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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1484 - Intelligent Sword Qi
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Chapter 1484: Intelligent Sword Qi

“Even if it might not work, I still have to try.” Jian Chen made up his mind. He did not rush off to the third floor and instead arrived near a boundary of the second floor. A thirty-thousand-meter-long sword Qi hung in the shattered space and would remain there for all of eternity.

It was the Sword of Mortality, which possessed one of the ways comprehended by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. The sword possessed the power to destroy the foundations of immortals and prevent them from becoming an immortal ever again.

“Back then, your master was unable to destroy the Anatta Tower, so he left you, the Sword of Mortality, here to suppress the tower. He also split the artifact spirit into nine fragments and then sealed them on each floor of the tower. The artifact spirit has become extremely weak after so many years of suppression. Junior managed to slay the artifact spirit on the first and second floors, but the artifact spirits will only get stronger the higher I go. With my current strength, it will be very difficult for me to reach the ninth floor, and without killing the artifact spirit on the ninth floor, the spirit will never really die off. I hope you can assist me. Help this junior battle against the artifact spirit of the Anatta Tower and completely eliminate him, thus completing one of your master’s wishes. At the same time, the Anatta Tower of the Saints’ World will become an item of our Immortals’ World.” Jian Chen stared at the huge sword in the air and sincerely pleaded with it.

The sword hung quietly in the dark space. It did not give off any movements or sound. Although it was only a strand of sword Qi, it had gained a certain level of spirituality after so many years.

Jian Chen waited for quite a long time. After not receiving a response from the Sword of Mortality, he used his comprehension of the Way of the Sword in an attempt to resonate with the sword Qi. He did not attempt to comprehend the will of a Sword God that existed within the sword Qi. All he wanted to do was gain its recognition and treat him as one of its own.

This was because the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt also comprehended the Way of the Sword. Jian Chen walked the same path of cultivation as the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. There were probably many sword immortals who comprehended the Way of the Sword in the Immortals’ World, so the cultivation path he took probably did not matter much at all, but it filled Jian Chen with some hope.

The Sword of Mortality still did not respond. It remained within the darkness, like how it had been before.

Jian Chen attempted many other methods, but they all resulted in failure. In the end, he stayed there for three days and only left after seeing that nothing he did had any effect.

However, Jian Chen did not give up. The sword Qi in the tower had developed intelligence, so he firmly believed that the sword Qi could understand what he was saying.

Jian Chen soon arrived before a second illusionary sword on the second floor. It was the Sword of Reincarnation, which also possessed one of the ways comprehended by the Nirvanic Sword Immortal. It could send immortals into an endless cycle of rebirth, which they could never break free from.

Jian Chen repeated what he had said to the first sword and then tried many other methods as well, but the results were the same. He did not receive a response at all.

Three days later, Jian Chen left and arrived before the Sword of Slaughter. The outcome was the same as the two swords from before.

Jian Chen also remained there for three days before advancing to the fourth sword of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, the Sword of Severance.

After another three days, Jian Chen left, dejected. He returned to the first floor of the tower with some regret and advanced toward the four boundaries in a similar fashion.

Twelve days later, Jian Chen had visited all the swords on the first floor, but the outcome was still disappointing. Although the four strands of sword Qi possessed intelligence, they paid no attention to Jian Chen at all. They did not respond to him.

“Was I wrong? These strands of sword Qi may possess spirituality, but they don’t seem to be as intelligent as I thought they’d be. They can’t understand my intentions, or maybe they do understand my intentions, but they can only remain in place, suppressing the Anatta Tower because of the Nirvanic Sword Exalt’s will and can’t assist me in fighting the artifact spirit.” Jian Chen murmured as despair flooded his face. He could not help but begin to suspect he was hoping for too much. After all, they were only strands of sword Qi left behind by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

“There’s another one hundred and eight sword slashes outside the tower. Even though each slash is only a few inches long, I can tell that the sword Qi within each slash is even more powerful than the thirty-thousand-meter-long strands of sword Qi in the Anatta Tower. They might possess greater spirituality. It doesn’t matter if I end up failing, but I need to give it a try,” Jian Chen thought. Determination flowed through his eyes. He immediately dismissed his thought and exited the Anatta Tower.

One hundred and eight sword slashes were deeply embedded in the outside walls of the Anatta Tower. Each slash flickered with light and radiated with surging sword Qi. Thirty-six illusory swords were projected from thirty-six sword slashes. They slowly revolved around the tower.

Jian Chen stared at the sword slashes as he stood outside. The glow from the slashes seemed to be playing tricks, as if a figure sat within the light, as if the slashes bore life.

“I can clearly sense that the sword slashes are all much more powerful than the four swords I saw within the tower. At the same time, the spirituality of the sword slashes are far greater than the four illusoy swords in the tower,” Jian Chen mumbled as he stared at the thirty-six swords that revolved around the tower.

He could tell that the thirty-six swords were composed of the Sword of Mortality, the Sword of Reincarnation, the Sword of Slaughter and the Sword of Severance. There were nine of each.

Jian Chen slowly shifted his gaze up and discovered that the hundred and eight slashes became brighter the further up he looked. At the same time, they decreased in number as well. When he saw the eight slashes on the seventh floor, the light they let out was extremely blinding. They were radiating with an invisible sword Qi. It shook his mind and cause it to leap in fright.

There were also eight slashes on the eighth floor, but the eight slashes were far more powerful than the ones one the seventh floor. Each slash seemed to contain a miniature sun. Their sword intent were just shocking. Jian Chen dared not to stare at them for too long.

However, when Jian Chen glanced at the ninth floor, he suddenly became stunned. He only saw four sword slashes on the ninth floor, but the slashes were not as radiant nor powerful as he had imagined. Instead, they were dull and did not give off any sense of spirituality at all. Jian Chen only saw four empty sword slashes.

“Have the four strands of sword Qi vanished?” Jian Chen was taken aback. He knew that there had definitely been strands of shocking sword Qi within the slashes. The remnant of the marks on the tower proved his point. However, for some reason, the four strands of sword Qi that were supposed to be the most powerful had suddenly disappeared.

Jian Chen did not think about it too much about. He slowly rose up and utilized his comprehension of Sword Origin, radiating with his own will in an attempt to communicate with the sword slashes and resonate with them. Jian Chen would have never tried this if the sword slashes did not possess spirituality, but they did. Jian Chen believed the sword slashes could understand him and his intentions. The only difference was whether they wanted to assist him or not.

Jian Chen slowly rose up, passing by the first and second floor before continuing to the third and fourth floor. However, the sword slashes did not respond without any exceptions.

Jian Chen sighed inside. He had guessed that it would turn out like this, but he did not give up. He gritted his teeth and slowly continued up.

Very soon, he reached the seventh and eighth floors. The sword slashes there did not respond either. The slashes glowed with a dazzling light and were teeming with spirituality, but they completely ignored him.

Jian Chen became even more disappointed. He was unwilling to go to the ninth floor because only empty slashes remained. To him, it would be useless even if he went to that level. However, what Jian Chen failed to notice was that weak strands of his presence were drifting away, headed toward the four empty slashes on the ninth floor before being absorbed by them.

Jian Chen slowly descended. Just when he had arrived near the seventh floor, the empty slashes on the ninth floor actually radiated with strand of sword Qi. The sword Qi was not very powerful, nowhere near as great as the slashes on the eighth floor, but they caused Jian Chen to come to a halt. He raised his head and stared at the empty sword slashes in anticipation.

The four slashes grew brighter and brighter, becoming very dazzling. They glowed like miniature suns, dying the entire world a snow white hue. Although most of the sword Qi within the slashes and their spirituality had vanished for some reason, there was still slivers of weak sword Qi. The sword Qi was insignificant compared to the eighth floor, seventh floor, and the floors beneath. They did not even seem to be able to take part in the suppression of the tower.

However, at that moment, the remnant sword Qi within the empty slashes rapidly condensed together, creating a blinding light.

The light lasted for half a minute. When the white light from the slashes disappeared, the four slashes on the ninth floor completely dulled, having been reduced to four deep marks. Before them were four, small swords that glowed with a faint white light. The swords were only the size of a hand, exquisitely crafted, and crystal clear.

The four sword Qi gradually descended before arriving in front of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stared at the four small swords and gradually became excited. The swords were small, but Jian Chen could sense a power that cause him to shiver. Any single one of them could erupt with power far greater than his full strength.

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