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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1398 - A Sealed World (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1398: A Sealed World (Three)

Jian Chen felt extremely shocked after the story. He had never thought that the founders of the Changyang clan and Tyrant’s Blade School would have such a story to them.

However, what left him speechless was the fact that his great-grandfather and Guihai Yidao had actually come down from the Saints’ World after they were sucked into spatial cracks, which were caused by a battle between a few Godkings, and had basically arrived at the Tian Yuan Continent out of pure luck.

If it were not for the tunnel that had appeared at the right moment within the crack, his great-grandfather probably would have died there.

“A total of ten people managed to survive and make it to the Tian Yuan Continent. We managed to escape the crack in space successfully, but we were all heavily injured. Not only were the wounds physical, but they affected our souls as well. Because we were just far too severely injured, coupled with the wounds to our souls caused by laws of the world, our cultivation level fell from the Origin realm to Saint Emperor.

“Not all of the ten people came from my group of adventurers, but we all became best friends. Several decades later, we made a full physical recovery, but the injuries to our souls lingered. Not only was it impossible for us to cultivate any further, but we also had to endure pain from the soul at all times. There was nothing we could do. Fortunately, one of us was a disciple of a large sect. He had been sucked into the disaster when he had left the sect on a journey. He took the risk of being branded as a traitor by his sect and taught us a secret method of reincarnation. Through this technique, the injuries of our souls caused by the laws could slowly be worn away.

“After mastering the secret technique and before entering reincarnation, we all agreed to create a clan of our own where we would leave the saint artifacts that our bodies had nurtured. We also sealed our memories into the weapons, and to prevent them from being eaten away by time, we purposefully left behind a secret technique that enabled our descendents to nurture the saint artifact with each generation. That was how the saint artifacts could still remain even today after losing their masters.

“We underwent thousands of rebirths over these years, being reborn and having to re-cultivate every life, all the way until this life. Only then were the wounds to our souls completely erased. Our saint artifacts sensed us as soon as we became Saint Kings and rushed over from far away, returning our memories to us and allowing us to return back to who we were.”

Jian Chen could not help but think back to when Guihai Yidao had become a Saint King. Back then, he was on a journey to the sea realm with Huang Luan and just happened to come across someone breaking through to Saint King. Seven-colored rainbow clouds had descended and the person who had broken through just happened to be Guihai Yidao.

As he was undergoing his breakthrough, the Emperor Armament of the Tyrant’s Blade School shot over without anyone’s control but allowed Guihai Yidao to control the weapon as he wished.

At the same time, he thought about how Yang Lie had caused the Emperor Armament of the protector Changyang clan to almost go on a rampage when he had first entered the forbidden grounds of the clan. He had almost caused the miniature world to collapse, and since he almost caused it to collapse, he had committed a heinous crime. Not only was he expelled from the clan, but his talent was also sealed up as well, preventing him from reaching Sainthood for his entire life. By the look of things now, the ancestral weapon of the Changyang clan must have sensed that Changyang Zu Yunkong was the reincarnation of its master and had fully recovered from the wounds his soul had obtained, which was why it had behaved abnormally then. However, Changyang Zu Yunkong was weak back then, still extremely distant from Saint King, which was why the most crucial step did not happen, where the saint artifact would have taken him as a master again and released his memories.

Jian Chen secretly felt fortunate when he thought about those events. Changyang Zu Yunkong had remained a Heaven Saint Master for a thousand years and had nearly reached the end of his life. He had also suffered from the seal, experiencing torturous pain every moment he was awake. Only the Heavenly Enchantress’ zither music could slightly ease his pain. If he had not encountered Jian Chen, Changyang Zu Yunkong probably would have passed away from old age long ago.

Jian Chen’s hatred for Changyang Qing Yun deepened when he thought about what had happened. They had almost killed their own ancestor.

“My dear great-grandson. Now that you mention it, my life was saved by you. If I had not met you in the final moments, I probably would have passed away and would not have awakened in this life,” Yang Lie smiled at Jian Chen. He felt more and more affection for his great-grandson.

“Yang Lie, I cannot be more envious of you because of your impressive descendent,” Guihai Yidao smiled. He meant that statement from the bottom of his heart. At that moment, he yearned for the Tyrant’s Blade School to produce a descendent as extraordinary as Jian Chen.

Jian Chen smiled, feeling at ease. “Great-grandfather, can I ask how you plan on punishing Changyang Qing Yun and the others for treating you like that in the past? I didn’t find any people from the Qing and Yuan branches in the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints either.”

Anger immediately flooded Yang Lie’s face when he heard that. “Don’t mention those unfilial descendents. When I had just recovered my memories and stated my identity, those unfilial people actually tried to lay their hands on me despite being of a lower status. How dare they.”

Guihai Yidao patted Yang Lie’s shoulder and said, “Yang Lie, the brutality of the Saints’ World is far greater than the Tian Yuan Continent. Can’t you look past a few matters given that you’ve experienced the brutality of the Saints’ World? It’s enough. Let’s forget about this unhappy past. Don’t forget the main reason why we’ve called Jian Chen over this time.” Guihai Yidao then turned his eyes to Jian Chen with interest, “Jian Chen, we’ve called you over this time because we have something important to ask you, aside from telling you about us.”

“Please go ahead and ask, senior. I will answer you with everything I know,” Jian Chen clasped his hands at them. However, he felt uneasy inside. Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao came from the Saints’ World. He wondered if they knew about the secrets regarding the Azulet swords.

“Jian Chen, are you a Saint Emperor right now or have you reached the Origin realm?” Guihai Yidao asked. He was stern and even Yang Lie looked at Jian Chen seriously, as if they cared about the answer of the question a lot.

Jian Chen was surprised. He had never thought that Guihai Yidao would ask something like that. After a momentary pause, he said, “I should still be a Saint Emperor, but because of the two weapons I use, the strength I can display is greater than what I personally possess. At the same time, I walk a different path of cultivation compared to the people of the Tian Yuan Continent. I cultivate a power even more powerful than Saint Force, which is why I have the strength of someone from the Origin realm.”

“Really? And I had thought that there was someone who could overcome the limits of the seal and reach the Origin realm. Looks like you haven’t been able to do that either,” Guihai Yidao mumbled. He became rather depressed.

“Sigh,” Yang Lie exhaled gently. He said, “And I had thought that hope appeared, but it’s just disappointment.”

Jian Chen stared at the two of them in some confusion. He questioned, “Seniors, what are you referring to by ‘this sealed world?’ And what are you hoping for?”

Guihai Yidao stared at the sky. His eyes were deep, but they were also filled with helplessness. He said, “Jian Chen, you may not know this, but this world is actually sealed. An extremely powerful seal exists in outer space, preventing people from reaching the Origin realm. As long as the seal is in place, this world will never be able to give birth to Origin realm experts.”

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