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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1505 - Huang Luan
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Chapter 1505: Huang Luan

However, just as the spring water was about to reach the flowers, Huang Luan suddenly froze. The water in the watering can froze as well. She suddenly turned her head to look into the distance. Her eyes seemed to be able to pierce through space, able to see through the various obstructions and observe an area several dozen kilometers away. That place just happened to be where Jian Chen was standing outside the barrier.

Huang Luan threw the watering can down and the otherworldly liquid immediately poured out, radiating with a heavy presence of life.

However, Huang Luan did not even glance at the watering can on the ground right now. She gently trembled and stared into the distance full of both excitement and joy. Tears seemed to be pooling in her eyes.

The two Saint Rulers from the manor arrived near the barrier at the same time. They did not pass through and instead stood several dozen meters away from Jian Chen.

Both of them were old men in white robes. One of them was ruddy with straight eyebrows, possessing a rather sagely bearing, while the other one seemed much more ordinary.

Jian Chen silently hovered as he leisurely gazed at the two old men. He did not know their names, but he had seen them in the Huang family in the past. They had only been Heaven Saint Masters back then, and after several dozen years, they had both broken through and reached Saint Ruler.

“May I ask you who you are sir? And why…” The sagely old man clasped his hands at Jian Chen and asked casually. However, before he finished speaking, his pupils narrowed while his eyes widened. He stared at Jian Chen in surprise as his facial expression rapidly changed. In the end, it morphed into an expression of shock, reverence, and disbelief.

At the same time, the Saint Ruler by his side also revealed a drastically different expression. In the end, his facial expression also morphed into shock and reverence. He had also recognized Jian Chen.

“Elder of the Huang family, Huang Bing greets sovereign Jian Chen!”

“Elder of the Huang family, Huang Yifeng greets sovereign Jian Chen!”

Without any hesitation, the two Saint Rulers deeply bowed to Jian Chen. They showed him a lot of respect along with a smear of excitement.

“Hahaha, Jian Chen, you’ve finally appeared. If you still hadn’t appeared, I probably would have gone to search the world for you in a few more years.” A clear laugh rang out. Huang Tianba hovered in the air as he stepped toward Jian Chen. Every single step caused ripples to form in the air, and he crossed several dozen kilometers in just a few steps.

“The human sovereign has come to visit my Huang family. This is our honor. Everyone, why don’t you come out to welcome the human sovereign.” Huang Tianba laughed. His voice was very clear and reverberated throughout the territory of the Huang family. It alerted every single member of the clan. Even those who were in seclusion roused due to Huang Tianba’s voice.

Immediately, the whole clan began to surge over. Every single person in the Huang family stopped what they were doing and all came out to receive Jian Chen.

Jian Chen bitterly smiled at this sight. “Senior Huang, there’s no need for this.”

“Jian Chen, you’ve already become the sovereign of the humans. You’re the greatest expert of the Tian Yuan Continent. Your status is extraordinary. It is my clan’s honor to have you visit us, the honor of every single person here. We have to do this with your superior status.” Huang Tianba laughed aloud. If any other Saint Emperor had seen Jian Chen, they would have definitely bowed to him to greet him, but Huang Tianba obviously did not need to go overboard because of his connection to Jian Chen through his great-granddaughter, Huang Luan.

At this moment, both of them seemed to sense something. Jian Chen and Huang Tianba glanced toward the distant manor. All they saw was a yellow figure flying over, steadily approaching them.

This figure was Huang Luan. Tears pooled in her eyes as she looked at Jian Chen joyfully. However, she did not move quickly at all. Her speed as a Saint Emperor was extremely slow.

“You’re back!” Huang Luan arrived before Jian Chen. She did not say much at all, only a single sentence that contained her sentiment. Her voice trembled when she spoke.

“I’m back!” Jian Chen smiled at Huang Luan. He then took a step and arrived right before her, opening his arms to hug her.

Huang Luan tightly hugged Jian Chen. She buried her head in his chest as her body shook violently. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Huang Tianba stroked his long beard and smiled as he watched on. He then waved his hands at the clansmen below and dismissed them all. He also left silently, leaving only Jian Chen and Huang Luan in the air.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan strolled through the fragrant gardens in the forbidden zone of the Huang family. Huang Luan held onto Jian Chen’s arm while a satisfied expression appeared on her face. She paid close attention to everything that Jian Chen had gone through over the past few years.

The garden was extremely peaceful. Aside from the two of them, there was no one else. At that moment, the forbidden grounds seemed to have become Jian Chen and Huang Luan’s entire world.

At this moment, Jian Chen stopped. He turned to Huang Luan and seriously asked. “Luan’er, will you marry me?”

Huang Luan glared at Jian Chen. “It’s not like you don’t know about my feelings for you. Not to mention the fact that I became yours long ago. You already know whether I want to marry you or not.”

“Then let’s go back to Flame City. In three days, we’ll get married. Yue’er will also be there for the wedding and maybe even…” Jian Chen paused. He thought about the Heavenly Enchantress. The Heavenly Enchantress had given birth to his son, so by tradition, he should have married her. However, Jian Chen was uncertain if the Heavenly Enchantress would accept his proposal because of her temperament.

Huang Luan glared at Jian Chen and furiously asked, “Jian Chen, there’s another woman besides You Yue? Who is she?”

“On the Tian Yuan Continent, people call her the Heavenly Enchantress, except she’s no longer a Saint Ruler now.” Jian Chen answered her and became melancholic. At that moment, he could not help but think of the first moment he had seen the Heavenly Enchantress. He remembered that it had been in the miniature world of Mercenary City back then. He had only been a puny little Earth Saint Master while the Heavenly Enchantress had been an indomitable expert in his eyes.

“The Heavenly Enchantress. It’s actually her.” Huang Luan was shocked. She also knew about the Heavenly Enchantress. In the past, the Heavenly Enchantress had also been an indomitable expert in her eyes as well. The Heavenly Enchantress had stood on equal footing with her ancestor, Huang Tianba. They had been dazzling.

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