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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1481 - Nine Fragments Of The Artifact Spirit
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1481: Nine Fragments of the Artifact Spirit

Jian Chen’s gaze landed on the dim sun as well. He could tell that the sun was probably a transformed artifact spirit.

The moment Jian Chen glanced over, the sun immediately began to change, morphing into a red-robed child. The child seemed very young, but his eyes seemed weather-hardened from countless years of life. A shallow slash between his eyes was extremely eye-catching.

The child sternly stared at the Azulet swords. His eyes were filled with sharp killing intent. He then glanced at Jian Chen. He suddenly broke into laughter and sneered, “This must be the new master of you Yin Yang swords. I never thought the famed Yin Yang swords of the Immortals’ World would take on such a puny person as their master. What a joke.”

The sword spirits were unaffected by the child’s scornful comments. Zi Ying rebuked, “Spirit of the tower, we may not have been your opponent while injured and in your domain, but you have been sealed up by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. Killing you is nothing difficult now. Yielding is the only way you can survive.”

“Hmph, you’re dreaming if you want me to yield to an ant. Even a Grand Prime cannot make me yield even if they stood before me, let alone him, a person who hasn’t even reached Godhood and who belongs to the Immortals’ World,” the spirit of the tower coldly replied.

Killing intent flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He rose up into the air with the Zi Ying Sword and charged toward the child. He swung his sword at him and coldly said, “Then I can only kill you if you don’t want to yield!”

The slash seemed to conjure a huge, violet sword Qi that was a hundred meters long. It whistled through the air with shocking might.

“Just you? Even a mere ant dares to speak to me like this. Even if I’m extremely weak, I can still kill you. Go cultivate for a few hundred thousand more years.” The red-robed child was extremely confident, displaying deep scorn for Jian Chen. He gently swept a finger across the air and the power of the first floor immediately surged over from all directions, crushing inward with a devastating might.

But the four swords that Jian Chen had seen earlier shook gently, immediately letting out a hazy glow. They suppressed the power of the Anatta Tower. The child could only use a tiny sliver of it in the end.

However, even the tiny sliver possessed the power of someone at Receival. It shot toward Jian Chen as a thread.

Jian Chen stabbed the Zi Ying Sword at the thread of energy, and it loudly collapsed, disappearing into the air of the first floor. The power of the thread was slightly weaker than the Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints that Jian Chen had killed, so not only had it failed to injure Jian Chen, but it even struggled to stagger him.

Jian Chen’s figure paused slightly before immediately disappearing, only leaving behind an afterimage. He charged toward the red-robed child at an even greater speed.

The boy’s face changed, and he immediately retreated in a hurry. Along the way, he constantly waved his arms, condensing threads of energy from the Anatta Tower’s power, which  was being suppressed by the four swords. The threads all possessed the power of a single attack from a Receival expert, and they all shot toward Jian Chen with a wave of the boy’s arm.

Jian Chen’s gaze sharpened as he rapidly approached the boy. Jian Chen cleaved all the threads of energy that were shot his way, producing violent ripples of energy, which would disperse into the surroundings with deafening booms. The boy was unable to stop Jian Chen’s advance at all.

The child’s face immediately became distorted when he saw how he could do nothing to Jian Chen. It became extremely vicious as he furiously roared. “That goddamn Nirvanic old bastard. He couldn’t destroy the Anatta Tower, so he split me into nine fragments instead, forcing each fragment to protect only one layer of the tower. Not only am I unable to recover my strength, but I have to endure the suppressing sword Qi he left in me. How could I have fallen to such a miserable state otherwise, where I can’t even kill an ant?”

The red-robed boy knew he could no longer escape as he watched Jian Chen rapidly approach him. Even in his own territory, he was unable to recover due to the seal within him. The longer the battle was drawn out, the more disadvantageous it was to him, so he immediately went crazy. He stopped and charged forward, charging toward Jian Chen with the last of his power. He furiously roared, “I have nine bodies and each one is more powerful than the last! My body on the first floor in the weakest, and the one on the ninth floor is the strongest! You can kill me on the first floor, but I’d like to see how you will kill me on the ninth floor? As long as I live on that floor, you will never be able to obtain the tower!”

The boy charged toward Jian Chen without fearing death. He did not avoid the Zi Ying Sword at all. He pointed his chest at it while it flickered with a violet light.


The Zi Ying Sword passed through the child’s chest, but at the same time, the boy landed a punch on Jian Chen. The fist collided violently with Jian Chen, erupting with a deep thud.

Jian Chen’s face changed, and he vomited blood. He was immediately blown back while the boy’s body gradually dispersed.

Jian Chen only managed to stabilize himself after traveling several kilometers. His face was pale. Even though the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt had split the spirit of the tower into nine fragments, which were all sealing him, even just the weakest possessed the strength of someone within the Origin realm. It was extremely difficult for Jian Chen to endure a strike from an Origin realm expert, so he was left heavily injured.

As the child vanished, the space where he had been standing before immediately began to tremble, gradually transforming into a dark hole.

Jian Chen knew that the hole was likely the entrance to the next floor. However, he did not rush forward. Instead, he sat down where he was. A strand of extremely dense Radiant Saint Force origin energy swelled forth, covering his body in a gentle, white light. Meanwhile, his injuries began to heal at an unbelievable rate.

In just a few seconds, Jian Chen recovered from a wound that others would take a few months, the very least, or a few years to recover from. He was as good as new now.

Jian Chen stood up only after reaching his peak condition. He confidently walked into the dark hole that lead to the second floor.

The second floor also possessed a huge world. It was desolate and showed no signs of life.

The first thing that Jian Chen did was tear through the clouds after arriving on the second floor. He stared at the sun. The sun was truly just a fragment. It was heavily damaged and less than a tenth of its original size.

Jian Chen stared at the sun for a while before confirming it was not the artifact spirit in the end. After confirming that, he looked at the clouds beneath and looked around, only leaving after confirming that there were no problems.

Jian Chen aimlessly flew about the second floor. He passed by barren mountains after barren mountains. The skeletons of a few beasts lay on them. They were all extremely large and seemed to possess strength far greater than the Origin realm back when they were still alive. The skeletons should have been preserved for long periods of time. Maybe because the tower had been damaged, but they had all eroded away. With just a gentle touch, they would turn into a pile of dust.

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