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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1391 - Tie Ta’s Departure
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1391: Tie Ta’s Departure

All the people present had already begun wondering whether Jian Chen and Tie Ta were going to end up fighting or not. Tie Ta had already arrived before Jian Chen and the golden axe in his hand slowly vanished. At that moment, he seemed to have turned into an ordinary man from the raging war god state he had been in before. He seemed no different from any person aside from his golden skin.

After breaking through, Tie Ta could erupt with the power to destroy worlds, but he was able to return to how he was before whenever he wanted to.

“Jian Chen, I want to go to the Wasteland Continent of the Hundred Races,” Tie Ta said with his soft but heavy voice. His eyes shone with interest. When he had obtained a portion of Aergyns’ memory from the golden drop of blood on Dragon Island, he had been filled with a burning desire to visit the Wasteland Continent one day, because he felt like only that place belonged to him from the bottom of his heart.

Before, he had been too weak. If he had been exposed, the Hundred Races would not have been able to save him even if they mobilized all their forces, because not only would the magical beasts come to kill him, but so would the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent.

The situation now was different. His strength had already reached a level where he could look down on the entire world. No one could defeat him as long as another Origin realm expert did not appear.

“Go. I’ll come look for you once I deal with the matters on the Tian Yuan Continent,” Jian Chen replied calmly, but he felt slightly worried inside. He could already tell that a large portion of the magical beasts and the Hundred Races still clung onto their former enmities. Tie Ta now represented the Hundred Races and the white tiger would end up as the representative of the magical beasts in the future. What he hated to see the most was the white tiger standing up to Tie Ta as an enemy one day.

Tie Ta left after calling all the experts of the Hundred Races with him. He returned to the Wasteland Continent. Although there was less than a third of the people initially present, all the people of the Hundred Races were filled with joy.

The Heaven’s Guard that had been passed down from ancient times among the dwarves had shattered. The dwarven experts took the shards back to the continent with them, and the Elven Godtree had vanished as well, having been taken away by the elves.

However, the Elven Godtree did not change much after absorbing the life force of over a dozen foreign Saint Emperors. When the figure of the tree vanished, the branch of the godtree returned to how it had looked before. The life force from the Saint Emperors had completely vanished.

The Wave-breaking Blade and the Righteous Yang Sword shot off into the distance when the battle had ended. Throughout the entire battle, no one saw who was controlling them, but many of them recognized the two extraordinary weapons as the ancestral weapons of the Tyrant’s Blade School and the Changyang clan. The power they displayed shocked many of them.

The two weapons had displayed power that completely exceeded anything that had been mentioned in past records. Even during the glorious ancient times, Saint Emperors were unable to display such power when controlling them.

Afterward, the people gathered there all dispersed. Cangqiong returned to the Beast God Continent with the magical beasts as well, leaving none behind. They were all heavily injured and needed to return and heal as soon as possible.

The sea goddess left by herself as well. She departed silently, only leaving behind around a dozen Saint Kings, who were not so heavily injured, to watch over the tunnel.

In the blink of an eye, only a few dozen humans and a few exhausted Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters were left. They were the people who had managed to survive until the end. They had probably become the only Saint Kings left on the continent, aside from the few people who had remained in seclusion and did not take part in the battle.

Even the Radiant Saint Master Union suffered greatly. Some of the few Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters had died as well, leaving behind only seven people, which included the president and the grand elder.

The Changyang clan still possessed the greatest amount of power among the ten protector clans. Aside from the people from the Qing and Yuan branches who never took part in the battle, Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun were fine. All they suffered were a few insignificant scratches.

If it were not for Xiao Jin’s protection, they probably would have died as well.

All the Saint Kings of the Shanxiao sect, the Yangji sect, Yiyuan sect, and Moyuan clan had died while the Emperor Armaments of the four protector clans had fallen into the magma below. The other protector clans had lost over half of their Saint Kings. Only one remained for the Heaven’s Incense School. He was barely alive as well.

The ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire had fallen and, just like the Karl Empire, they were left with a single Saint King. Zaar Veimos of the Zaar Family from the Holy Empire had died in the battle as well, but Saint Kings still remained for the other two clans of the Holy Empire. This would result in a decline for the Zaar family, who originally reigned supreme above the other two clans.

Mercenary City was left with only three Saint Kings as well, even though they were much more powerful than the protector clans before. Fortunately, very few Saint Rulers had taken part in the battle, so the future of the continent still existed. New Saint Kings would appear again soon.

“Jian Chen, I want to thank you, my friend, for helping us out so many times, or I would have been done for long ago,” the ancestor of the Kara clan thanked Jian Chen gratefully. He would glance at Xiao Jin who stood beside Jian Chen from time to time as an odd light appeared in his eyes.

Jian Chen clasped his hands at him and conversed a little with him. Not only was Kara Lot the great-grandfather of Kara Liwei, the Qinhuang Kingdom was also a subsidiary of his clan. As a result, Jian Chen needed to watch over Kara Lot.

After their conversation, Jian Chen looked at the Heavenly Enchantress. As soon as he attempted to approach her, she left in a blur with a single movement, something he would never have expected.

Jian Chen silently stared at the Heavenly Enchantress’ figure and only sighed gently after quite some time. He did not chase after her.

“Sigh. Our Mercenary City was founded in ancient times and has existed for over a million years. It became a symbol of the Tian Yuan Continent long ago. I never thought that it would be destroyed like this, where not even ruins remain,” the grand elder of Mercenary City was filled with sorrow as he stared at the bottomless pit beneath him.

“Although the Mercenary City of the past has been destroyed, that’s only its shell. Its soul still lives on. We need to rebuild Mercenary City.”

“Yes. We can rebuild a destroyed city. We can’t forget about the lord barrier spirit, the esteemed great elder, and our heritage of countless years.”

The two other Saint Kings of Mercenary City both agreed. They were brimming with vigor. Mercenary City was destroyed, but the miniature world could still be opened up. The battle had not shaken the organization much at all other than destroying their city and taking the lives of a few of their Saint Kings.

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