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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1515 - A Grand Wedding (One)
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Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding (One)

After making up their minds, the four old men no longer hesitated. They immediately left the sea realm and traveled to the Tian Yuan Continent.

If Jian Chen was present, he definitely would have recognized the four old men with a single glance. To no surprise, they were A’Da, A’Er, A’San, and A’Si, who he had met in the divine realm.

In the blink of an eye, the day of Jian Chen’s marriage arrived. Not only were all the buildings in Flame City well-decorated on that day, but they had rolled out a red carpet down every street in the city. Pink petals were scattered upon the ground, giving off a fresh fragrance.

On the sides of each main street, red-robed bands beat gongs and sounded drums. They formed a long line, stretching all the way from the entrance of the city to the city center, where the wedding would be formally held.

A few guests had already arrived outside the city with gifts. All of them dismounted outside the city and passed through the city gates on foot. Even Saint Emperors did not fly in to the city.

A large group of female servants stood in an organized formation, waiting at the entrance of the city. As soon as important people arrived, they would personally lead them into the city.

Even though there were many Saint Emperors among the guests, all these people entered the city with their gifts by themselves. They were not received by the servants. Strength had nothing to do with whether they could be received by the servants. As a result, it became a great honor for anyone who did receive the guidance of a female servant.

“Tianmu Ling of the ancient Tianmu clan has arrived…”

“The third prince of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Qin Ji, of the eight great kingdoms has arrived…”

As the loud calls rang through the city, the male servants welcoming the guests constantly announced the names and identities of a few special guests.

The third prince of the Qinhuang Kingdom, wearing luxurious rodes with golden-threaded borders, entered the city with Tianmu Ling. Two benevolent old people followed Tianmu Ling. To no surprise, they were Jun Mohao and Wang Yinhong.

With Jian Chen’s assistance, the two of them had broken through to Saint King several years ago and had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer. They had become the ancestors of the Tianmu clan.

Tianmu Ling and Qin Ji were both Jian Chen’s friends. Even though their personal strength and backgrounds were nothing in the eyes of Saint Emperors, the two of them enjoyed a treatment that even a few Saint Emperors did not have the right to experience in the Flame City. Both of them were invited into the city by female servants who had been prepared beforehand.

“Brother Jian Chen’s wedding sure is grand. So many peak experts have come from everywhere to congratulate him. It’s still morning and I can already vaguely sense the presences of over twenty Saint Emperors. There’s still a great group of people who’ve yet to arrive. It sure does make me envious. If there’s someone who’s willing to go to such lengths to marry me, I’ll agree even if he’s weaker than me,” Tianmu Ling sighed in surprise as envy filled her face.

Qin Ji broke into a laughter when he heard her. “Tianmu Ling, when you become the greatest human expert, holding a wedding like this won’t be a problem at all.”

Tianmu Ling pouted and said disdainfully, “If I become the greatest human expert, there’ll probably be no one worthy enough to marry aside from brother Jian Chen.”

Qin Ji and Tianmu Ling laughed and conversed as they made their way toward the ceremony. They disappeared into the streets very soon.

“The four Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom and the king have arrived…”

“The four Imperial Protectors of the Fire Dragon Kingdom and the king have arrived…”

“The ancestor of the Kara clan from the Holy Empire, Kara Lot, has arrived with Kara Liwei…”

“The president and grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union have arrived…”

“The great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School have arrived…”

“The pavillion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion has arrived…”

“The elven queen on the Wasteland Continent has arrived…”

“The dwarven king of the Wasteland Continent has arrived…”

“The Saint Emperor of the Peng clan from the Beast God Continent, Cangqiong, has arrived…”

“The hall masters of the Sea Goddess Hall, Heaven’s Spirit Hall  and Serpent God Hall have arrived…”

As the significant people all arrived at Flame City one by one, Flame City immediately experienced the most glorious moment it had ever experienced since it had been founded. Currently, over half of the experts in the world had gathered in Flame City, creating a legend on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Even during the glorious ancient times, there had never been a case where over half of the experts in the world had gathered in a single place.

In particular, near the end, when the sea goddess, Tie Ta, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao and Feng Xiaotian arrived, the glory of Flame City reached an unprecedented peak.

Very soon, the entire city was full. The city was not particularly big, yet it held close to ten billion people. They filled the streets and alleyways, filling any extra space in the city.

The number of people gathered outside the city was several times more than the number in the city. Looking from above, there was an endless sea of heads, stretching toward the horizon.

Even though there had not been many people invited to the wedding, since Jian Chen’s wedding had been announced publicly and as the greatest human expert, a countless number of uninvited people would come to congratulate him anyway.

Jian Chen did not forget about the people from Longevity Valley either. He got people to set up a Space Gate in Longevity Valley and invited all of them to his wedding. This was the first time the villagers had ventured into the outside world after spending their entire lives in the valley, so they naturally found everything extremely interesting. As soon as they arrived in the city, they pointed at their surroundings and sighed in wonder.

“Is this the city founded by Jian Chen on the Tian Yuan Continent? I never thought it’d be so big. It’s much bigger than our village…”

“It’s not just bigger than our village. Even if you move the entire valley here, it’ll probably take up only a small section of the city. Our village is nothing to it…”

“I never really thought that the city founded by Jian Chen would be so big. I had thought that Flame City would not be any larger than our village. Jian Chen sure is impressive…”

The villagers from Longevity Valley were all dressed simply. Basically every single one of them wore clothes made from coarse cloth that had been patched several times. As soon as they arrived in the city, they stood out compared to the other luxuriously dressed guests, forming their own unique group. They attracted everyone’s attention very quickly.

“Hmm? This is weird. It’s sovereign Jian Chen’s wedding today, so all those who can set foot in the city are famed people of great importance. Why have a group of country bumpkins suddenly appeared here, and they’re all so weak. There’s quite a few cripples who haven’t even cultivated Saint Force.” A woman who had come with her senior frowned at the sight of the villagers.

The woman seemed to be eighteen. She possessed an alluring beauty and radiated nobility. She bore arrogance that seemed to have been groomed since her youth.

“Shut up. Rong’er, don’t forget where this place is. This is Flame City, sovereign Jian Chen’s territory. It’s not the imperial city in our Felicity Empire. You can never underestimate anyone who can enter this city, no matter how ordinary they are, understand?” A middle-aged man in dragon robes sternly lectured the beauty beside him.

The middle-aged man was the new emperor of the Felicity Empire, one of the three great empires.

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