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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 150
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 150: Extermination

Jian Chen quickly closed the 10 meters between him and the Zhou Mercenaries. With his Light Wind Sword, he thrust it toward the front most mercenary’s throat in hopes to kill him. In a flash, the sword had found itself right in front of his throat.

Seeing the sword come at him with incomparably fast speeds, the leader’s face underwent a drastic change as he realized that he wasn’t able to react in time to block with his own Saint Weapon. Hastily, he twisted the entire top half of his body to dodge this fatal sword strike and without hesitation, he retreated backward in order to gain some distance from Jian Chen.

Even after Jian Chen’s attack had failed to land, his face did not waver at all. Continuing onward, he dashed forward toward the other Zhou Mercenaries ahead of him and lashed out with his Light Wind Sword and stabbed 4 Great Saints through their throats in a flash. Their armor was of no use as Jian Chen had speared through the steel metal as if it were tofu.

To make a long story short, in the instant that the four mercenaries were killed, the other Zhou Mercenaries hadn’t even had time to react. From the moment Jian Chen had moved his hand to the moment the 4 mercenaries had been killed, the other mercenaries didn’t even have time to breath.

“Stay your hand!” The first mercenary that had dodged Jian Chen’s blade cried out. After seeing how fast Jian Chen had struck out, he had realized how strong he was. He would not be an easy opponent, so at this current moment, there was no way the Zhou Mercenaries would want to fight against this person without reason.

However, Jian Chen had turned a deaf ear toward him, the Zhou Mercenaries were already on the top of his to kill list. His Light Wind Sword flashed continuously as it wreaked havoc on his surroundings, his blade almost resembling the death god’s scythe that reaped the lives of the Zhou Mercenaries without mercy.

The Great Saints of the Zhou Mercenaries simply had no chance to defend themselves. They weren’t able to catch sight of the blade and thus were stabbed straight through the throat. Even the Saint Masters among the Zhou Mercenaries could only defend themselves against a few strikes before Jian Chen claimed their lives with his Light Wind Sword as well. Jian Chen’s strength against Saint Masters was far stronger than it was before his breakthrough now. These Saint Master experts would no longer have the ability to harm Jian Chen, and just touching his clothes would already be a difficult task.

Jian Chen’s figure constantly flickered as he traveled in between mercenaries almost as if he were creating doppelgangers of himself. As he paid attention to his surroundings, each strike toward his body was carefully predicted and dodged. While he was able to injure the enemies around him, his enemies weren’t able to do the same to him.

Jian Chen’s attacks were incomparably sharp beyond anyone’s imagination. In the midst of 40 mercenaries, Jian Chen had already stabbed and killed 20 mercenaries within the span of a few seconds, some of which were Saint Masters.

Seeing how Jian Chen didn’t even expend much energy after killing 20 mercenaries so quickly, the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries had felt an icy cold fear within his heart. Hidden behind his stone cold helmet was his pale face. In his mind he had felt a great deal of puzzlement; he didn’t know just when the Zhou Mercenaries had offended such a strong person, but without even saying a single word, this person had attacked the Zhou Mercenaries ruthlessly.

The leader was unable to keep calm and think about what to do, but his brain had quickly come to a conclusion. Immediately turning around, he made a decision to run away.

He knew in his heart that he was completely powerless against the great display of strength shown by Jian Chen. Even if he were to stay behind, he wouldn’t make much of a difference and would only die there. So if death were to be the case here, he would rather take the chance and run away.

Before he could even run 20 meters away, the figure of a person quickly appeared right behind him with an extreme amount of speed. In the blink of an eye the person had already caught up with him as the silver glint of a sword left behind a brilliant glow of light as it arced toward the escaping figure.

The leader of the Zhou Mercenaries was a Peak Saint Master, so the moment he felt an extraordinary amount of Sword Qi, he immediately ducked onto the ground and rolled away without looking backward. The moment both of his hands hit the ground, he pushed himself back up onto his feet as a long spear simultaneously appeared in his hand. With a large amount of Saint Force encompassing the spear, he stabbed toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen swayed slightly instead of dodging away and kept charging towards the leader once more. His arm shook as the Light Wind Sword covered the entire area with its bright glow, causing everyone who looked at it to be dazzled at this seemingly unreal experience.

Against a sword whose light seemed to encompass the entire sky, the Peak Saint Master expert didn’t know what he should do to protect himself. In that moment of hesitation, the silver blade of Jian Chen reappeared from within the glow and stabbed straight through his throat.

“Bang!” Jian Chen kicked at the leader’s chest, causing him to fly far backward. Holding onto his bloody Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen ran toward the remaining Zhou Mercenaries in an effort to kill them. Jian Chen had no intention of letting a single member leave this place alive.

“Captain Chen Yunlong has died…”

“Captain Chen Yunlong was killed…”

“Captain Chen Yunlong has already been killed, everybody run…”

The death of their captain had caused every mercenary to feel an extreme amount of fear within their hearts as everyone began to lose their fighting spirit. Against Jian Chen who seemed like a god of death, their courage was almost nonexistent. Throwing away their helmets, they began trying to escape.

After Jian Chen had killed some of the members, the remaining few had all started to run away with all their strength in every possible direction. Although Jian Chen wasn’t slow, killing every single mercenary in this case wouldn’t be an easy task.

“Hmph, you Zhou Mercenaries won’t leave this place alive.” Jian Chen’s eyes had a glow of killing intent behind them as he instantly began to pour out Sword Qi in tremendous waves from his sword. Immediately, the Light Wind Sword separated from Jian Chen’s hand as it flew out with tremendous speed. Transforming into a silver ray of light, it began to fly toward the closest mercenary in an attempt to kill him.

At this moment, Jian Chen didn’t care about keeping his Soul Sword a secret, he just wanted the entire Zhou Mercenaries to be destroyed.

The Light Wind Sword shot through the air like a silver streak of light throughout the area as it stabbed through the throats of all the mercenaries who were trying to escape. In a matter of seconds the remaining 10 mercenaries had all fallen to the ground dead.

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