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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1449 - Collecting The Beast Furs
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Chapter 1449: Collecting the Beast Furs

Jian Chen’s complexion became ugly. He worried that it really would turn out like what the artifact spirit had said, where once the foreign force was free from the seal, it would explode and obliterate the saint artifact.

Not only would the saint artifact be destroyed, but the artifact spirit would disperse as well, dying. The artifact spirit was inseparable from the saint artifact. It had been born in the artifact space. They mutually coexisted.

Of course, this was true unless he was as powerful as the sword spirits, who could continue to exist even after the artifacts they belonged to were destroyed.

“Quite a lot of the seal has been destroyed already. Looks like this foreign force has already been here for quite some time,” Jian Chen said with a gruff voice. What he wanted to understand the most was just where did this foreign force come from?

“It’s a pity that I can’t control everything here and only just discovered the abnormal pulses of energy from this seal as well as the abnormality here.” The artifact spirit gently sighed and felt bitter.

Jian Chen and the artifact spirit stood there as they stared at the seal. They thought about methods to deal with it in an attempt to remove the foreign force before it could erupt after it completely ate away the seal. Unfortunately, the two of them could only sigh after racking their brains. There was nothing they could do to the foreign force.

Although there was only a sliver of this foreign force, it was extremely powerful. Jian Chen was not confident he could disperse it even if he erupted with his full battle prowess, which was equivalent to the Origin realm. At the same time, the saint artifact was unable to withstand the power of the Origin realm. If Jian Chen really did display his full strength, the saint artifact probably would collapse before he could even launch an attack on the foreign force.

“This foreign force is eating away at the seal bit by bit in an extremely gentle method. Not only is it able to destroy the seal, but it probably won’t harm the saint artifact either. Looks like this force is harmless for now, or why would it go to such great lengths with its power if it wanted to destroy the saint artifact?” Jian Chen pondered silently. However, he was still unsure whether the force would destroy the saint artifact in the end or not.

Jian Chen left the artifact spirit there to closely observe any changes to the seal. He then left the artifact space. When he emerged, he learned that Tie Ta had already taken the saint artifact with him back to the War God Hall.

In the War God Hall, Jian Chen got Tie Ta to summon many hall elders and learned about the current force of the Hundred Races as well as all the trump cards they had on hand. He needed this information so that he could make preparations to fend off the next wave of the invasion.

He had come to the Hundred Races this time to see Tie Ta as well as to truly understand all the trump cards that the Hundred Races possessed.

No one understood the Hundred Races better than the hall elders of the War God Hall. Even Tie Ta did not know as much as them since he had only just arrived.

If it was before the invasion, the Hundred Races would definitely find this request outrageous if Jian Chen had come as a human to investigate the Hundred Races. Even if he was the human sovereign, the hall elders would not tell him anything, yet the hall elders told Jian Chen everything he wanted to know right now.

This was because they too understood that the threat of the foreign world was just far too great. If the four races did not work together, they would not be able to stop the foreign world, which would lead to their extinction.

However, Jian Chen was disappointed in the end. The Hundred Races did have some trump cards, enough to stop a large scale invasion from the Tian Yuan Continent or the Beast God Continent, but they could only be used to deal with Saint Emperors. They were helpless against experts from the Origin realm.

And they had already used quite a few of these trump cards to fend off the first part of the invasion. Over a dozen forbidden artifacts that had been passed down throughout the ages among each race had been destroyed. Even the treasure of the dwarves, the Heaven’s Guard, had been rendered unusable as well.

“Jian Chen, I feel like this War God Hall can stop Origin realm experts,” Tie Ta could not help but add when he saw Jian Chen frown.

Jian Chen glanced at the majestic war god hall and asked, “Tie Ta, can you refine this divine hall?”

Tie Ta scratched his head, “I can already fuse my soul into the divine hall and know everything that happens within it, but I still can’t control it. It seems like I can only refine a small fraction of the divine hall with my current strength, and it’ll only let me expand or shrink the divine hall, allowing me to carry it with me like your saint artifact. I still won’t be able to use the power of the divine hall. I need to fully refine it to do that.”

Jian Chen did not find his response surprising at all. He knew that the War God Hall was extraordinary, even more powerful than the supreme divine hall in Mercenary City and the one on the Beast God Continent. How could an ordinary Saint Emperor control such a powerful divine hall so easily?

He had even guessed that this divine hall did not belong to this world at all and was brought down from the Saints’ World by Audriana.

“Tie Ta, around how long will it take you to refine a small part of this divine hall?” Jian Chen asked.

“This…” Tie Ta pondered silently for a while before replying with uncertainty, “Probably several decades or even over a century.”

Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. That was just too long. The World of Forsaken Saints would never give them so much time to prepare.

Jian Chen bid farewell to Tie Ta and left. He emerged from the War God Hall. He had completed his journey to the Wasteland Continent and returned to the Tian Yuan Continent.

The first thing he did when he returned was visit the Tyrant’s Blade School of the ten protector clans. When he asked them for the beast fur, the great elders immediately went into their treasury in their ancestral divine hall to retrieve it. They were polite and gave it to Jian Chen.

Afterward, Jian Chen went to where Mercenary City had once stood. Although Mercenary City had ceased to exist on the continent long ago, the miniature world still remained. The organization had weakened, but they still possessed their deep heritage.

Jian Chen asked the grand elder of Mercenary City about great elder Tian Jian in the miniature world. He learned that Tian Jian was still refining the supreme divine hall of Mercenary City and still had not completed it since he had gone into seclusion.

The grand elder even took Jian Chen into the miniature world where the divine hall was stored. Jian Chen felt that the mysterious power hidden within the structure was extremely energetic and that the divine hall gave off a tremendous pressure, filling up the surrounding space. It would cause the surroundings to distort from time to time.

Jian Chen gazed at the floating divine hall in the distance and sighed inside. When he had heard Tian Jian mention the beast furs in the past, he had also learned that Mercenary City’s beast fur was stored in the treasury of the supreme divine hall, and it could only be opened and retrieved my someone who controlled the structure.

“Looks like I won’t be able to retrieve the beast fur in Mercenary City for now,” Jian Chen thought and did not stay any longer. He left the miniature world.

Afterward, Jian Chen visited the Beast God Continent. There were two beast furs on the Beast God Continent, so if he gathered them, he would have all eighteen beast furs except for the one left in Mercenary City.

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