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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1511 - Kai Ya’s Return
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1511: Kai Ya’s Return

The Tyt tribe was a medium-sized organization in the sea realm. Even though the organization was nameless, it possessed a certain status within a radius of a million kilometers.

This was because the Tyt tribe possessed a Saint Ruler ancestor. He had already reached the 14th Star, now extremely close to the 15th Star.

The Tyt tribe had united with the Goldensword tribe, Herman tribe, Dakar clan, and Tingwei clan through marriage, four other clans with Saint Rulers, so they were extremely close. They were close to forming an alliance, where the five of them would join together completely.

Although none of the five clans possessed any Saint Kings, if the five Saint Rulers worked together, they could dominate the surrounding million kilometers and reign supreme.

And today was a joyous occasion for the Tyt tribe. This was because the son of the current patriarch of the Tyt tribe was marrying the young lady of the Goldensword tribe, so a happy atmosphere loomed over the entire Tyt tribe.

The patriarchs of the Tyt tribe and Goldensword tribe sat high up together. They smiled as they gazed at the new couple below.

“The greatest human expert, sovereign Jian Chen, will be holding a wedding in two days in Flame City. Our wedding today will be borrowing the joy from his wedding. In the future, I won’t hold hopes for you to become people like sovereign Jian Chen. I just hope you can become emperors.” The patriarch of the Tyt tribe toasted to the new coupled below. As soon as he finished speaking, quite a few of the guests immediately added their support. These people all belonged to smaller clans, so as long as they could get on the Tyt tribe’s good side, they would be able to achieve glory.

The patriarch of the Tyt tribe sat with a smile as the people around him tried to curry favor. Other people only believed that the hope of his son becoming an emperor was only a casual comment, but only he knew that there would definitely be an emperor in their clan in their future.

This was because he took part in wiping out the Kalor tribe all those years ago. He knew that the young lady of the Kalor tribe, Kai Ya, had fled, and even the five Saint Ruler ancestors were unable to force her to stay. His tribe would not need to take anything to heart if Kai Ya only possessed ordinary talent. However, not only was Kai Ya a cultivation genius, having reached Saint Ruler at such a young age, but she practiced the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor as well. It possessed so much potential that she would definitely reach Saint King and become a Saint Emperor.

In order to fend off Kai Ya’s revenge, the five clans that all took part in the operation united with one another through marriage. They had schemed together. However, they knew that if she became a Saint King, they would not be her opponent even if they worked together. If she became a Saint Emperor, she could probably wipe the five clans off the face of the sea realm with just a wave of her hand. As a result, they urgently required the protection of a Saint King or even a Saint Emperor.

It was extremely unlikely for the five ancestors to reach Saint King due to their limited talent, so they would probably end up remaining as Saint Rulers forever. As a result, the five clans could only place their hopes on their talented descendents.

Just as the Tyt tribe and Goldensword tribe celebrated the wedding, a white figure appeared in the sky far away. She was a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. Even though she was not alluring, she still possessed some beauty. At the same time, a tremendous presence radiated from her unintentionally, causing the surrounding space to gently tremble.

The woman ran through the air. She moved extremely quickly, arriving above the Tyt tribe like she had teleported despite only being on the horizon the moment before. A fist-sized beast perched obediently on her shoulder.

The entire clan did not sense the woman’s arrival at all. They joyously continued celebrating the wedding.

The woman coldly glanced at the Tyt tribe below. Her eyes were immediately filled with extremely heavy hatred. In a single moment, a powerful killing intent swept out from her, not only causing the surrounding temperature to plummet, but the killing intent turned into an bone-chilling wind as well. It caused the surroundings to churn and caused the energy of the world to become chaotic. Afterward, she waved her hand and a powerful barrier immediately enveloped the entire clan.

The powerful killing intent sank to the ground and crushed down on everyone. The people below could not help but shiver as their expressions changed.

The wedding came to a halt as well. All the people in the Tyt tribe lost their warm smiles at that moment. They all stared at the sky in shock, and only then did they discover the woman who had appeared in the air.

The patriarchs of the two clans as well as all the members of the upper echelon revealed drastically different expressions when they saw the woman. Their hearts churned as well.

“K- K- Kai Ya…” The patriarch of the Tyt tribe said with a trembling voice. At that moment, his face became devoid of blood. Even a trace of despair had appeared. The patriarch of the Goldensword tribe looked the same.

The two of them were not Saint Rulers, but they had seen Saint Rulers before and were extremely familiar with them. Kai Ya was no longer a Saint Ruler in their eyes. She had surpassed that realm of cultivation.

Another powerful presence appeared, but it was insignificant compared to Kai Ya’s killing intent. It was like an ant to an elephant.

The ancestor of the Tyt tribe appeared. He was the pride of the clan as well as the only Saint Ruler of the Tyt tribe. He had already reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

However, he also stared at Kai Ya with an ashen face. He appeared very stern.

In the past, he and four ancestors of the other clans had pursued Kai Ya, forcing her into the depths of the divine realm before giving up. If it were not for the fact that they had not been confident that they could stay alive in the depths of the divine realm, they would have continued to pursue her without any hesitation at all. Back then, the five of them had guessed that Kai Ya might not end up dead in the depths of the divine realm because of the cultivation method she practiced, so they would come face to face with her revenge one day. As a result, the five clans had prepared themselves throughout the past few years, waiting for her to take revenge. They had even begun preparing some wealth to recruit a Saint King to protect them in another few decades.

What they never expected was that Kai Ya would come back for revenge so quickly let alone assume that her strength would have increased at such a terrifying rate. She had become a Saint King in less than two decades. They had believed that she would have required a century, at the very least, before coming back for revenge even with the cultivation method of the Octoterra Emperor.

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