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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1498 - Fortune’s Selection
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1498: Fortune’s Selection

Nubis, Bi Hai, Dugu Feng, You Yue, and Bi Lian all stood sternly before the Anatta Tower. The tower was currently damaged. Its main entrance had essentially caved in. It seemed like a ruined tower, but they could feel an invisible pressure from it as they stood there. They experienced intense emotions due to the feeling. They felt like tiny ants facing the vast heavens.

They were the tiny ants while the damaged tower was the vast heavens.

“Jian Chen, where’d you find this treasure? It’s clearly ruined, yet I still feel insignificant from the depths of my soul as I stand before it, and those slashes on the tower. Just a single glance makes me, the great Nubis, frightened. I’m a powerful Class 9 Magical Beast, equivalent to human Saint Emperors. I stand on the very apex in this world, yet just a glance frightens me. I can’t imagine just how extraordinary this tower is,” said Nubis. He glanced at the sword slashes on the tower from time to time with a stern expression.

Jian Chen raised his head and looked at the tower. He smiled, “This tower really is extraordinary. C’mon, let’s go inside. There’s a fortuitous encounter waiting inside Whether you can obtain it or not will be up to fate.” Jian Chen did not give an in-depth explanation regarding the tower. He did not even mention the name. It was not because he did not trust them but because the Anatta Tower was connected to the Anatta Grand Prime’s legacy. If this piece of news was exposed to the Saints’ World, they would suffer a disaster.

Even though the legacy of the Anatta Grand Prime could not be given to everyone, just the tower itself was enough to kick up a storm of blood in the Saints’ World.

After all, the tower was the famed treasure of the Anatta Grand Prime. Jian Chen believed that it was no weaker than the Azulet swords when they were in their prime. Even peak Grand Primes would emerge to fight over such a powerful god artifact.

Jian Chen took everyone to the ninth floor. When they saw the grand, mountainous projection of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they were all stunned. Not only was the palace far greater than any divine hall they had ever seen in their lives, but they sensed an indescribable feeling rolling off the palace as well.

This was a feeling created by the power of laws. The projection of the palace had also been imbued with laws.

“Hmm? This divine hall’s clearly illusory, but when I step on it, it’s no different than solid land. It’s the exact same feeling. This is not something that Saint Emperors can do. Only those who have surpassed Saint Emperor can achieve this.” Bi Hai sighed in surprise. He closely examined the palace and immediately felt shocked. He realized through his observations that even if he used his full strength, he might not even be able to destroy the projection. That was not all that he noticed either. Even the space in the damaged tower was countless times tougher than any space on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even if peak Saint Emperors struck out as hard as they could, they would not even be able to make the space around the palace ripple at all.

“This tower is very extraordinary. It’s crafted by a peak Origin realm expert at the very least, and looking at how realistic the projection of the palace is, not even peak Origin realm experts may necessarily possess the power to create something like this. It’s extremely likely to be the treasure of an expert beyond the Origin realm.” Bi Hai sighed in shock. However, he was also very curious as to where Jian Chen had found such a powerful tower.

The group of people passed through the illusory palace. Along the way, everyone aside from Jian Chen kept looking around, observing the landscape around the hall. The palace was illusory, meaning it was possible to see outside the palace, but that was only a tiny portion of what they were looking at. Most of the palace was hazy, as if it had been enshrouded by mist. It was not completely transparent, but it was not enough to stop everyone’s curiosity.

Finally, Jian Chen brought everyone before the Fortune Jade Seat. He pointed at the round piece of jade and said, “The fortuitous encounter I mentioned is this seat. Try sitting on it one after another to see if any of you are fated to obtain it.”

Everyone examined the round piece of jade and all felt doubtful. Finally, Bi Lian voiced her doubts, “Just what kind of fortuitous encounter is this, brother? Why are you making it seem so mysterious?”

Jian Chen immediately became stern. He said in a serious voice, “Don’t ask. It’s best if you don’t learn too much about this place. I know you would never purposefully mention it to others, but I’m afraid that there will be experts in the future who will be able to use various abilities to learn about this place from you. That will turn out to be a disaster for us all.”

Every single one of them were shocked by Jian Chen’s response. They all stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. They were stunned by what he said, but they also learned that this was quite a significant place.

After some discussion, they finally decided that Bi Yuntian would sit on the seat first. This was because only Bi Yuntian had that right out of all of them.

Bi Yuntian attempted to push this idea away, but she ended up agreeing due to no other choice. She was the first person to sit on the seat.

The moment Bi Yuntian sat on the jade seat, Jian Chen stared at her fixedly. He felt rather nervous and conflicted inside. He wished that she could obtain the Anatta Grand Prime’s legacy and also wished the exact opposite at the same time.

He knew that once Bi Yuntian received the legacy, she would embark on a completely different path. She would definitely experience a lot of danger and slaughter. In other words, she would never be able to pass her days peacefully ever again. He wished that his mother could become powerful, able to live forever and have the ability to keep herself safe when she came across dangers, but he also wished that she could life her life easily, unwilling for her to go through a lot of killing.

Obtaining the legacy would mean that she would lose these peaceful days.

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