Chen.

The Zi Ying Sword was just too powerful. Whether it was the weapons in their hands or the armor on them, they all became as fragile as tofu before the Zi Ying Sword.

Jian Chen and Xiao Ling had already slaughtered to the point where the Saint Emperors shivered inside. The Saint Emperors all viewed them as demons as they fled, so Jian Chen and Xiao Ling had to charge off in certain directions. All the Saint Emperors that the two of them approached would flee in any direction they could out of fear.

The battle was extremely intense, with people passing away at all times. The sky had become filled with bloody rain while the ground beneath had sunken, revealing bottomless chasms that emitted waves of heat from the magma below.

Not only had Mercenary City been completely destroyed, even the area within a hundred thousand kilometers had been ruined. All the mountains and rivers nearby had become history, but the affected area was even vaster. The entire continent shook violently.

The three hall masters of the sea realm finally arrived at the battle with various Saint Kings behind them. The sea realm was stronger than the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent as a whole, and they had basically sent everyone. The number of Saint Kings from them outnumbered the Saint Kings on the Tian Yuan Continent by two or three. They became engaged in battles against Saint Emperors as soon as they arrived.

The hall masters of the Serpent God Hall and Heaven’s Spirit Hall had not made full recoveries, so they dragged their injured bodies into battle.

The presence Yadriam gave off was as vast as the ocean, striking fear in the hearts of a few foreign Saint Emperors. This was because she had reached the peak of Saint Emperor and had arrived at the border of the Origin realm.

Another Saint Emperor had appeared among the experts of the sea realm beside them. She was the strongest hall elder of the sea realm, Yadriam, having successfully become a Saint Emperor with the heavenly resources Jian Chen had left behind.

However, the arrival of the four Saint Emperors was still not enough to change the situation at hand. Other than a few humans protected by Jian Chen, Xiao Ling, and Xiao Jin, the other people were suffering heavy casualties. More than half of the humans had passed away already.

The invaders suffered heavy casualties as well, having lost over two hundred Saint Emperors. Most of them fell to Jian Chen and Xiao Ling’s hands.

At this moment, Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. He had received a message from the artifact spirit, and with a thought, the saint artifact shot out from his forehead. As soon as it arrived outside, a storm of powerful energy blew over and barraged the saint artifact.

With a flash of golden light, Tie Ta suddenly appeared, having emerged from the artifact space. The saint artifact did not linger for a moment longer after releasing Tie Ta. It immediately returned to Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness.

The battle outside was just far too intense. There was a huge group of Saint Emperors, so just the pulses of energy were enough to rip through space and damage the saint artifact.

“Tie Ta, kill to your heart’s content! Drive back the invaders of our home!” Jian Chen coldly shouted to Tie Ta before continuing toward a region dense with Saint Emperors.

Tie Ta nodded firmly. His blood burned with the battles around him, almost causing it to boil.

Blinding golden light exploded from Tie Ta, enveloping him. The golden light illuminated the surroundings, outshining the resplendent green light from the Elven Godtree. He seemed to have become the only existence in the world.

At the same time, supreme battle intent flooded the surroundings. The battle intent was like an attack on the soul. All the people who sensed the battle intent could not help but fear Tie Ta. Their courage to battle plummeted.

“Mysteries of War, Mortality-breaker!” Tie Ta bellowed as his voice surged into the sky and echoed in the surroundings. He raised his high axe high up. It shone with dazzling golden light, fusing with his battle intent. It created a hundred-meter-long projection as it fell ahead.

The space cracked as the axe fell, creating a huge chasm. It loomed over four Saint Emperors with in an unstoppable might.

The projection of the axe smoothly passed through the four Saint Emperors, and the four of them suddenly froze before being cleaved in half. Their souls were unable to escape, dying on the spot as well.

Back in the sea realm, Tie Ta was able to fight with the hall master of the Serpent God Hall without having broken through. Now that he had stepped into a new realm, his strength had drastically increased. Killing Saint Emperors was a piece of cake to him now.

“The war god! It’s the war god! The war god has appeared…”

“Good god! I’ve finally seen the war god…”

“Fantastic, fantastic! The war god of our Hundred Races has returned. Our race will experience glory once more…”

“Oh my god! What did I just see!? The war god has actually slain four Saint Emperors with a single stroke! Am I dreaming…”

“God bless our race! Not only has our war god appeared once more, his strength has grown to such a powerful level! God bless us…”

The Hundred Races fell into a commotion with Tie Ta’s appearance. They all emotionally cried out in joy. Some of the older people had even teared up and became filled with inextricable joy.

Not only was the war god the god that the Hundred Races believed in, but he was also their religion. He was their soul.

Tie Ta slaughtered all the Saint Emperors around him as he made his way toward the Hundred Races. When he had absorbed a droplet of Aergyns’ blood, he had received a fragment of his memories as well. He knew that the Hundred Races were his people since he was the war god. In this current age, the Hundred Races did not possess any astounding experts. They suffered extremely heavy casualties and several of their forbidden artifacts had been shattered as well, including the Heaven’s Guard of the dwarves. The situation was rather pessimistic for them. He wanted to go over and help them, to become their shield and sword to stop the enemy.

At this moment, the clear resonance of a sword rang out from the depths of the tunnel. The sound was not loud, but it was sharp, enough to drown out all the other sounds of the battlefield. Even the Heavenly Enchantress’ music was suppressed.

The Heavenly Enchantress stopped playing as she placed her slender fingers on the strings of the zither. She sternly stared into the depths of the tunnel.

Jian Chen was taken aback as well. He pulled back his sword and hovered in the rippling space as he stared into the depths of the tunnel. He finally became stern as some obvious shock surfaced.

His soul had actually shuddered from the resonance of the sword. At that moment, he understood many things. He learned that an extremely terrifying opponent was about to arrive and also knew that this opponent had comprehended the Way of the Sword. This opponent’s progress was even greater than his.

“Minor achievement of Sword Origin, almost major achievement. Master, this person is very powerful. Be careful.” The sword spirits very sternly informed Jian Chen.

Jian Chen shivered inside. He knew that among the five major realms of the sword, each realm was divided into the initial basics, minor achievement, major achievement, and great perfection. He had only attained the initial basics of Sword Origin while his opponent had already reached minor achievement and was about to attain major achievement. He would be an extremely powerful opponent.

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