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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1443 - Visiting The Hundred Races
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1443: Visiting the Hundred Races

Hao Wu slowly narrated what he had gone through to Jian Chen. His face, weathered from all the storms of blood, was riddled with sorrow. Not only did his face express the anguish he felt because of his relationship with his daughter, but there was also grief for his dead wife.

“I have been filled with regret regarding the matters of the past. If I could return to the past, if the heavens gave me this opportunity, I would give up everything without any hesitation just so I could properly look after Xueyan and Mu’er, to show them love and make up for my mistakes back then,” Hao Wu said painfully.

Jian Chen stared at Hao Wu with mixed feelings. He understood why the Heavenly Enchantress and Hao Wu’s relationship had become like this after learning about Hao Wu’s past. Basically everything was because of Hao Wu’s mistakes.

After a period of silence, Jian Chen looked at the wooden hut behind Hao Wu. He said, “And what will you do regarding Zaar Caiyun’s matter?”

“Caiyun…” Hao Wu murmured softly before looking at the wooden hut behind him. His face immediately became a mixture of emotions. Falling silent for quite some time, he seemed to have finally made a decision. He said, “Caiyun’s become like this because of me. I don’t want her to remain unconscious forever. I wish Caiyun will wake up. I- if Mu’er can forgive me, then I- I’ll leave Caiyun once she does wake up and never see her again.” Hao Wu’s voice trembled quite a lot near the end. When he said those last words, his face was completely pale and his heart ached as if it was being stabbed by a needle.

Jian Chen sighed inside. He knew that Hao Wu was deeply in love with Caiyun, but even Jian Chen could not comment on this complicated situation. After a moment of silence, Jian Chen said, “Senior Hao Wu, please let me try to wake her up.”

Hao Wu’s gloomy eyes lit up slightly. Zaar Caiyun had been unconscious for a very long time. He had tried everything, yet she still did not awaken. Even the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union could do nothing, throwing up both his hands. Hao Wu immediately saw some hope because of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen entered the wooden hut. He saw Zaar Caiyun laying there silently. Life was present in her body while her breathing cycle was long and gentle. She did not have any injuries, but she was still unconscious. Her noble and beautiful face bore the traces of sorrow. She seemed rather pitiful.

“Caiyun burned her soul in an attempt to die back then. I saved her, but her soul is extremely injured. Although I’ve given her various medicines that can heal the soul over the past few years, she still hasn’t woken up. Maybe Caiyun’s heart is already dead and she’s sealed herself off, unwilling to wake up,” Hao Wu said with pain evident in his voice.

Jian Chen said after a moment of thought, “I have a great heavenly resources that specializes in healing the soul. It can help the soul in wondrous ways. I can try it and see if she wakes up or not.” Injuries to the soul were the most difficult matters to deal with. Even Jian Chen did not have many methods to deal with them. All he could do was use a heavenly resource that targeted injuries to the soul.

Jian Chen took out the Amethyst Spirit Bamboo he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm and refined a droplet of amethyst sap. A unique fragrance immediately filled the hut. From a single breath, Hao Wu felt his mind clear up and become free. It was as if his soul had become more consolidated.

Hao Wu was extremely shocked. He stared fixedly at the droplet of sap and his breathing became ragged. He knew for sure that this was a fantastic heavenly resource for healing the soul. He could not help but feel even more confident that Zaar Caiyun would wake up again.

Jian Chen dropped the sap onto Zaar Caiyun’s forehead. As soon as it came into contact with her, it silently dissolved, seeping into Zaar Caiyun’s soul.

Very soon, Zaar Caiyun’s expression changed. The residual sorrow on her face gradually vanished, before being replaced by peace. Like a sleeping beauty, she lay there silently with her eyes closed.

Jian Chen and Hao Wu stood before the bed as they stared at her. Using the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo was Jian Chen’s only method of waking her up. If even that did not work, he would have nothing left to use.

Hao Wu was extremely nervous. He knew how valuable the drop of sap was. With his experience and knowledge, he could tell with a single glance that it was an extremely valuable heavenly resources, something that belonged to legends of the continent. If even something from a legend was unable to wake her up, he would be out of ideas as well.

Time passed quietly in silence; two hours.. four hours… half a day passed very quickly. Zaar Caiyun still did not show any signs of waking up.

“Caiyun, you have to wake up. You have to wake up…” Hao Wu murmured as he clenched Zaar Caiyun’s hand. This was his last hope.

A day later, Zaar Caiyun remained unconscious. Jian Chen could not help but sigh. He knew that the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo could not help her anymore. The injuries of her soul had already been healed by the drop of sap. Her current state had nothing to do with the injuries she had experienced anymore.

Hao Wu was completely pale. Pain and despair filled his eyes. His final hope had vanished as well.

“Looks like only your daughter, the Heavenly Enchantress, can wake up Zaar Caiyun,” Jian Chen frowned. Persuading the Heavenly Enchantress would not be easy.

“Mu’er? Can Mu’er really do it?” Hao Wu asked, surprised. He rarely came in contact with his daughter and everything he knew about her based off rumors. As a result, he did not have a good understanding of her at all. Jian Chen knew more about her.

“There’s no one else in this world besides the Heavenly Enchantress if you want Zaar Caiyun to wake up,” Jian Chen swore.

“But senior Hao Wu, getting your daughter to treat Zaar Caiyun will definitely be difficult. As a result, we can’t rush this matter. Leave it to me. I’ll visit Three Saint Island in a few days to see if I can persuade her,” said Jian Chen.

Hao Wu bitterly nodded and said nothing else.

Afterward, Jian Chen took out a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach and Comprehension Tea Leaf to give to Hao Wu. He wanted Hao Wu to become a Saint Emperor.

However, Hao Wu declined. Being a Saint Emperor would definitely give him several thousand more years of life. To Hao Wu, that was several thousand more years of torment.

Jian Chen put away the heavenly resources and left. He flew into the distance on his sword.

Several hours later, when Jian Chen landed, he had arrived in a great desert. This was the territory of the Hundred Races, the Wasteland Continent.

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