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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1406 - The Fourth Class 9 Magical Beast
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Chapter 1406: The Fourth Class 9 Magical Beast

Jian Chen’s arrival naturally shocked the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom. The four Imperial Protectors, who had just returned from the Gesun Kingdom, along with the king and a large number of lords and subjects, came out to welcome him. The welcoming ceremony was extremely grand. Aside from the four Imperial Protectors, everyone else revered him.

Jian Chen, the king, and the four Imperial Protectors greeted each other and asked about each other’s well-being. Then Jian Chen approached the main topic, “Your majesty, may I ask if the third prince, Qin Ji, is in the palace?”

Even though Jian Chen was only a junior around the same age as his son, the king responded extremely politely, “Imperial Protector, my third son is currently out hunting. I’ll send people to call him back right now.”

“There’s no need for your majesty to be so polite. We’ve known each other for quite some time. Back then, didn’t I trouble you several times? If it were not for your majesty’s assistance, it would not have been possible for me to bring five hundred thousand soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom to the Gesun Kingdom through a Space Gate so successfully. Speaking of which, I am indebted to you majesty, and I have never forget my debts.” Jian Chen gently smiled.

The king finally relaxed. He knew that the worry he felt earlier was unnecessary. Jian Chen’s status was very different than before, but he was still the same person. He was not like those other experts who possessed ridiculous pride and viewed their dignity with the utmost importance.

The king smiled freely. He immediately stopped restraining himself and began conversing with Jian Chen like a good friend.

There were five Qin Heaven Palaces within the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom. They were the most consecrated places in the kingdom, because they were the residences prepared for their five esteemed Imperial Protectors. It was also where they cultivated in peace.

Jian Chen immediately settled down in his own palace as he waited for Qin Ji to return.

When he had increased the strength of the four Imperial Protectors, he could have told them to bring Qin Ji with them, but that was not what he chose to do because Qin Ji was one of his best friends. He planned to visit the Qinhuang Kingdom personally to see him as well as the Imperial Advisors who had assisted him and the father and sons at the head of the Eastern Deity Swords.

In the afternoon of the same day, Qin Ji received the news of Jian Chen’s arrival and hurried back. When he saw Jian Chen, he was filled with wonder. No one could have imagined that this brother, who had fought beside him in the gathering of mercenaries, would reach the very apex of the continent, far exceeding himself.

Qin Ji did not change much despite the many years that had passed since they last met. Other than becoming even more mature and steady-minded, he now possessed a sense of prestige that was cultivated from being a member of the royal family. However, he was in a similar to Qin Xiao now. He had become a father as well, having married the treasured daughter of a powerful clan within the kingdom. His child was already three years old.

After Qin Xiao’s return, Xiao Tian, Tian Luo, Qing Shaofan, Dongyi Junbai, and Cao Keqin, the five Imperial Protectors who had gone with Jian Chen to the Gesun Kingdom, all gathered in the Qin Heaven Palace to see Jian Chen. The three generals of the Eastern Deity Swords, Qin Wuming, Qin Wujian, and Qin Wujian had all received Jian Chen’s invitation as well and gathered in the palace.

Jian Chen hosted a banquet in his Qin Heaven Palace, receiving these guests with wonderful liquor. They all toasted to each other before downing a glass. Jian Chen discussed everything that had happened in the past with them, without appearing like the strongest human expert at all.

After a period of time at the table with Jian Chen, they all understood Jian Chen’s temperament one by one. They had all started off the evening being cautious before gradually letting loose.

“Imperial Protector, I knew even back then that you would become a great person on the continent. In the end, after only these few years, you’ve become the strongest person on the continent. You have my praise and admiration.

“This Imperial Protector has supreme talent, an unprecedented prodigy. On the Tian Yuan Continent, you’re known as the reincarnation of Mo Tianyun. I may not know whether that’s true or not, but I do believe that you will surpass Mo Tianyun sooner or later and become the greatest sovereign throughout history.”

After becoming slightly tipsy, there was nothing this group would not talk about. Jian Chen’s guests had forgotten that they were in a Qin Heaven Palace, one of the most dignified and consecrated places in the kingdom. On any other day, they would not even gain the privilege of entering a Qin Heaven Palace as Imperial Advisors.

Unknowingly, the sun had set in the west and night descended, filling the entire world with darkness. Deep into the night, Jian Chen took the group of them out of the imperial palace and found a quiet place to increase their strength.

Several days later, including Qin Ji, they all become Saint Kings. Every single one of them was ravished with joy. Before he left, Jian Chen gave some divine water of the world to Qin Ji as a little gift for his son.

“This is just unbelievable. Imperial Protector Jian Chen has actually allowed all of us to break through to Saint King in just a few short days…”

“The Imperial Protector really is extraordinary. We’re only subordinates to him, yet he has never forgotten the things we did for him in the past. He gave us such precious heavenly resources without holding back at all…”

The Imperial Advisors, Qin Wuming and so on, all sighed emotionally after Jian Chen left. They stood silently as they gazed in the direction that Jian Chen had left in. They did not leave even after quite a while.

Jian Chen flew toward the ocean on the Zi Ying Sword as a stream of light after his trip to the Qinhuang Kingdom. He had met with Qin Xiao and Qin Ji, and they had both become fathers, which touched Jian Chen’s heart. He thought of Shangguan Aojian who was on the distant Three Saint Island. It had been several years since he had last seen Shangguan Aojian. He was not a good father, nor did he have any idea how Shangguan Aojian was doing.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s face changed. He immediately stopped the Zi Ying Sword and a golden light shot from the center of his forehead. It was a tiny golden tower.

With a golden flash, the gold-robed, golden-haired Nubis emerged. He remained in a seated position with his eyes closed as he glowed with a golden light. Terrifying pulses of energy surged from him, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

“Nubis has actually broken through!” Jian Chen was overjoyed. A fourth Class 9 Magical Beast was about to appear.

Nubis caused a great disturbance as he broke through to Saint Emperor. His dazzling golden light illuminated the night sky, dying the surroundings golden. Above him, a wave of essence surged high into the sky, condensing into a golden snake as it broke through the clouds. The phenomenon caused the clouds to violently surge while flickering lights appeared between the clouds.

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