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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1469 - Battle Among The Origin Realm (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1469: Battle Among the Origin realm (Two)

Xiao Ling quickly flew into the tunnel. She suddenly pressed down with her hands and an extremely terrifying power erupted from them. The power far exceeded Receival, having reached Returnance.


The terrifying power viciously struck the spatial tunnel, causing the entire structure to violently shake. The streams of energy in the tunnel became even more dangerous.

Allowing six Receival experts to pass through the tunnel was already the limit of its current stability. If a Returnance expert entered, even if they kept their presences and energies concealed within them, the tunnel would become unstable and collapse.

Not only had Xiao Ling entered the tunnel, but she had also erupted with all her strength at Returnance and attacked the tunnel, immediately causing thick cracks to appear. The entire tunnel shook violently and began to collapse bit by bit. A few places had even fallen apart, almost causing the tunnel to break in half.

“We’ve been discovered. Quick, immediately charge out as quickly as we can. We can’t get sucked into the void outside the tunnel, or even we, Receival experts, will permanently become lost in the infinite cosmos.” The faces of the six experts sank, and without any hesitation, they immediately erupted with all their speed and charged forward. They wanted to reach the Tian Yuan Continent before the tunnel collapsed.

“Oh no. The person guarding the tunnel really is that Returnance expert. Be careful, everyone. Try as hard as you can to dodge her attacks. Duo Fu, prepare the secret treasure from the Spiritking to trap the Returnance expert. As long as she can’t take part in the battle, this beautiful world will belong to us,” Ku Mu said with an icy voice. Coldness flickered in his eyes as he stared at the slender figure at the end of the tunnel.

The six of them had been reduced to blurs within the tunnel. They had already begun to charge out as quickly as they could. Since they had been discovered, the six of them didn’t need to hide anymore. They all erupted with their full strength. Terrifying energy was wrapped around every single one of them. They smashed through streams of energy, which were wreaking havoc on the tunnel, and aggressively charged forward.

Even though they would speed up the rate the tunnel was collapsing, they no longer cared, because the tunnel was unable to be completely destroyed. Even if it was riddled with cracks, the laws of the world would continue to hold it together. It would recover again.

“I can’t let them come over. I can’t let them come over. You baddies aren’t allowed over here,” Xiao Ling stood in the collapsing tunnel as she gritted her teeth. Her gaze became more and more determined. She seemed to have abandoned all the fear within her. The only thought left in her was to prevent the arrival of the people in the tunnel using all she had.

Unknowingly, her originally weak-looking figure appeared extraordinarily large. She was clearly a childish girl around eleven or twelve years old, but she was giving off a heroic feeling. She used herself to stop the advance of the six Receival experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

The six Receival experts were not the only things contained in the tunnel by Xiao Ling. There were also the violet streams of energy that constantly spewed forth as well.

The streams of energy originally wanted to rush out of the tunnel, onto the Tian Yuan Continent, and then into outer space, but since Xiao Ling stood there right now, the streams were unable to get closer than thirty meters to Xiao Ling. They were all forced back into the tunnel by her.

The Receival expert with the name of Duo Fu had pulled out a disc. The Yin Yang eight trigrams had been carved onto it, and it shone with faint, azure light as a mysterious and ancient presence circulated within it.

The moment Xiao Ling discovered the disc, she became extremely stern. She could actually feel the sliver of a threat from the disc.

Xiao Ling had no idea what the disc was, but she understood its power. Without any hesitation, she immediately closed her eyes. Her petite figure hovered in the trembling tunnel. She seemed solemn as the Force of Slaughter gradually arose from her body.

“Oh no, she’s casting a secret technique. God dammit, just any single attack from a Returnance expert is not something we can stop. If she uses a secret technique, the six of us are done for for sure. Duo Fu, what’re you doing? Why don’t you hurry up and use the secret treasure? Our only method of stopping her is that treasure,” Anna said urgently.

Duo Fu did not reply. He was extremely stern as he formed a seal with both hands. He chanted as the azure disc above his head lit up. The diagram on it seemed to have been activated, beginning to revolve slowly. The mysterious and ancient presence that flowed within it became heavier and heavier. In the end, Duo Fu bellowed a sound and the disc shot toward Xiao Ling as a streak of light.

“Nine Godly Arts, Slayer!” At the same time, Xiao Ling used her secret technique. Terrifying, surging energy condensed in her hands. Forming claws, she viciously swept them in front of her.

As she clawed out, the surroundings changed. A region of the tunnel was immediately reduced to a void. Xiao Ling had ripped open the space in the tunnel, causing eternal darkness to descend in front of her.

But soon afterward, a resplendent streak of light tore through the darkness, radiating with a powerful presence that cause the six experts to pale as it charged toward them.

This attack was condensed from the Force of Slaughter and radiated with the presence of slaughter, enough to annihilate the surroundings and harm the souls of people. Before Xiao Ling’s attack had even arrived, the six Receival expert felt a sharp pain in their souls. Their expressions drastically changed.


A loud rumble erupted in the tunnel, and Xiao Ling’s attack collided with the azure disc in the air. The azure disc immediately conjured a huge Yin Yang eight trigrams diagram, which was surrounded by countless inscriptions. As the diagram slowly revolved, it actually stopped Xiao Ling’s attack. The disc did not slow down at all, continuing toward Xiao Ling.

Xiao Ling’s expression drastically changed. She shot back, leaving the tunnel. However, the disc, which had already transformed into a thirty-meter-wide diagram, arrived above Xiao Ling’s head. It radiated with a mysterious, ancient presence.

Xiao Ling possessed the mind of a child. She did not possess enough battle experience, especially when the diagram loomed over her head. She showed a sliver of fear and became slightly flustered inside. Despite her fear, she did not forget to counterattack. She immediately struck the diagram above her as hard as possible in an attempt to smash through it.

However, the mysterious power of the diagram was far greater than Xiao Ling had imagined. All her attacks were absorbed by the diagram the moment they collided with it. They did not damage the diagram at all. Instead, the diagram fell as countless inscriptions wrapped around her body, immobilizing her. No matter how much she tried to erupt with her Returnance strength, she was unable to break free from the diagram.

Xiao Ling’s confidence shattered when she encountered a situation she had never experienced before. She became extremely flustered. Her heart filled with fear and dread. She burst into tears and sobbed, “Master, master, where are you? Come save me! I’m going to be taken away by the baddies. Master, quick come. Master, if you don’t come, I’ll never see you again. Sob sob sob sob…”

“Fantastic. We’ve trapped the Returnance expert. We can’t stay much longer in this tunnel so let’s quickly charge out.” The six foreign experts were all overjoyed. They immediately tried to finish off the last part of their journey.

Suddenly, a bright, violet streak of light appeared and shot into the tunnel with a shocking sword Qi just when they were about to exit the tunnel.

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