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Chapter 142: Tianxiong Clan’s Heavy Losses

“He ran out over there!” A person pointed to where the man ran off to.

Hearing that, Tianxiong Lie turned his glare over to where a mercenary pointed. At this moment, the tall grass was shaking slightly, because someone had only just recently passed through, there remained a clear trace of someone’s trail.

Tianxiong Lie returned his gaze over to the dead bodies on the floor with a gloomy face. In the brief moment he was gone, another 15 people had died. He was afraid that if things continued on like this, he wouldn’t even have 50 people by the time he left the Magical Beast Mountain Range. With such heavy losses, there would be no way for the Tianxiong clan to recover from this.

The 20 Saint Masters that had followed Tianxiong Lie stood behind him silently. Looking at the dozen dead bodies on the ground, every single one of them had a face that was unprecedentedly serious.

“Continue onward!” Tianxiong Lie ordered. After these past few days, he knew in his heart that in the complicated terrain of the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he was completely unable to kill the youth that killed his son Kang Er. If things continued on like this, then his army would be utterly destroyed.

“For now, the current formation will be changed. Every 5 Saint Masters will spread out in one group for each of the four directions, and the Great Saints will be in the middle. Maintain this formation while moving forward.” Tianxiong Lie spoke. For a youth that wasn’t on his level to reduce him to such a state was an unwashable disgrace.

Soon after, the Tianxiong clan followed Tianxiong Lie’s change in formation and continued to journey through the mountain range. Now that they had been attacked by surprise once, everyone was extremely vigilant of their surroundings, their eyes constantly swept around their surroundings wary of suffering from another surprise attack.

Tianxiong Lie stood in the center of the formation with his inner Saint Force constantly on the move inside his body. He just needed for the youth to appear once more, no matter what the position, Tianxiong Lie would be able to respond quickly.

Tianxiong Lie’s eyes swept the area in front of him as his ears trembled as he strained them to listen for any closeby movements.

“As long as you appear, even if there is a heavy cost, I will kill you.” Tianxiong Lie resolved.

The group walked through the dense forest slowly. In regards to this killer after them, they didn’t dare to move too quickly in case they made noise that would mask over the minute sounds of their stalker.

Just as the Tianxiong clan was about to step over the boundary where the tall grass stopped, the figure of a person darted out from the grass, and in a split second, he had stabbed through the hearts and throats of a few mercenaries.

“Don’t even think about running away this time!”

Just as that mysterious figure had stabbed into the throats of a few mercenaries, an angry snarl came from the middle of the formation. Tianxiong Lie’s gigantic earth attributed axe flew out at him following the figures movements.

At the same time, the Saint Masters in the group immediately leapt forward with their Saint Weapons ready to slash at their foe.

That man had no desire to fight with everyone. Reclaiming his Saint Weapon into his body, he darted out of the group and then out of sight into the tall grass once more.

“You all stay here, I will chase after him.” Tianxiong Lie roared before dashing into the tall grass after the man.

This area of grass was tall enough to completely conceal a person within its expanse, and that leather wearing person was moving through the grass with a nimble and quick speed. Very rarely did he make a sloppy mistake, and he maintained that fast speed without making the tiniest of sounds as if his body was gliding instead of running. Not a single bit of weight had touched the ground as he ran, it was like he was using the grass for support instead of the ground.

“You won’t escape this time! If I don’t kill you today, then I will never be able to remove this hatred from my heart!” Tianxiong Lie chased after the man. His speed had already reached the very pinnacle of his limits as the earth Saint Force flew off like smoke from his legs. With his legs constantly stamping across the ground, he was no slower than the man he was chasing.

The leather wearing man began to constantly change directions, and so too did Tianxiong Lie who was following closely behind in the tall grass yet he was unable to keep his eyes on the figure in front. Every so often he would have to jump into the air,

At this moment, a fierce gale blew through the tall grass, creating a crashing sound throughout the area and causing Tianxiong Lie who was chasing after the man to pale. Stamping off of the ground, he leaped into the air and examined the ground below only to become dejected. He had lost sight of the man’s traces.

“This damnable wind didn’t come early or late, instead, it came right on time so that I lost sight of that man!”

Examining his surroundings, Tianxiong Lie had a face full of resentment, and couldn’t help but curse out in anger. Afterward, he leaped into the air once more unwilling to give up. Looking down, he tried to find traces of the man, but he could not because of the gale that was still continuing to blow, causing all of the tall grass to constantly sway in the wind and making tracking impossible.

“I definitely won’t let you go, if you’re a man, then leave behind your name!” Tianxiong Lie roared up at the sky. His voice scattered through the air, causing echos to be heard from far away.

Not too long after, a clear laughter could be heard.

“Hahaha, this one is called Jian Chen. Tianxiong clan, one day I will make another visit, so until that day comes, I hope the clan leader will not worry about me.”

“Jian Chen. Good, good, good! I, Tianxiong Lie swear that even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will find you! You won’t ever escape!” Tianxiong Lie roared.

This time, there was no response.

Tianxiong Lie couldn’t reply anymore, and instead continued to lead the remaining Tianxiong clan members out of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Very quickly they walked away from the grassy areas, and because of that, they no longer came across any surprise attacks.

Returning to Wake City, Tianxiong Lie immediately traveled to the Mercenary Union and placed a high bounty on Jian Chen of ten thousand purple coins for the capture of him alive with his details posted under.

Right afterward, the entire Wake City exploded with activity once more. Ten thousand purple coins. Such an expensive bounty was a never before seen event in Wake City history, and a price this high was rare to see in the entire Tian Yuan Continent. To add onto that, the Mercenary Union had bumped up the mission grade to A Rank, making it a special mission. It wasn’t restricted to just mercenaries, as this mission was then sent out to the following nations neighboring the Blue Wind Kingdom.

Right at this moment, Jian Chen wasn’t aware that the warrant for his capture had been put up with such a high price once more. Right now, he was still in the Magical Beast Mountain Range washing his body.

“My current strength should be around the Peak Great Saint tier already. These next few days, I should hunt for a few magical beasts in the mountain range and make a breakthrough into the Saint Master level. This way, if I come across Tianxiong Lie in the future, I won’t be considered a weak opponent to him.” Jian Chen thought to himself as he quickly made plans for the future.

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