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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1396 - A Sealed World (One)
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Chapter 1396: A Sealed World (One)

Jian Chen had a very good impression of Kara Liwei as well. He treated her as half a friend and chuckled, “Miss Kara Liwei, don’t worry. I will definitely keep my promises. I will never go back on them. Once the seal within the artifact space is released and is filled with the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force, I will definitely give you a few strands so that you can become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.”

“Then I’ll be waiting at the Kara clan, waiting for sovereign Jian Chen’s good news. I hope I can use this chance to reach Class 7 successfully and complete my greatest dream,” Kara Liwei smiled sweetly. She was extremely happy after Jian Chen reaffirmed his promise.

Jian Chen had gathered a lot of Radiant Saint Force origin energy the last time the seal within the artifact space had been released. He had then given it to the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He had specifically told him that Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai had first priority, but Kara Liwei and Quan Youcai had both failed to break through unfortunately. They had lost a great chance at reaching the 7th Class.

Although the only requirement for reaching Class 7 was to fuse a single strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy into a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master’s soul, to allow the soul to undergo a metamorphosis, this step could not be achieved so easily. Many Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters could not achieve this. Only an extremely limited number of people ever managed to break through.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s face changed. He shot off into the sky like an arrow, arriving at an altitude of several thousand meters in a single moment. He stared into the distance as he hovered there. His eyes seemed to be able to pierce space and see the ends of the earth. He saw a sword fly over from several tens of thousand kilometers away. It gave off an extremely obscure pulse of energy. The energy pulse was abnormal, where even Saint Emperors would fail to sense it.

The sword turned around several tens of thousand kilometers away before shooting off again. It disappeared in a single moment.

Jian Chen expanded the senses of his soul, which expanded with great speed. It enveloped a radius of over two hundred thousand kilometers, catching up to the sword in the blink of an eye.

“That’s the Emperor Armament of the Changyang clan!” Jian Chen could clearly sense every nook and cranny present on the sword with his soul. He could tell with a single glance that it was the ancestral weapon of the Changyang clan, but the presence it currently gave off was just far, far more powerful than before.

The Righteous Yang Sword seemed to sense Jian Chen’s spying, so it suddenly exploded with speed. It shot off into the distance as a stream of light, immediately vanishing as it pierced through space. It escaped from Jian Chen’s range of senses.

“That’s not an Emperor Armament but a weapon used by Origin realm experts. It’s a saint artifact!” Jian Chen thought inside. He was greatly surprised and immediately leaped onto the Zi Ying Sword in pursuit.

As his understanding of sword-riding deepened, Jian Chen could move at greater and greater speeds. He had surpassed the speed he had displayed in the sea realm before as he shot off after the Righteous Yang Sword.

Although he had lost track of the sword, Jian Chen could still tell which direction the sword had flown in because of the insignificant marks it left behind in the space.

The extreme north was the northern boundary of the Tian Yuan Continent. It was extremely close to the northern sea, and a little beyond the edge of the border, one would no longer be on the Tian Yuan Continent anymore. It would just be the ocean.

A great mountain stood in the lands close to the northern sea. The mountain was abnormally grand. It was extremely steep, making it almost unscalable. The highest point was over ten thousand meters above the sea realm with its peak poking into the clouds.

Two people stood silently beside one another on the highest point of the mountain. They did not move at all. They stood like statues as they fixedly stared at the depths of the northern sea.

One of them was a middle-aged, burly man around the age of forty. He was bare-chested and only wore a pair of shorts, revealing his powerful bronze muscles.

The other was an old man in his seventies. He had a ruddy appearance and seemed rather sagely. His eyes were extremely deep.

At this moment, a sword flew over from afar, headed toward the old man. It moved extremely quickly.

However, the old man did not react at all, as if he did not sense the arrival of the sword at all. However, when the sword was three hundred meters away from the old man, it drastically slowed down before falling into the old man’s hand as a red streak of light and disappearing.

“He’s come, much faster than I had expected. Yang Lie, your great-grandson sure is impressive,” commented the burly man.

The two of them were the founding ancestors of the Changyang clan and the Tyrant’s Blade School, Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao.

A violet streak of light appeared on the horizon as soon as Guihai Yidao finished speaking. The violet streak of light was even faster than the sword that had returned earlier. The light was still on the horizon in one moment, yet it had landed on the mountain with unbelievable speed in the next. It possessed an extremely sharp sword Qi, turning all the vegetation in a radius of a thousand meters to dust.

The light vanished and revealed Jian Chen. He stood a thousand meters away from Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao as he stared at them. He did not feel calm at all.

This was because the two people were hazy, like mist to the senses of his soul. They did not seem like they existed at all, which shocked him greatly. Only those who had reached the Origin realm could avoid being sensed by his soul. No matter what secret techniques Saint Emperors used, they would not be able to avoid being detected.

Jian Chen felt very shocked. When had two Origin realm experts appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent without explanation? This was because in the history of the continent, there had never been rumors of a fifth Origin realm expert other than the barrier spirit of Mercenary City.

“Great-grandfather!” Jian Chen subconsciously cried out when he saw Yang Lie. He became stunned and disbelief flooded his face.

At that moment, he began to doubt his eyes, as if he had seen the wrong person. One of the two mysterious Origin realm experts was actually his great-grandfather, Changyang Zu Yunkong, someone he was extremely familiar with.

However, the feeling Changyang Zu Yunkong gave off was vastly different from before. He seemed like he was someone else.

Jian Chen subconsciously rubbed his eyes as he examined the people before him carefully. He found this rather difficult to accept. From what he understood, Changyang Zu Yunkong was only a Saint King at most. Even with his great talent, it would not be possible for him to undergo two major breakthroughs in such a short amount of time and reach the Origin realm.

Yang Lie turned his head to Jian Chen and his eyes became filled with a gentleness. He smiled benevolently, “I never thought that I, Yang Lie, would have such an impressive great-grandson. This has taken me by surprise. Even in the higher world, there are only a few people with talent like you.”

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes when he heard the man mention a higher world. He stared at Yang Lie fixedly and inquired, “Just who are you?”

“I am Yang Lie, as well as Changyang Zu Yunkong. I am your great-grandfather. I founded the protector Changyang clan, except this current life is a reincarnation. I’ve awakened my memories now and returned to who I was before,” Yang Lie explained.

Jian Chen was stunned. He thought over what Yang Lie had just said several times. What he had said was just far too shocking. Even with Jian Chen’s mental fortitude, he was completely dumbfounded.

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