Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1454 - Class 8 Radiant Saint Master (Two)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1454 - Class 8 Radiant Saint Master (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1454: Class 8 Radiant Saint Master (Two)

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. Because Jian Chen’s absorption and refinement rates were far greater than ordinary Radiant Saint Master, the progress he made during that time was equivalent to several years or several dozen years of work.

The dense, white mist within the sealed hall had become thinner now, allowing some visibility to return. Even though that was the case, Jian Chen could only see ten meters away from him.

Jian Chen could clearly sense that his soul was much, much more powerful than half a month ago after absorbing so much Radiant Saint Force origin energy. Since he was both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master, his soul had not yet reached the Origin realm, but he could feel that his soul was no weaker than the Origin realm.

The origin energy that he had been refined had already been condensed into a faint liquid. It had fused with his soul but took up its own region.

The ball of liquid was only the size of a thumb, and it frequently changed between a tangible and intangible form. It had not consolidated completely, but it was growing closer to that stage.

Jian Chen felt that his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master had drastically increased, definitely several dozen times more powerful than they had been in past, but he was still at the 7th Class and had not reached the 8th Class.

“I have to reach Class 8 this time,” Jian Chen thought inside. He had already made up his mind to become a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master. Immediately gritting his teeth, the speed at which he refined the origin energy increased yet again.

However, as he rapidly refined the origin energy, Jian Chen became even more surprised. He would never have thought that the amount of origin energy required to reach Class 8 would be so terrifying. If it were not for the saint artifact, there would be no Radiant Saint Force origin energy in this world, so it was would probably be impossible for anyone to reach the 8th Class in just a few thousand years.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already cultivated in the artifact space for two months. The Tian Yuan Continent was in an uproar in the the mean time. The ten protector clans and Mercenary City were working together to inform the entire continent that they were collecting all the Ruler Armaments, King Armaments, and Emperor Armaments.

This did not only happen on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even the sea realm and the Wasteland Continent were given the same orders by the sea goddess and the war god.

The Beast God Continent was no exception either. Cangqiong had passed the same order to the magical beasts, telling them to collect all the Saint Weapons left on the Beast God Continent after human experts had passed away from old age.

The magical beasts, the Hundred Races, and the humans once held enmity for one another since intense battles had occurred long ago. Naturally, some of the Saint Weapons had ended up in the hands of the magical beasts and the Hundred Races. The sea realm had never been involved in the battles or wars between the continents, but quite a few humans still lived there. If some humans passed away in the sea realm from old age, they would obviously leave behind Saint Weapons.

Jian Chen had no idea what was happening as he cultivated in the artifact space. At this moment, he suddenly shuddered. The whirlpool above his forehead suddenly expanded to twice its size. The rate at he was absorbing the origin energy skyrocketed as well, causing all the origin energy in the entire hall to gently pulse. It all surged toward him as if he had summoned them.

Jian Chen’s soul was undergoing an overwhelming change. It experienced a leap in quality. His powerful soul suddenly condensed into a ball before turning into a small person at a visible rate. His facial features were distinct and actually seemed the same as Jian Chen’s actual face.

The tiny man was completely condensed from Jian Chen’s soul. He was snow-white and let out a faint, white glow, giving off a divine feeling. Near the forehead of the tiny man, an even brighter speck of white light flickered. The light spread throughout Jian Chen’s soul, causing the tiny man within his soul to vary in visibility.

The white speck was composed of concentrated Radiant Saint Force origin energy. It was filled with a tremendous amounts of origin energy, countless times more powerful than the origin energy used by Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and silently sensed the tiny man as well as the speck of white light on the man’s forehead. He could not help but feel delighted.

He knew that he had finally broken through the 7th Class and had reached the mysterious realm of the 8th Class as a Radiant Saint Master. At the same time, his soul had grown, breaking through Saint Emperor and truly reaching the level of the Origin realm. It was much more powerful than the souls of ordinary Origin realm experts as well.

The current him did not even need to leave the artifact space to know what was happening outside. Even as he sat there, his soul could envelop a radius of a million kilometers of the outside world.

The only pity was that a breakthrough for his soul would not significantly increase in his battle prowess.

“I’ve reached the 8th Class. I wonder if Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters really are as great as the legends, where they can revive the masters of Saint Weapons,” Jian Chen thought to himself. He suddenly felt overwhelmed by an urge to find a Saint Weapon as soon as possible to see whether this rumor was true or not.

Unfortunately, he had yet to grasp the method. Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters required a corresponding method to revive dead people, and a method was probably required by Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters if they wanted to bring back the masters of Saint Weapons.

Jian Chen stood up and looked around the hall. He discovered that not all of the Radiant Saint Force origin energy had been absorbed. There was still a faint layer of mist lingering about. Even though there was not a lot left, there was at least a thousand strands of origin energy.

“I’ll leave the remaining origin energy to the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union. He’s already reached the peak of the 7th Class and isn’t far from the 8th Class. The remaining origin energy should be enough for him to reach the 9th Class,” Jian Chen thought. The president of the union had been his master in the past. Even though their master-disciple relationship had not been particularly deep, he would still treat his master well.

Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly froze. He looked at the center of the hall, which just happened to be in the center of the sealed region.

A head-sized orb gently hovered there. Strands of Radiant Saint Force origin energy surged within the orb, forming a white mist, which obscured it. It seemed just like a ball of white mist, so it was very easy for people to overlook it.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed the moment he saw the orb. He became surprised and cried out, “This is…”

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