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Chapter 145: Yet Another Profit

“Jian Chen, I’ll give you one last chance; come with us obediently and quietly, or we’ll take you in by force. If you make us show our hand, then a beating will be hard to avoid.” The leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries gave a level stare at Jian Chen, who didn’t say a single word.

Jian Chen then chuckled and revealed a smile full of disdain as he spoke, “With only your Peak Saint Master strength, you don’t have the qualifications to speak of such things to me. Today, we shall see if you will be able to capture me, or if each and every single one of you will die by my hand, one by one.” As he spoke, a hazy glow of Sword Qi began to circulate around his Light Wind Sword. Immediately afterward, Jian Chen’s figure blurred as he moved toward the mercenary group. In an instant, he reappeared right in front of the weakest looking mercenary, and swung his sword with a stunning speed.

“You’re looking for death!”

“Brat, you’re too arrogant!”

Just as Jian Chen began to move, the other members of the Black Leopard Mercenaries all cried out in anger as they charged at him.

“Pch! Pch! Pch…..”

The instant they took one step forward, Jian Chen stabbed into the throats of three mercenaries with lightning quick speed. Since Jian Chen’s attack was so sudden, those of the Primary Great Saint level didn’t have any time to react at all. Thus, the Light Wind Sword pierced into their throats and ended their lives.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen pulled out his sword and began to fight with the surrounding Black Leopard Mercenaries in an intense battle. Although they held the advantage in numbers, the number of enemies that were consistently trying to hit Jian Chen numbered only around 7. The rest surrounded Jian Chen so that he would have no way to escape. At the same time, they would be able to jump in at any time to provide assistance if needed.

Among the 7 mercenaries that were fighting Jian Chen, there were 5 Saint Masters and 2 Great Saints. The people of the Black Leopard Mercenaries weren’t stupid, they knew that a person capable of incurring the wrath of the Tianxiong clan couldn’t possibly be weak. Thus, the 5 Saint Masters attacked him at the same time.

Jian Chen, however, was handling the 5 Saint Masters and the 2 Great Saints with ease. Previously, when he only had the strength of a Middle Great Saint, he had already dared to face the many Saint Master experts of the Tianxiong clan. Obviously, now that his strength had already improved to the Peak Great Saint level, he’d have no problem fighting these mercenaries. He was now only one step away from reaching Saint Master level.

Although the increase in level from Middle to Peak Great Saint was a small one in name, Jian Chen’s strength had multiplied greatly during this period. Now that he had Peak Great Saint powers, the simultaneous attacks from the 5 Saint Masters wasn’t as difficult to deal with as his previous experience in Wake City.

Jian Chen’s sword was unparalleled in speed, striking out in all directions as an offense and defense at the unbelievably fast speed of light. The Light Wind Sword continued to collide with the other Saint Weapons, causing metallic clanging sounds to screech out. After each collision, the strong amount of Saint Force from the weapons would diffuse through the area, causing dust and smoke to pervade the air.

Jian Chen’s sword began to speed up even more as it blocked the other Saint Weapons. It then flashed out like silver lightning, piercing two of the Great Saint’s throats.


“Cheng Buping!”

Seeing two people die in front of them, the Black Leopard Mercenaries let out painful cries at the loss of their 2 Great Saints. Those who had a great relationship with the ones who had just died immediately roared in anger as they charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen dodged out of the circle the Saint Masters had put up and began to fight intensely with the Great Saints. After a few flashes of his sword, more mercenaries had their throats and hearts pierced, and died as well.

“You dare to kill the members of our Black Leopard Mercenaries? You’re courting death, Jian Chen!” The leader of the Black Leopard grew furious after seeing so many people die by the hands of Jian Chen, and he rushed toward to stab Jian Chen with his long spear.

Almost as if he had eyes on the back of his head, Jian Chen suddenly turned around and thrusted his long sword out.


The sound of steel meeting steel rang out as the silver Light Wind Sword and the long spear clashed with each other in mid air. As the two came into contact, Jian Chen didn’t take a single step back; instead, he stepped past the spear toward the captain, and with a flash of his blade, the Light Wind Sword stabbed into the throat of the leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries. With a squelch, the tip of the bloody sword appeared on the other side of the man’s throat.

The leader of the Black Leopard Mercenaries grew stiff as he stared at the sword in his throat with disbelief. His pupils rolled around furiously as he stared at Jian Chen and spoke with difficulty, “H…how could I…I…how could I…die by your…hand?”



“Captain Kargil!”

Seeing their leader stabbed through his throat, the expressions of all the mercenaries changed. After standing there in a daze for a while, they all began to shout in alarm.

“He has killed Captain Kargil! My brothers, let’s avenge the captain’s death…”

“Avenge Captain Kargil…”

“Everyone forward, kill this Jian Chen!”

The mercenaries suddenly became motivated once more as they charged at Jian Chen.

“How reckless!” Jian Chen sneered as he pulled out his sword. The blade flashed as he charged towards the foremost people, instantly penetrating a few more throats.

Jian Chen’s figure nimbly flashed through the crowd as he stabbed out at the people with wild abandonment. The mercenaries fighting against him fell one by one as they faced up against Jian Chen’s superbly fast sword. Those who had the strength of a Great Saint didn’t have the ability to defend themselves. Even the Saint Masters weren’t able to hold up for very long.

In a short moment, another 10 mercenaries had died at Jian Chen’s sword, leaving behind 2 Saint Masters and 4 Great Saints.

The 6 people had already lost their wills to fight. They exchanged mutual looks with each other, knowing that continuing on this road would end with death. The only road left to take was to run. With this thought, the 6 mercenaries immediately spread out in 4 directions without any hesitation in an effort to escape Jian Chen.

Jian Chen sneered. His gaze swept across the area, eventually landing on a Great Saint mercenary. His body flickered slightly as he chased after the Great Saint with extreme speed. As for the other 5 mercenaries, Jian Chen took no heed of them.

That Great Saint who had been trying to escape from Jian Chen’s pursuit was blocked off by him in the blink of an eye.

“You! What are you going to do?!” Seeing Jian Chen appear right in front of him, the mercenary’s face grew pale as he began to shake and timidly pulled out his Saint Weapon.

The Light Wind Sword disappeared from Jian Chen’s hand as he crossed both arms across his chest. Staring at the mercenary who was close to his age, he said indifferently, “Do you wish to live?”

“Of course!” That mercenary replied almost instantaneously. But the question then registered in his mind, and his expression grew hopeful as he asked incredulously, “Could it be you’re willing to let me go?”

“Letting you go won’t make much of a difference to me, and killing you will have no meaning either. As long as you cooperate with me and tell me what I need to know, then I will let you go.”

Hearing Jian Chen, the mercenary revealed a joyful expression. “Okay, as long as you let me go, I will definitely tell you all I know without hiding a single thing.”

Jian Chen nodded his head and said, “Let me ask you, what method is the Tianxiong clan using to deal with me, and how did your group recognize me?”

Without hesitation, the mercenary immediately replied, “The Tianxiong Clan used the Mercenary Union to place a ten thousand purple coin bounty on you. At the same time, they publicized some of your traits. That’s why we immediately recognized you as the person that the Tianxiong clan had placed a high bounty of based on your fight with the Tortoise Beast.”

Jian Chen frowned. The Tianxiong clan placing such a high bounty on his capture was something far out of his expectations.

After some hesitation, Jian Chen’s eyes brightened as he smiled darkly, “I can let you go now, but you must do one task for me.”

“What task? As long as I, Shu Kelin can find a way, I will definitely do it.” That mercenary vowed in an exceptionally resolute tone, most likely in hopes of Jian Chen believing him.

“When you return to Wake City, I want you to spread the news everywhere that I am in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. I want everyone to know that I am here, do you understand?” Jian Chen stared firmly at him.

“Understood, I understand,” Although he didn’t know what Jian Chen was up to, this mercenary still immediately replied to him without asking questions. He was afraid that if he made Jian Chen angry, his life would be forfeit.

Jian Chen thought for another second before continuing, “Also, tell them that I am seriously injured, got it?”

“Got it, got it. Don’t worry, I will definitely tell everyone what you want to be said.” The mercenary hurriedly replied.

Jian Chen nodded his head and waved his hand, “You can go.”

Almost as if that man had received an amnesty, he immediately began to run as fast as he could away from the area. Based on his appearance, it seemed as if he was afraid that Jian Chen would change his mind and take his life in the end.

Jian Chen looked at the dozens of corpses on the ground and took their Space Belts. Walking over to a clean area, he began to take inventory of the things in each Space Belt. In the end, there was over 100 monster cores, several dozen purple coins, 300 gold coins and a few other essentials.

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