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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1402 - Founding Ancestor Of The Pure Heart Pavilion (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1402: Founding Ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion (One)

Someone else had become a Saint Emperor on the Tian Yuan Continent after Tian Jian and Houston, which immediately caused a great disturbance. Many Saint Kings were attracted over once again, despite the long distance.

Soon, several dozen human Saint Kings had gathered. All of them hovered high in the sky as they watched from afar. Eventually even some Saint Kings from the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races had come.

“What a dense gathering of energy. This pure energy of the world is extremely similar to the phenomenon that occurred near Flame City a few days ago. If I’ve guessed correctly, sovereign Jian Chen should be here,” a human expert sighed in surprise.

“This place may be obscured by the mist-like energy of the world, but what’s happening inside still can’t escape my senses. I can clearly feel that there’s more than one person cultivating in there. Other than the one who has just become a Saint Emperor, there’s many other presences,” said a blue-robed old man. He was a member of the Sea race. He was enveloped by a faint layer of blue light, blocking out the sunlight.

“How is it sovereign Jian Chen again? Just how does sovereign Jian Chen get them to break through so easily. Does he have some heaven-defying treasure?” A magical beast said with some obvious envy. His cultivation to Saint King could be described as arduous, yet now, any person who had ties with Jian Chen could skip several thousand years worth of cultivation in just a few days. A few people felt envious because of this.

However, even if he had guessed that Jian Chen really did possess some great treasure, he would never fancy any ill thoughts. Jian Chen was now a supreme expert. He was an existence that could look down on all of them. He was no longer the Saint King from before.

“The people who follow Jian Chen sure are blessed,” a lot of people thought. Jian Chen had allowed people to become Saint Kings and Saint Emperors time and time again. It left them green with envy and made them wish that they were in the mist instead.

Several days later, the forest calmed down. Not only had Changyang Zu Xiao become a Saint Emperor, but Changyang Zu Yunxiao had successfully broken through as well. Among the three Saint Kings of the Zu branch, only Changyang Zu Yeyun remained a Saint King, but she had gone from the First Heavenly Layer to Great Perfection. She was close to becoming a Saint Emperor as well.

Besides her, Huang Tianba also reached the Great Perfection of Saint King, attaining a similar level to Changyang Zu Yeyun. Huang Tianba was ravished with joy. His excitement had already peaked.

Yang Ling, the guard with ordinary talent who had once protected Jian Chen in the City of God, had benefited greatly as well. Not only had his aptitude for cultivation increased, but he had finally smashed through the bottleneck he had been stuck at for many years, reaching his dream level of cultivation, Saint Ruler. He did not stop there either. His strength skyrocketed with the help of the peach and tea, making another major breakthrough in the end. He reached Saint King and stopped at the Second Heavenly Layer.

The four Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom had all become Saint Kings as well, ranging from the Fifth Heavenly Layer to the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

“I thank sovereign Jian Chen for your gift. Our wish of many years has finally become true, and we’ve all reached an unimaginable level of cultivation,” the four Imperial Protectors gratefully bowed to Jian Chen.

Their breakthroughs were significant to the Qinghuang Kingdom. After the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, the strength of the three great empires had fallen. They had lost their strongest experts. The Qinhuang Kingdom had originally belonged to the Holy Empire as subsidiaries, but with their breakthroughs, the Qinhuang Kingdom had suddenly become the strongest kingdom on the continent.

Although the kingdom’s heritage and overall power was nowhere close to the three empires that had existed for countless years, they were unable to match up to the Qinhuang Kingdom in terms of Saint Kings.

Changyang Ba, uncle Chang, and the Saint Rulers from the Zu branch all became Saint Kings as well. Only the king of the Gesun Kingdom fell behind. He had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler in the end. All the Saint Rulers of the Zu branch broke into tears. They thanked Jian Chen with runny noses. They were tempted to kneel down in gratitude.

The disturbance from this group breakthrough was not as great as the one in Flame City, but it still gave birth to two Saint Emperors and almost twenty Saint Kings. It made all the Saint Kings who had come to watch green with envy.

A portion of the people had even become hot-headed inside. They wanted to kneel down before Jian Chen and plead, begging him for a chance to become greater.

They were all Saint Kings and had been stuck like that for many years now. Becoming a Saint Emperor possessed a fatal attraction to them.

There were plenty of them who had reached the later stages of their lives. They did not have much time left. The only way for them to continue living was to become a Saint Emperor.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He turned his head to one direction. The space there distorted and a golden giant appeared out of nowhere.

To no surprise, that giant was Tie Ta. Tie Ta did not use a Space Gate and had instead arrived using one of his innate secret techniques. He had suddenly appeared before Jian Chen by crossing a vast distance, like he had teleported.

“The war god of the Hundred Races!”

Tie Ta’s arrival immediately caused the experts in the surroundings to cry out. Their eyes were filled with fear and dread, with the magical beasts affected the most. They responded even more violently.

Jian Chen discovered quite a difference in Tie Ta this time. It was a change in presence. If Tie Ta had been a country bumpkin before, the current Tie Ta was like a ruler. He possessed a certain prestige.

“Jian Chen, can you give me some? I want to help out the Hundred Races as well,” Tie Ta asked rather awkwardly.

Jian Chen obviously knew what Tie Ta wanted. He chuckled, “Tie Ta, I had planned on delivering some to you a few days later; I didn’t think you’d come personally.” Jian Chen took out a Space Ring and tossed it to Tie Ta without any hesitation. The Space Ring was filled with over a hundred Violet Cloud Peaches, ten pieces of fifth grade Comprehension Tea Leaves, and several dozen pieces of first grade Comprehension Tea Leaves. There was even a lot of divine water of the world and water from the Springs of Life for making tea. It possessed everything he needed.

Of course, not all the Violet Cloud Peaches in there were of the fifth grade. Jian Chen had only found three fifth grade Violet Immortal Peach trees in the Xuanhuang Microcosm in total. The others were all of lower grades.

He had used up over a hundred fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches within the past few days, almost half of everything he had. As a result, only a tenth of all the peaches he had given Tie Ta were of the fifth grade. The rest were either of the third or fourth grades.

Jian Chen had obtained even fewer pieces of Comprehension Tea Leaves. When he had made tea to increase the strength of this group, he had only used four or five pieces together.

Tie Ta took the Space Ring. He knew how to prepare the items inside, so he did not ask any questions.

Before he left, Tie Ta said to Jian Chen, “I’ve gone to the War God Hall. It’s a very special place and will be extremely beneficial for me. I cultivate several times faster than usual in there and it can help me comprehend the Mysteries of War. Jian Chen, the magical beasts have a Beast God Hall as well. I wonder if it has the same effects as the War God Hall, but according to what I know, it’s not a simple divine hall. You should take Xiao Bai there when you have the time.”

“I will,” Jian Chen responded. He had heard that the ninety-ninth floor of the Beast God Hall possessed the legacy of the previous Winged Tiger God and only those with the same bloodline could enter it. All he could do back then was sigh in wonder since he had lacked the ability to go there.

In the miniature world of the Pure Heart Pavilion, a tall altar stood in the forbidden grounds. A snow-white duster silently lay on the altar. It gave off a tremendous presence.

This was the ancestral weapon of the Pure Heart Pavilion. It had always been stored there, yet today, the duster suddenly began to emit a hazy white light despite not making any abnormal movements over the past million years. The next moment, the light suddenly became extremely intense, illuminating the surroundings. A terrifying ripple of energy shot from it, causing the surrounding space and the miniature world to tremble.

Swish! Afterward, the jade-white duster shot off, disappearing into the miniature world.

The pavilion master, who was currently tending to her wounds, suddenly changed in expression within a secret room. She immediately charged out and chased after the duster with lightning-like speed. Behind her, two more Saint Kings surged over from different directions, pursuing the duster with the pavilion master.

Changyang Hu was wearing simple robes when he emerged from the divine hall of the Pure Heart Pavilion. He stared in the direction the duster had disappeared off to. The sun, moon and stars seemed to rotate in his eyes.

“I think I see glory. I think I see celebration, an prosperous era!” Changyang Hu mumbled a while later.

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