Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1468 - Battle Among The Origin Realm (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1468 - Battle Among The Origin Realm (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1468: Battle Among the Origin realm (One)

The people moved carefully and extremely slowly through the tunnel. They moved slowly not because they feared the streams of energy within the tunnel but because they feared that the tunnel would collapse.

Although the tunnel had become much more stable, it could only allow Receival experts to pass through. Once people with strength beyond that stage entered, the unstable tunnel would become even more fragile and risk collapsing.

The people moving through the tunnel were all at Receival. Six Receival experts was the limit the tunnel could currently withstand. As a result, the six of them needed to keep their presences carefully concealed and their energy hidden within their bodies.

“We’re getting closer and closer to that beautiful world. I can even vaguely sense its entrance. I hope the journey henceforth will be very smooth and without any obstacles.”

“This world also possesses Origin realm experts. I believe there must be at least one Origin realm expert guarding the entrance of the tunnel right now. Once we approach the entrance, there will definitely be a battle. It’s impossible to pass through smoothly.”

“You’re right. I refuse to believe that the cultivators in this world would be that stupid. There will definitely be an Origin realm expert at the entrance of the tunnel. Once we get discovered, we have to charge out immediately, as quickly as we can. The tunnel may collapse if we travel at our top speed, but it won’t won’t collapse in an instant. We’ll be able to pass through the exit successfully with our speed before it collapses, and then we’ll follow the Spiritking’s plan and use the secret treasure from the Spiritking to trap that Returnance expert. Anna is responsible for securing the tunnel while the four other Receival experts and three Saint Emperors with saint weapons will be handled by us,” an old man said among the six of them. Their world knew how many peak experts the Tian Yuan Continent possessed. To the six of them, there was no one they feared among the world with the Tian Yuan Continent aside from the Returnance expert.

This was because the six of them were the most powerful Receival experts among the several dozen present in the World of Forsaken Saints.

“We also have to pay particular attention to that person with two swords. The Spiritking has specifically warned us to be careful of him. He’s comprehended the same laws as the Spiritking, so he won’t be any weaker than us,” the only female among the six of them said with a stern voice.

“Hehe, I heard that this beautiful world lacks origin energy. It sure is surprising that a cultivator can comprehend the same laws as the Spiritking in such conditions. I do feel rather eager at the same time. I don’t have the right to witness the Spiritking’s Way of the Sword, so the person in this world will be just enough to satisfy my curiosity.” An old man, who was just skin and bones, strangely laughed as coldness filled his eyes.

“Old Ku Mu, don’t underestimate the person with the two swords. He’s been singled out by the Spiritking after all. He may only be a Receival expert, but he has comprehended the same laws as our great Spiritking. If you underestimate him, be careful of being felled by his swords,” sneered the woman. Her slender stature was distorted by the extremely unstable space, only revealing a blurry figure. The other five people appeared the same as her.

The skinny old man called Ku Mu sniggered. He said in a dismissive voice, “Anna, aren’t you overestimating that person too much? Even if the Spiritking’s has specifically warned us about him, he’s only at Receival. I may not be able to claim that I am invincible among the Receival experts, but killing me won’t be easy. At least, none of you could snatch victory in a one-on-one battle against me.”

The six of them communicated using a technique, so they made no sound at all.

There was no sense of time in the spatial tunnel, but the exit to the Tian Yuan Continent finally appeared before their eyes.

Their faces could not help but light up at the sight. They had finally arrived and had not come across any obstacles. The journey was so smooth that it surprised them.

“Even if we’re discovered, we can explode with our full strength and charge out of the tunnel from this range,” Anna happily thought to herself.

At the same time, in Flame City, which was a million kilometers away, Jian Chen had just completed the revival of an Emperor Armament in the secret room below ground. Just as he planned to continue on another Emperor Armament, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He raised his head and gazed into the distance. His eyes became extremely sharp and grew brighter. They seemed to project two rays of light, which collided with the walls of the secret room, forming two finger-sized holes in the reinforced wall.

“They’ve come!” Jian Chen’s face immediately sank. It then became filled with cold killing intent. In a flash, he vanished from the secret room.

Almost the moment Jian Chen had vanished, the sky above Flame City turned violet. Coupled with the clear resonance of a sword, a streak of dazzling, violet light suddenly appeared. It shot into the distance at an unbelievable speed, disappearing in a single moment. Even Saint Emperors would have struggled to catch its shadow.

As the violet light disappeared, the violet sky rapidly returned to how its it’s normal hue. The violet light had appeared and disappeared in less than a second. In such a short amount of time, many weaker people in the city failed to sense the changes in the sky. All they heard was the echo of a sword’s resonance.

However, many people in the streets still managed to catch the flash of violet light. It immediately threw the entire city into chaos.

Bi Hai, You Yue, Bi Lian, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Xiu Tianyu, Yun Zheng, and the other powerful experts all exited the city lord’s estate. They stared at the sky in surprise as uncertainty appeared on their faces.

“It’s brother. Brother’s just left Flame City. Seeing how he left so aggressively, h- has the World of Forsaken Saints come?” Bi Lian softly murmured. She gazed in the direction Jian Chen had disappeared in as worry filled her face.

You Yue also gazed in the direction Jian Chen had flown. She clenched her hands and was nervousness. Worry was starting to fill her heart as well.

In the mountains to the north, Feng Xiaotian was currently explaining a formation in detail to over a hundred Saint Emperors of the four races. Soon after Jian Chen had left, his face suddenly changed and he stopped talking. He gazed in the direction of Mercenary City.

Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie sensed something as well. Guihai Yidao immediately stood up and a blade hovered above his head. He radiated with a tremendous presence as his clothes fluttered in the still air. He gruffly said, “They’ve come.”

“There has been a change in the tunnel. Experts of the foreign world have come. Everyone, immediately follow me to fend off the enemies!” Feng Xiaotian cried out. A jade-white duster appeared in his hand. He ripped open Space Gates with Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao and left.

The Saint Emperors below did not hesitate at all. They all radiated with powerful battle intent. They all created Space Gates as well and rushed to Mercenary City.

Xiao Ling had already appeared at the entrance of the tunnel in the ruins of Mercenary City. She blocked the entrance with her body. Her naive face bore some fear and dread, but her eyes were exceptionally determined. She stared deep into the tunnel and gritted her teeth. She nervously said, “I can’t let them come over. I must not let them come over. I have to stop them.”

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