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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1492 - A Grand Prime’s Legacy
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1492: A Grand Prime’s Legacy

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. At that moment, his opinion of the Anatta Grand Prime underwent an overwhelming change. The woman before him had fought the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt first. Heavily injured and locked out of the Anatta Tower, she faced the Immortal Emperor Ta Ji’s ambush, causing her to become even more injured. Under those situations, she actually still had the power to stand victorious against another Grand Prime of the Saints’ World. Just how shocking was her strength?

“My injuries were just far too heavy after that battle. My soul was fading and I was going to die in a crack of space. In my final moments, I sent a fragment of my soul into the Anatta Tower to leave behind a legacy so that my legacy would never end. Meanwhile, you are the first person who has come after three million years of waiting. Since you have made it here, it means that your fate is tied to me. The legacy belongs to you. It is no longer important whether you are a part of the Immortals’ World or not.”

“The Anatta Grand Prime’s legacy!” Jian Chen was stunned. He was filled with disbelief. After his ties with the Immortals’ World had been revealed, not only did the Anatta Grand Prime refuse to delve into that matter, but she was even giving her legacy to him. It had basically fallen into his lap.

“The Anatta Grand Prime’s currently in a very horrible condition. This fragment of her soul has existed here for over three million years. It’s about to disperse, which is why she chose me as her successor.” Jian Chen came to an understanding. He would never believe that the Anatta Grand Prime would be willing to give her legacy to a person of the Immortals’ World otherwise. She had done this probably because she had her own reasons and problems.

“The Anatta Tower possesses the suppression from the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt. The fragment of my soul has been weakening everyday and has basically reached the end of the road. It’s about to disperse into the surroundings, so I don’t have much time left. I will formally bestow you my legacy. My only requirement is that you have to go to the Saints’ World to kill the Grand Prime Yan Zun once you are powerful enough. Are you willing?” The Anatta Grand Prime was staring at Jian Chen with extremely bright eyes. She placed particular focus on the final sentence she spoke.

Jian Chen clasped his hands at the Anatta Grand Prime. With a stern face, he swore, “Don’t worry, senior. If I obtain your legacy, I will definitely kill the Grand Prime Yan Zun and take revenge for you once I am powerful enough.”

The Anatta Grand Prime nodded in satisfaction after Jian Chen swore an oath. Her shining eyes gradually calmed down, and she mentioned, “There are two parts to my legacy. The first part is the Fortune Jade Seat. It possesses my cultivation technique as well as much of my understandings toward cultivation. Not everyone can practice the cultivation technique. Only those who are fated to will be able to practice it.”

“The second part is my extreme comprehensions of laws. I have comprehended the Laws of Fire, Creation, and Destruction to their extremes. This pearl contains my comprehensions of the Laws of Destruction, and it now belongs to you with the legacy. Once you fuse it with your soul, you will be able to comprehend my Laws of Destruction. Comprehending laws are crucial for reaching Godhood. Once you have reached the peak of Reciprocity, you can only reach Godhood by comprehending laws. Otherwise, you will never be able to advance any further with your cultivation and will be stuck in the Origin realm forever. Comprehending one percent of the laws corresponds to Deity, ten percent to God, twenty percent to Overgod, thirty percent to Godking, forty-five percent to Infinite Prime, and sixty percent to Chaotic Prime. If you comprehend eighty percent of a single law, you will become a Grand Prime, and if you can reach the limits, a hundred percent, you will become a peak Grand Prime.”

“Even across the entire Saints’ World, there are only a few peak Grand Primes. I have left you the complete comprehension of my Laws of Destruction. How much you can comprehend will depend on your own fortune.”

With that, a black, thumb-sized pearl slowly drifted out, stopping in front of Jian Chen in the end. Immediately, the pearl began to radiate with the power of the Laws of Destruction.

Jian Chen struggled to contain his excitement as he stared at the black pearl. He slowly extended his hand toward it.

The Anatta Grand Prime was no longer fixated on the distant sky. Instead, she stared at Jian Chen. A sliver of anticipation appeared in her eyes as well as excitement that was deeply hidden. However, it vanished in just a moment, having been hidden away.

Finally, Jian Chen gently grasped the pearl that contained the power of the Laws of Destruction. He clearly sensed the familiar power within it, and an odd light immediately flickered through his eyes.

When Jian Chen grabbed the pearl, excitement appeared in the depths of the Anatta Grand Prime’s eyes as well as some hidden viciousness. However, these emotions disappeared in just a single moment and her gaze returned to being as profound as ever.

Jian Chen’s grasp around the black pearl tightened. He did not immediately fuse the pearl into his soul. Instead, he took out a wooden box out of his Space Ring. Under the Anatta Grand Prime’s confused gaze, he slowly placed the pearl inside before throwing the box into his Space Ring.

The Anatta Grand Prime’s eyes narrowed by an indiscernible amount. She blurted out, “You need to fuse the pearl into your soul so that you can comprehend my Laws of Destruction. Why don’t you do that? Are you uninterested in my extreme comprehension of the Laws of Destruction?”

Reverence filled Jian Chen’s eyes. He clasped his hands at the Grand Prime, “I am afraid you have misunderstood me, senior. It’s not that I don’t want to comprehend senior’s Laws of Destruction, but I believe that comprehending the laws right now will be inconvenient. I plan on finding a quiet place to comprehend them first.”

“What inconvenience? In this Anatta Tower, nobody can disturb you. If you go outside, it’ll be even easier for people to disturb you. At the same time, comprehending laws is extremely important. If you end up disturbed during the process, forcefully wrenched from a state of comprehension, you will suffer severe injuries. They could be so bad that you might suffer a backlash from the laws and your soul might disperse,” the Anatta Grand Prime said sternly.

“I thank senior for warning me. I am filled with gratitude. It’s just that I’ve stayed for far too long in the Anatta Tower already. I still have important matters to attend to outside, so I cannot stay much longer. I fear that comprehending laws will only cause further delays and end up ruining what I have to do,” Jian Chen calmly replied, revealing no arrogance nor humility. He stared at the Anatta Grand Prime in interest. Currently, her body had become extremely faint, as if she was about to disperse.

The Anatta Grand Prime remained silent for quite a while before slowly replying, “I will no longer urge you if that’s the case. However, please do remember to fuse the pearl with your soul as soon as possible and comprehend my laws so that you can take revenge.” With that, the illusory figure gradually dispersed under Jian Chen’s gaze.

Jian Chen slowly arrived before the statue in vigilance after the Anatta Grand Prime had completely vanished. He studied the sculpture for around half a day, silently frowning.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, do you think that the Anatta Grand Prime has really faded away, or has she just continued hiding?” Jian Chen asked the sword spirits. Only the sword spirits and him were able to hear his thought.

The sword spirits did not reply immediately. Qing Suo’s lark-like voice rang through Jian Chen’s head after quite a while, “Master, she doesn’t seem to be the Anatta Grand Prime we remember.”

“Master, I also doubt whether she’s the real Anatta Grand Prime or not. We may not have seen the Grand Prime’s appearance before, but our instincts can’t be wrong,” Zi Ying stated his thoughts as well. The entire conversation was held in Jian Chen’s head, so no sound was emitted at all.

Jian Chen calmly replied, “You really have seen through her. I must agree that I don’t think that this Anatta Grand Prime is the real Anatta Grand Prime either. When she gave me the pearl with the Laws of Destruction, I saw a familiar glint of light in her eyes. Even though she hid it very well, I still managed to catch it. It was extremely similar to the light in the artifact spirit’s eyes.”

“Has she been bewitched by the spirit of the tower? It’s a pity that we can’t sense the presence of that spirit in this Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Otherwise, we would have been able to recognize him with a single glance no matter what he turned into,” answered Zi Ying.

“It doesn’t matter whether she’s the artifact spirit or the Anatta Grand Prime’s disciple, Ta Ji. Anyway, I can’t use her comprehension of the Laws of Destruction. There are definitely problems with this object,” Jian Chen coldly replied. A sliver of a stern light flashed through his eyes. He would not pay any attention to the story that the fake Anatta Grand Prime had told him either.

Jian Chen glanced at the Fortune Jade Seat before the sculpture. The seat was only the size of a millstone and three inches tall. It was pure-white all over and let out a gentle white glow. Jian Chen could sense a calming presence from the seat, especially when he approached it. Just breathing near it had cleared up his mind and focused his attention, as if his soul had become even more consolidated at that moment.

“Master, fortune jade is a unique treasure of the world. It’s extremely rare, and if you cultivate with just a piece of it, not only will you cultivate much faster but will also help you comprehend laws. It has the same effects as the Comprehension Tea, but its effects are slightly superior. I never thought that the Anatta Grand Prime owned such a great piece of it. This jade is so rare that even former master, one of the five great Immortal Exalts of the Saints’ World, did not possess a piece. Only the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt of the five possessed a piece, but it was not even a third of the piece of jade before you,” Qing Suo said enviously, gently sighing. Her face was filled with regret because the Fortune Jade Seat before her was illusory. It was just a projection, like the palace, and not the actual thing.

Jian Chen’s interest was immediately piqued. However, he could only helplessly sigh, “The Anatta Grand Prime sure is great. This Fortune Jade Seat is only a mere projection, yet it possesses similar effects to the actual thing. Sigh, if I only had the actual thing… With it, I would be able to comprehend the Way of the Sword far more easily.” Jian Chen paused for a while before continuing his questions, “The fake Anatta Grand Prime said that the Fortune Jade Seat possessed the cultivation method of the Anatta Grand Prime as well as most of his understanding toward cultivation. Do you think that’s true?”

Jian Chen became much more vigilant inside after noticing that the Anatta Grand Prime was a fake. He did not believe anything that she said.

“Even to the Anatta Grand Prime, such a large piece of fortune jade is extremely precious. It would have definitely received a lot of her attention and might even possess a seal from the Anatta Grand Prime. This piece of jade was projected along with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, so the actual thing should still be in the Saints’ World. Only the Anatta Grand Prime is able to project the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, and the Fortune Jade Seat so realistically in the Anatta Tower that this may be in the Anatta Tower, but this palace is the handiwork of the Anatta Grand Prime. The artifact spirit doesn’t have the power to meddle with it.”

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