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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1424 - Legacy Of The Beast God (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1424: Legacy of the Beast God (Three)

The teleportation formation was extremely large. It was fifty meters wide and had been carved into the ground. It seemed extremely mysterious. Even though it had not been activated, it seemed like it was constantly spinning. If someone placed their attention on it, they would feel a sudden force from the formation tug at their soul, as if they were about to be sucked into the formation.

Jian Chen examined the formation for some time and gradually became stern. He had seen teleportation formations before and had even obtained one from the divine hall of the Underworld sect. However, all the teleportation formations he had seen in the past were not as mysterious as the one in the Beast God Hall.

Even Jian Chen felt dizzy if he stared at the formation for too long. He felt extremely shocked by this fact.

After all, his soul was far more powerful than it had ever been in the past, yet it was not strong enough to discover the mysteries of the teleportation formation. This could only mean that the quality of the teleportation formation was unbelievable.

“Looks like this is the teleportation formation leading to the ninety-ninth floor. I’ve only learned about the existence of this formation from some ancient records. This is my first time seeing it as well,” Cangqiong stared at the formation before him in interest, before sighing emotionally.

“The records say that there is a supreme killing formation hidden within the teleportation formation, which will kill any person who tries to touch or destroy it, no matter how powerful they are. Even if they’ve reached the apex in this world, they won’t be able to withstand a single attack from the formation, dying in an instant. The killing formation will activate as soon as the teleportation formation is activated. Only the Winged Tiger God can survive the killing formation,” Cangqiong continued. The gaze he used to look at the formation with contained some surprise and doubt.

“What if an Origin realm expert steps into it?” Jian Chen asked.

Cangqiong frowned slightly with that. After a moment of thought, he said, “The records say that even those who have attained the very apex of the world will be killed in a single strike. I wonder if it’s referring to Saint Emperor or the Origin realm. If it includes the Origin realm, it probably has the terrifying power to kill Origin realm experts.”

Nubis laughed in uncertainty when he heard that. He said, “Who passed down this information in the ancient records? He’s actually described this formation as being so powerful that it can even kill Origin realm sovereigns.”

“Of course it’s the ancient Winged Tiger God,” responded Cangqiong.

Nubis was stunned by the answer and immediately became much sterner.

“This teleportation formation can only be activated by the bloodline of the Winged Tiger God. Jian Chen, please let out the Winged Tiger God. It can only rely on itself for what will happen next. No one can help it,” said Cangqiong. He was the only Saint Emperor who had protected Xiao Bai among the three from the continent.

The white tiger had awakened from cultivation several days ago and had learned from Jian Chen that he was taking him to the Beast God Hall for the legacy of the beast god. As a result, the tiger had spent the past few days waiting for Jian Chen to bring him news in the artifact space.

Jian Chen immediately contacted the artifact spirit in order to let out Xiao Bai. Jian Chen had gotten him to stay within the artifact space because he wanted to prevent any schemes that Kaiser may have planned in the Beast God Hall from occurring.

With a flash of golden light, the white tiger appeared within the Beast God Hall. It could control its size as it wished, so it was only a meter-long tiger right now. It was covered with snow-white fur that let out a hazy, white glow. Powerful pulses of energy could be clearly sensed from every strand of its fur, as if any single hair on its body could easily be used as a weapon.

Its two wings were tightly furled on its back. They were covered with a simple patterning, appearing extremely ordinary yet also seemingly hiding deep mysteries of the world within them.

This time, Rum Guinness, who had remained in seclusion for many years in the artifact space, emerged as well. Over the past few years, her strength had undergone an overwhelming change as well. She had only been a Class 7 Magical Beast in the past, but she had reached the 8th Class now and was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

Rum Guinness’ strength could increase so much in such short time obviously because of the Comprehension Tea and a Violet Cloud Peach.

Cangqiong obviously recognized the mother of the Winged Tiger God. He nodded his head at her amicably before turning his attention away from her. His gaze became fixated on the Winged Tiger God.

“We magical beasts can assume a human form as soon as we reach the 7th Class. Some unique species don’t even need to reach the 7th Class to assume a human form. I never thought that the Winged Tiger God would still be in a beast form despite reaching the 8th Class now. The records say that the ancient Winged Tiger God always appeared before its people in its beast form. Does that mean that the Winged Tiger God can never assume a human form?” Cangqiong murmured to himself. A sliver of doubt and confusion appeared in his eyes.

The white tiger gazed at the teleportation formation ahead before looking at Jian Chen and Rum Guinness. Its gaze was filled with reliance and closeness. It did not enter the teleportation formation immediately.

Jian Chen rubbed the white tiger’s furry head out of habit and his gaze became gentle. He said softly, “Xiao Bai, this is a fortuitous encounter that belongs to you. It will all be up to you, so get through the upcoming journey. We cannot give you any support at all. Go, go and accept the legacy that belongs to you. You will have to take revenge for the death of your father yourself.”

“Child, your father is looking over you from heaven. You must not disappoint your father. You have to obtain the legacy of the great beast god.” Rum Guinness’ eyes were brimming with tears as she emotionally added encouragement.

The white tiger’s gaze immediately became determined when it saw the tears pool in its mother’s eyes. It let out a deep growl, turned around, and walked toward the teleportation formation.

The formation had been activated by a drop of the white tiger’s blood. It immediately began to shine with a dazzling white light, enveloping the white tiger.

At the same time, the killing formation hidden within it appeared. It separated the space of the formation from the outside world and a terrifying glow of death descended. The glow enveloped the entire space of the formation.

Jian Chen’s face abruptly changed when the glow of death appeared. The light made him feel like the world was ending. At that moment, he even felt that if the light made it outside, it was enough to annihilate the entire world or cleave the entire universe into two. It seemed like the entire world and universe could not withstand a single attack from the light.

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