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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 151
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 151: This One is Honored

The Light Wind Sword nimbly flew through the air as if it had a mind of its own before returning to Jian Chen’s hand once more.

Jian Chen held out his arm to catch the Light Wind Sword as it flashed toward him in a silver ray of light. It was already dripping with blood, but the tip of its blade could still be seen gleaming.

Just as the Light Wind Sword returned to his hand, the blood on the blade of the sword, almost as if it was alive, began to concentrate at the sword’s tip. Drop by drop it fell onto the dusty ground below as the previously bloody Light Wind Sword became clear once more. The seemingly mirror like metal reflected light off of the blade and radiated a hazy white glow of silver light. The forest was basked within its glow and would have dazzled the eyes of anyone that saw it.

Sweeping his eyes over the mercenaries, he used his Light Wind Sword to poke at the bodies before taking their Space Belts away. Carrying the Space Belts, he walked on over to a clean area to sit down.

As he walked over, he continued to pick up the Space Belts of the dead Zhou Mercenaries, and in a short moment, he had accumulated a small pile of Space Belts.

After he had collected every single Space Belt and piled them together, Jian Chen absorbed the Light Wind Sword back into his body. One by one, Jian Chen began to inspect the items within the Space Belts for the money and monster cores and letting it stack up into a single pile.

In a few moments, the 40 Space Belts had been inspected and by Jian Chen’s side, there was a small pile of monster cores and money. There were a total of 300 monster cores; most of them were Class 2 Monster Cores with a Class 3 Monster Core for every 10 Class 2 Monster Cores. But there wasn’t a single Class 4 Monster Core to be seen.

Half of the stack of coins in the pile were copper and silver coins with the golden coins taking up a small amount of it to make a total of 500 coins between the three. There were around 50 purple coins, and in total, the cumulative amount of wealth from this pile would be equal to around 70 purple coins.

Disliking the poor sum of money, Jian Chen stored both the monster cores and money into his own Space Belt. Leaving behind the dead bodies of the Zhou Mercenaries along with their Space Belts, Jian Chen left the area. Everything that remained in their Space Belts was just useless junk, as every single valuable had been taken by Jian Chen.

Jian Chen didn’t go too far, and instead hid himself on top of a large tree. He knew that there were mercenaries trying to find him so that they could take him back to the Tianxiong Clan for the reward. However, because the Magical Beast Mountain Range was so large and the terrain within so complicated, even if they were to have men every 100 meters, it would still be hard to find him. The amount of time it would take to find another group of mercenaries would be too pitiful if he were to wait elsewhere.

On the mountain range, every single mercenary was still trying to get to this area. The Zhou Mercenaries were the first group that had reached this place.

Not too long after, from his hiding spot, Jian Chen spotted yet another group of mercenaries coming in his direction. This group only had 10 people, a vastly different amount than the previous Zhou Mercenaries’ numbers. However, Jian Chen could sense that this group was filled with Saint Masters. Their group strength wasn’t weaker than the Zhou Mercenaries at all.

Just as the group of mercenaries walked under the tree Jian Chen was hiding in, he suddenly jumped down from his perch. Landing gently on the ground, he suddenly sped toward the group with the Light Wind Sword in his hand as he stabbed forward with a tremendous amount of Sword Qi flowing from his blade.

The 10 mercenaries had immediately reacted when Jian Chen had started his movement, but Jian Chen’s speed was much faster than their reaction speed and he had already closed the gap between them. With his Light Wind Sword, he thrust it out in a great streak of light as it stabbed into the right shoulder of one of the mercenaries.

At the same time, every single one of the mercenaries had already pulled out their Saint Weapons as they snarled in anger. The mercenaries in the back began to run forward in hopes of trapping Jian Chen within a circle.

Jian Chen pulled out his sword from the man’s right shoulder and immediately put himself into a defensive position as the Saint Masters all slashed down at him. Like a silver viper, the Light Wind Sword flashed forward toward another mercenary.

The targeted mercenary hastily brought up his sword to block the strike, but with the Light Wind Sword being so fast, his defenses were quickly overwhelmed, and he was ultimately stabbed through the right shoulder.

“You’re seeking death!”

Seeing one of their own take damage, every other mercenary became furious as even more Saint Force entered their Saint Weapons. Without mercy they continued their pursuit toward Jian Chen with their Saint Weapon.

Jian Chen flew back 10 meters in a nimble manner, causing the sword strikes to hit nothing but air. The other remaining Saint Weapons crashed into the floor, causing a large crater to form.

Jian Chen’s right hand held his sword as the tip of it pointed downward toward the ground while his eyes stared at the mercenaries.

“To dare attack us so underhandedly, you must be tired of living you bastard.”

A big sturdy person cursed as he lifted his gigantic two handed sword up to swing down at Jian Chen.

“Bantu!” Before that man could take a step forward, another middle aged man came up to block him.

The one named Bantu stared angrily at the one blocking him, “Mu Jian! Don’t you block me, did you not see that bastard injure Hadow and Erik?”

The one named Mu Jian shook his head as he ignored Bantu to look at Jian Chen, “Fellow friend, I don’t know what reason you might have suddenly attack us.”

“You are here to find and capture the one called Jian Chen.” Jian Chen said.

Hearing this, the one named Mu Jian looked at the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen’s hands. As if he realized something, his face underwent a huge change as he cried out, “Could you be Jian Chen then?”

“That’s right, I am Jian Chen!” Jian Chen smiled, but it was an otherworldly type of smile.

Hearing that, the 10 mercenaries looked at each other with an excited look on their faces. They didn’t think that they would be able to find Jian Chen, but to find him here, if they were able to capture him, then the ten thousand purple coins reward would be theirs. However, instead of a happy look on Mu Jian’s face, there was only an expression of concentration.

“So you’re Jian Chen, this is too…”

“Stop talking!”

Just as one mercenary was about to burst out into a smile and say something, Mu Jian had immediately cut him off. Glaring at him, Mu Jian turned back to Jian Chen and cupped his hands together, “I did not think honored one here would be the honored Jian Chen known for his military prowess, this one here is named Mu Jian. To be able to see the elegant and honored Jian Chen, this is truly a blessing enough for three lifetimes.”

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