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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1423 - Legacy Of The Beast God (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1423: Legacy of the Beast God (Two)

“The Beast God Hall was left behind by the Winged Tiger God in ancient times. There are a total of ninety-nine floors, and the ninety-ninth floor can only be entered by a Winged Tiger God. It’s said that the legacy of the ancient Winged Tiger God is there, but after all these years, no one has ever set foot there, which is why the ninety-ninth floor has always been sealed off. The only way there is through the ninety-eighth floor.” Cangqiong explained from one side.

Kaiser’s face darkened even more. The gaze he shot toward the peng emperor hid deep killing intent. He obviously knew why Jian Chen had come to the Beast God Hall. He had killed the young Winged Tiger God’s father in the past, so he had already become a permanent enemy of the Winged Tiger God. If he ended up receiving the legacy, Kaiser would end up dead for sure.

This was because the Winged Tiger God would definitely take revenge on him for killing his father.

“I thank senior for the explanation,” Jian Chen clasped his hands at Cangqiong before making his way to the divine hall.

“Stop! As a human, you cannot set foot in the supreme Beast God Hall. Otherwise, you would be committing blasphemy against the entire continent. You would be treading over the dignity of the entire continent,” Lankyros said with a horrible complexion.

“Come at me if you want to stop me,” Jian Chen coldly replied. He walked toward the Beast God Hall with firm strides. He had no intention of stopping. Nubis followed beside him excitedly.

Kaiser and Lankyros watched Jian Chen rapidly move further away as they gritted their teeth. In the end, they could only helplessly watch as Jian Chen entered the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast God Continent. They no longer possessed enough strength to stop Jian Chen now.

Cangqiong gazed at Kaiser and Lankyros before gently sighing inside. He then followed Jian Chen and Nubis into the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast God Hall.

Kaiser and Lankyros were left standing where they were with dark expressions. Their eyes flickered uneasily, and they did not follow Jian Chen into the divine hall.

“The two of us are nowhere near Jian Chen’s opponent even if we work together. Jian Chen has not claimed our life, but there’s still the young Winged Tiger God. As long as Jian Chen is present, we can’t do anything to it, and once it reaches the 9th Class through the legacy of the Beast God, we won’t be its opponent even if we work together,” Lankyros said through a communication technique. He felt very heavy-hearted.

Kaiser silently pondered for a while before responding, “We’ve had some disagreements with Jian Chen in the past, but they haven’t reached the point where we can’t reconcile with Jian Chen. At the same time, we’ve contributed in the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, which is why Jian Chen has not killed us. However, the Winged Tiger God is different. After all, its father was technically killed by us, so the Winged Tiger God’s enmity for us has already reached a point of no return. It’s just a pity that we still can’t control the Beast God Hall, or dealing with Jian Chen would have been easy. We can only leave the Beast God Continent now.”

“The world is only so big. An Origin realm expert will not find it difficult to find us, so where can we run to?” Lankyros asked.

“We can conceal our tracks, where even Jian Chen would need some time to find us. And I believe, soon, the next wave of attacks from the World of Forsaken Saints will arrive. Jian Chen may be very powerful, but he’s definitely not the opponent of the sovereigns from the World of Forsaken Saints. Who knows if he and the Winged Tiger God can survive the next battle. As long as they die, there’s no need for us to remain in fear. However, we need to find a place to hide ourselves until then. The best place right now would be to hide in the most dangerous place of the Tian Yuan Continent, the Death Nest!” Kaiser gnashed his teeth as grievances filled his eyes. He had never ever thought that a day like this would come in the past, where he would be forced to leave the Beast God Continent and the region he ruled over.

“We should not tarry. Let’s leave right now!”

Kaiser and Lankyros concealed their presences and carefully left. They were afraid Jian Chen would detect their departure.

However, what they did not know was that as soon as they had begun to move, Jian Chen suddenly turned his head in their direction while the Beast God Hall. He had already discovered their intentions.

“Jian Chen, those Class 9 Magical Beasts owe a blood debt to that little tiger of yours. Are you just going to let them leave?” Nubis asked Jian Chen, clearing sensing their departure as well.

“Xiao Bai’s the Winged Tiger God after all. There’s no need for us to interfere with avenging his father. Once Xiao Bai truly matures, he’ll need to take revenge personally and kill his enemies,” Jian Chen said in a deep voice. He was not afraid of Kaiser and Lankyros disappearing. This world was not particularly vast to Origin realm experts.

“Since they’ve already left, that would be equivalent to abandoning their positions in the Beast God Hall. The ninety-sixth and ninety-eighth floors are now without owners. Jian Chen, there’s still some wealth that they’ve left behind. It all belongs to you now,” Cangqiong said. He was amazed. Back then, Kaiser and Lankyros had lead the experts of the continent to attack the Tian Yuan Continent. Jian Chen was forced to leave his home and seek refuge in the sea realm in the end.

Yet now, Jian Chen had forced Kaiser and Lankyros into abandoning their positions on the Beast God Continent to flee. This really was karma.

“There’s no hurry. Let’s get Xiao Bai to enter the ninety-ninth floor for the legacy first. We can search through the items they’ve left behind afterward,” Jian Chen said as he leisurely made his way through the ninety-eighth floor. He was amazed because the energy of the world on that floor was extremely dense. It seemed to be a hundred times denser than the energy outside, even denser than the miniature worlds of the protector clans.

“No wonder the Beast God Continent had three Saint Emperors while the humans only had one, who had only managed to break through by coming up with a cultivation path himself. Looks like all the mysteries are explained here. If you cultivate for long periods of time in the Beast God Hall, the rate at which you can cultivate is incomparable to the outside world,” Jian Chen thought.

Cangqiong lead the way for Jian Chen as they made their way to the entrance of the ninety-ninth floor. Although Cangqiong had always stayed on the ninety-seventh floor, he had a rough understanding of the layout of every floor, which was why he was familiar with the ninety-eighth floor.

Jian Chen passed through many corridors under Cangqiong’s lead before finally arriving at the entrance to the top floor.

The entrance was not a flight of stairs, but an extremely complicated teleportation formation.

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