Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1456 - Seven Colors Of The Soulcore (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1456 - Seven Colors Of The Soulcore (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1456: Seven Colors of the Soulcore (One)

“The soul of someone from the Origin realm really is terrifying. Before I had broken through, my soul could only cover two to three hundred thousand kilometers, but now that I have broken through, it’s suddenly increased by several dozen times the amount before. I can now envelope several million kilometers, which is already most of the Tian Yuan Continent.” Jian Chen gently sighed inside. He would have never imagined that it was possible to hold a conversation across several million kilometers, like what he had just done with fairy Hao Yue.

Even though the difference between Saint Emperor and the Origin realm was a single level of cultivation, the difference in actual abilities was overwhelming. Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors were all part of Sainthood, and surpassing Saint Emperor would be crossing into a whole new realm of cultivation.

Although the difference between each cultivation level within Sainthood was very large, it was not impossible to make up for the difference using powerful battle skills or with numbers. However, there were no battle skills or any number of people that could make up for the difference between Saint Emperor and the Origin realm.

All those below Saint Ruler were ants. This was a saying because Saint Rulers comprehended the mysteries of the world and had the power to freeze space. They could immobilize several hundred Heaven Saint Masters in a single moment. As a result, Heaven Saint Masters were unable to threaten Saint Rulers at all. The difference between Saint Emperor and the Origin realm was similar.

Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors all used Saint Force as well as some Spatial Force. Origin realm experts used origin energy. This was a power that surpassed Saint Force.

Jian Chen rode the Zi Ying Sword and found his way using the senses of his soul. He was surrounded by the violet light from the Zi Ying Sword as he tore through the air at an unbelievable speed. He advanced toward the City of God in the Holy Empire.

Soon, Jian Chen arrived in the City of God. He did not want to create a disturbance with his arrival, so he entered the city silently. He flickered a few times through the crowd and entered the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Master Union. Even though the security was tight, it was nothing more than a display to Jian Chen.

The president of the union and the grand elder currently stood on the highest floor in the headquarters. They watched people surge to and fro outside. The two of them were the most respected leaders of the union as well as the two most powerful Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

However, the president and grand elder’s face were riddled with worry because of the recent times. They never displayed the easiness that had once filled their faces.

“The tunnel to the World of Forsaken Saints is rapidly stabilizing. As time goes on, the time of the next wave of the invasion will get closer and closer. We may have had Jian Chen’s help, allowing many people to break through and our strength to skyrocket, but I feel like we’re still not the foreign world’s opponent even with that. Once we are defeated…” The president of the union said with a heavy heart. He and the grand elder had always been worrying about this problem.

The grand elder, dressed in white robes, stood beside with his hands behind his back. He stared at the streets in the distance in a trance. After a moment of silence, he produced a long sigh. “We may have Origin realm experts on our side, but there’s only so many of them. They are nowhere near enough to rival the World of Forsaken Saints. In the next battle, it’ll be very difficult for us to be victorious. Even if our Origin realm experts can stop the foreign world’s Origin realm experts, we still won’t be able to match up to them in a battle with people below the Origin realm. We can see this from how the World of Forsaken Saints mobilized several hundred Saint Emperors so easily.”

“As it stands right now, unless we have an expert so powerful that he or she can turn the situation around, probably only a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master can make a difference when the next wave of invasions come. It’s rumored that Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters can revive the former masters of Saint Weapons. After all these years on our continent, quite a few Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and even Saint Emperors have left behind their Saint Weapons after passing away in meditation. If we can revive all of them, they would be an extremely terrifying force,” said the president.

“How difficult would it be to reach Class 8? Your talent’s no less than that prodigy from the ancient times, but even with your talent, you’ve only reached this level after several thousand years of cultivation. Class 8 is still very distant from you. Jian Chen may also be a Radiant Saint Master and his talent is greater than yours, but he hasn’t cultivated for a thousand years. He’s still not going to be able to reach the 8th Class. The World of Forsaken Saints would never give us a thousand years to prepare.” The grand elder sighed.

“Who said you need a thousand years to reach the 8th Class?”

A voice suddenly materialized from behind, right after the grand elder had finished speaking.

The president and grand elder froze because of the sudden voice. Their faces drastically changed. They had failed to discover someone entering the room even with their strength.

However, the two of them soon realized that the voice was familiar. Their expressions were immediately replaced with jubilance as they both turned around suddenly. They saw Jian Chen standing straight behind them.

“Turns out it’s you. Come in, come in.” The grand elder smiled from the bottom of his head. He did not behave too politely, welcoming Jian Chen like family. The gaze he sent toward Jian Chen was filled with delight.

Even now, the grand elder still could not forget the moment he had given Jian Chen that purple medal. Back then, Jian Chen was still very weak, but the grand elder saw how extraordinary he was, so he gave him a purple medal. However, what he did not think was that in just a few decades, the pitifully weak fighter would become the sovereign of the Tian Yuan Contient.

The president smiled at Jian Chen as well. He was filled with emotion. Before him was not only the human sovereign but his disciple as well.

“Jian Chen, you just said that reaching Class 8 doesn’t doesn’t require thousands of years. May I ask when a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master can reach the 8th Class then? With the current situation, a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master is just far too significant to us,” the grand elder sternly inquired.

Jian Chen smiled and did not explain much. He sent the grand elder and president into the artifact space.

The grand elder and president stood within the hall filled with Radiant Saint Force origin energy in a daze. They did not return to their senses even after a very long time.

What they saw around them was Radiant Saint Force origin energy that had condensed into mist. Even though it was very thin, they still found it extremely shocking in their eyes.

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