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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1480 - Spirit Of The Anatta Tower
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1480: Spirit of the Anatta Tower

“Immortal Exalt! Sword God!” Jian Chen clenched his fists as anticipation filled his eyes. The power of the four sword Qis left behind by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt had completely taken him aback, leaving an unforgettable impression on him.

Jian Chen displayed an emotion he rarely showed, desire. A desire for strength, the desire to become an Immortal Exalt and a Sword God.

“If I possessed enough strength right now, the World of Forsaken Saints wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to the Tian Yuan Continent at all. Not only can great strength be for protection, but it can also be used to protect those close to me as well as my home. In this world, if you do not have enough strength, you are nothing. You won’t even be able to control your own life,” Jian Chen thought. He secretly made up his mind to become powerful like the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. This was not only his desire as a fighter but also because he wanted to see what the other worlds were like up above.

Jian Chen seemed to think of something and asked, “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, the Azulet swords are like the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, the strongest god artifacts of the Immortal’s World. Each sword belonging to the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt has been imbued with his comprehension of a way, which is why the four swords possess unique abilities. You stand with the four swords, so what unique abilities do you have?”

“The Zi Ying Sword has reached the limits of Supreme Yang Force in the cosmos, which is also known as Grand Yang Force. He can burn countless worlds and even burn the laws of the worlds themselves. The Qing Suo Sword has reached the limits of Supreme Yin Force, which is also known as Grand Yin Force. In a single instance, it can freeze worlds and everything in it and even stop time. If the swords are fused and the Supreme Yang Force and Supreme Yin Force is fused, the fusion will create true Chaotic Force, which is even more powerful. It can annihilate everything in the world, but unfortunately, Qing Suo and I were heavily injured in the war back then and still haven’t recovered, so we’re unable to use Supreme Yang Force and Supreme Yin Force. We only possess the abilities of sword spirits,” said Zi Ying.

“Master, even if Zi Ying and I can use Supreme Yin Force and Supreme Yang Force, the quality of the two swords right now is not enough to endure their power. They can only withstand it after they’ve reached supreme quality as immortal artifacts, and coupled with the fact that the two of us were formed from a strand of Yin Qi and Yang Qi that had separated from chaos and gained intelligence, the Supreme Yin Force and Supreme Yang Force are our vital energies, so overusing them will injure us. As for the sword fusion mentioned, it’s best that you never attempt it, master. In order to kill the Grand Prime of the warring gods, former master used the fusion and erupted with devastating power. Although he successfully slew the warring god Grand Prime in the end, he suffered the backlash of the fusion as well. The backlash was extremely terrifying, and even as one of the five great Immortal Exalts, former master could not endure it and died. The Azulet swords that were of the same quality as the Anatta Tower and the four swords of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt were destroyed as a result. Zi Ying and I suffered unimaginable injuries, only leaving behind spirits. If it were not for the fact that we originated as strands of Yin and Yang Qi, which are impossible to destroy, we would have been vaporized the moment the swords were destroyed back then,” Qing Suo said sternly. She still felt lingering fear when she thought back to what had happened back them.

“Supreme quality immortal artifacts,” Jian Chen softly murmured and could not help but frown. He had worked tirelessly to collect the materials for forging the Azulet swords, yet the swords he had fused in the end were barely mid quality immortal artifacts. Between mid quality and supreme quality  was a high quality, so it was impossible for him to find such high quality materials even if he scoured this entire world.

The materials required to forge supreme quality immortal artifacts rarely appeared in this world or could never appear at all.

“If I want to forge supreme quality immortal artifacts, I must go to the Saints’ World or the Immortals’ World for materials. At the same time, my Chaotic Flames will definitely have to be extremely pure in order to forge supreme quality immortal artifacts, so forging them right now is still a little too distant for me. However, once I do forge them and Zi Ying and Qing Suo recover some strength, the Supreme Yang Force and Supreme Yin Force will definitely strengthen me,” Jian Chen thought. He stared at the world as the light in his eyes flickered.

“This Anatta Tower was left behind by the Anatta Grand Prime, so it definitely should contain his wealth. I wonder if I can find some materials for forging supreme quality immortal artifacts here. However, I better deal with the matter at hand first and obtain this tower as soon as possible.” When his thoughts had just ran to their conclusion, the Azulet swords suddenly began to revolve around each other before shooting off into the sky. They resonated with a clear thrum, which echoed through the surroundings.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes, and he suddenly raised his head. His eyes shone with interest. His gaze was sharp like swords. This time, the two swords had flown off by themselves and not because he wanted them to.

The two swords moved extremely quick, piercing through the clouds in a single moment. Their bright lights illuminated the region, causing the thick clouds to in the sky to rapidly disperse and reveal the scorching sun above.

The two swords shot toward the sun.

However, the sun in the sky suddenly released an unbelievably blinding light. The light was so powerful that Jian Chen could not help but close his eyes and use his hands to cover them. They throbbed with piercing pain.

But the sun in the sky stopped moving. Instead, it continued to let out a blinding light as it rapidly enlarged, falling at a terrifying rate and giving off a tremendous and terrifying pressure.

This seemed like the end of the world. The sun was falling and the entire sky was covered by it. It was a grand scene. Beneath it, the Azulet swords shot up as long streaks of light, striking the sun with an unstoppable might.


The sun and the swords collided in the sky, immediately erupting with a deafening boom. The entire sky appeared like a woven tapestry with violet and azure strings and the radiance of the sun, causing the entire world to appear multicolored.

After the strike, the Azulet swords shot back and returned to Jian Chen’s side. The huge falling sun in the sky came to a stop as well, immediately stopping in the air. Its radiance dulled, as if it was a setting sun and no longer complete.

“Spirit of the tower, we would still end up finding you no matter where you hid, and just as we expected, you’ve become weak.” Zi Ying’s figure appeared, staring at the sun in the sky. He was speaking to it.

Qing Suo appeared as well, standing beside Zi Ying. She stared at the sky with her beautiful eyes and said, “Spirit of the tower, so not only are you weak, but you’re not even complete. How can you be our opponent in your current state? Why don’t you yield to our master instead, and we’ll spare your life.”

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