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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1420 - The Heavenly Enchantress’ Strength
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1420: The Heavenly Enchantress’ Strength

Nubis did not use a Space Gate, but he still flew very quickly. He fused with the surrounding space as he tore through the air while radiating a dazzling, golden light. He looked like a comet. He moved extremely quickly and silently toward the island.

When Nubis arrived a hundred kilometers away from the island, Jian Chen and Heavenly Enchantress sensed his arrival. Both of them gazed into the distance.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ gaze was cold. She maintained a neutral expression with only some surprise flickering through her eyes.

Jian Chen faintly smiled instead. He glanced at Xiao Bao, who was cultivating in front of him, before standing up and making his way out.

With Nubis’ speed, he crossed a hundred kilometers in a single moment. He appeared as a golden streak of light on the horizon very soon, approaching the island at an unbelievable speed. He soon descended to the island.

At this moment, Jian Chen took a step and traversed several hundred meters, appearing before Nubis. He examined him closely and said, “Your presence is quite stronger than before. You must have benefitted quite a lot from your trip to the Beast God Continent.”

Nubis sniggered and proudly said, “Of course. When I, the great Nubis, personally set out, there’s nothing that’s impossible. This trip to the Beast God Continent has been extremely significant to me. I feel that my bloodline has become even purer after devouring that old snake’s essence. Although there’s no obvious mutation yet, I’m one step closer to the next mutation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Nubis seemed to realize something. He immediately looked at Jian Chen with a strange gaze and asked, “Jian Chen, what’s so important about Three Saint Island to cause you to stay so long on this tiny island? Has that demoness really caught your eye? Oh yeah, where is that demoness?” Nubis looked around and failed to find any traces of the Heavenly Enchantress. However, he jerked soon after and became filled with shock. He exclaimed, “What have I discovered!? A kid who’s not even ten actually has the strength of a Saint Ruler! I- is this real?” Before he could finish speaking, Nubis quickly flew toward the cave where Shangguan Aojian was cultivating as a blur.

Although Shangguan Aojian’s cave was several kilometers away, hidden by a winding path up the mountain, Nubis was still a Saint Emperor. There was nothing on the entire island that could be kept hidden from him. Unless someone was far more powerful than him, he would be able to sense them.

Jian Chen wanted to stop Nubis when he set off to where Shangguan Aojian was, but Jian Chen hesitated. He thought about how Shangguan Aojian’s identity could not remain hidden forever. In the end, he did not stop Nubis, only followed behind him.

Nubis moved very quickly, arriving outside Shangguan Aojian’s cave in the blink of an eye. Just when he wanted to enter, a purple figure blocked him in a flash, moving far faster than he did before. The Heavenly Enchantress in her purple dress and with her zither had suddenly appeared at the entrance of the cave, blocking Nubis’ way.

“Leave here immediately!” The Heavenly Enchantress coldly ordered Nubis away with her back facing him. Her curvy figure seemed very slender, but as she stood there, it seemed like no one could get past her. At that moment, her body seemed to have become a wall that had locked out the entire world, separating the interior of the cave from the exterior.

A gleam of light flashed through Nubis’ eyes. Although he could sense that the Heavenly Enchantress’ strength was slightly different than before, he could not see her exact strength. However, with his understanding, even if the Heavenly Enchantress had increased in strength, the increase would be very limited, not enough to threaten himself. As a result, he did not worry at all and loudly said, “Demoness, looks like your strength has increased by quite a bit from before. I, the great Nubis, have become slightly careless, which was why you managed to sneak before me. I may have feared you deeply in the past, but you’re as weak as an ant to me now. If you’re smart, move and don’t block the way. I want to see that little guy inside.”

The Heavenly Enchantress’ gaze immediately grew cold when she heard Nubis refer to her as ‘demoness.’ A sliver of anger seemed to flicker through her eyes as she coldly responded without even looking back, “Three Saint Island does not welcome you. Leave immediately or…”

Before she could finish what she was saying, Nubis interrupted her. He sniggered, “Or what? You’re going to attack me mercilessly? Come, come. I’ll take all your attacks. I sure do want do see what you can do.”

Jian Chen had also arrived by now. He stood in the distance as he watched. He did not go up to interfere and only looked at Nubis in sympathy. The Heavenly Enchantress had already ingested a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach. Even Jian Chen was unsure how powerful she had become, but he was certain that she was far more than what Nubis could handle.

“Jian Chen, haven’t you held feelings for this demoness for quite some time now? Don’t worry, I’ll help you with them. I’ll capture this demoness right now and get her to accompany you in bed,” Nubis loudly informed Jian Chen. He paid no attention to the faint killing intent that had appeared in the Heavenly Enchantress’ eyes.

What Nubis said near the end seemed to have crossed the Heavenly Enchantress’ bottom line.


Almost at the same time Nubis had finished speaking, the Heavenly Enchantress struck a string. There was only a single note, but it seemed like a thunderous explosion when Nubis heard it. His body and soul trembled.

Nubis’ face drastically changed. He stared at the Heavenly Enchantress as disbelief flooded his face. He was now a Saint Emperor; even though his soul could not be compared to the souls of human Saint Emperors, it was far more powerful, without any doubt, than his soul when he was still at Class 7. Yet right now, he had discovered that he still found it very difficult to resist the soul attacks of the Heavenly Enchantress even with his strengthened soul.

“Once I get you, I’d like to see how you play the zither!” Nubis made up his mind. Extending a finger, a strand of golden thread shot out with lightning-like speed, weaving into a net that loomed over the Heavenly Enchantress.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ face was icy-cold. Her eyes seemed to flicker with darkness, enough to cause people to shiver. With just a single hand, she strummed the strings of her zither. The music she created was extremely pleasant, but it also seemed to be as deep as the sound of war drums. The sound seemed to change. As she struck every note, visible sound waves spread into the surroundings.

As soon as Nubis’ net came into contact with the sound waves, it met a great resistance, unable to move any further after spreading out. It was even pushed back by the sound waves.

Nubis was thrown into absolute shock by that. The current situation was nowhere near the outcome he had expected. He had never thought that he would be at a disadvantage against the Heavenly Enchantress.

However, before Nubis could react, the Heavenly Enchantress’ playing posture changed. She played seven strings simultaneously, immediately producing seven pleasant but deep sounds. A sound wave formed with every string, kicking up ripples in the surrounding space.

When Nubis heard the seven notes, he violently jerked and immediately paled.

The seven notes seemed to explode in his head like thunder. When the fourth note exploded, he could not help but stagger back uncontrollably.

The fifth note made Nubis grunt. He became injured and had already staggered several dozen meters back.

The sixth note caused a stream of blood to flow from the corner of Nubis’ lips and caused him to stagger to several hundred meters away.

The seventh note caused Nubis to throw up blood. His body trembled as his eyesight became blurry. He found it rather difficult to stay standing.

The Heavenly Enchantress’ gaze remained icy-cold. Nubis had crossed her bottom line, so she clearly did not plan on letting him go so easily. She had already placed a finger on an eighth string and was about to strum it.

Jian Chen’s face changed. He knew that the Heavenly Enchantress was very powerful, but he had never expected her strength to be so great. Nubis suffered a complete defeat with his strength as a Saint Emperor, which took him by complete surprise. Seeing how the Heavenly Enchantress still did not plan on letting Nubis go, he immediately cried out, “Stop, don’t harm Nubis anymore!”

Jian Chen arrived before Nubis in a flash and supported him when he almost fell.

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