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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1534 - Unkillable
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Chapter 1534: Unkillable

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was no longer fist-sized. It had become a ten-meter-long soaring ant. It flickered with red, orange, and yellow lights and was fighting a Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints. The sounds of their battle constantly rang out and was extraordinarily intense.

The Receival expert who was fighting the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast became more and more shocked. He had lived for several tens of thousand years and had basically seen most of the magical beasts out there. Even if he had not seen them all, he had at least read about them in the ancient records in the Sacred Spirit Hall. However, he had never seen or heard of such a vicious beast. It was actually able to fight him to a standstill, a mid Receival expert, as a Saint Emperor who had not even reached the peak. Even the ancient records of the Sacred Spirit Hall possessed no information about a magical beast with such battle prowess.

What surprised him the most was that he had already poured all his strength into fighting the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, yet he felt like his opponent was still not using its its full strength. As they fought, the intelligent eyes of the divine beast would glance at the nearby woman.

Deafening booms violently materialized in outer space. The intensity of the battles in outer space had far exceeded those on the Tian Yuan Continent. Outer space was darkness. Only specks of starlight gave the battlefield some natural color. Azure and violet lights glowed extremely bright, filling the space around them with light. They constantly clashed with a dark light. The huge figures of maces were constantly conjured. They smashed through space and erupted with devastating might. They crushed and collapsed the space where they landed, creating terrifying cracks that were several thousand meters long and causing the space around them to constantly tremble.

Jian Chen, Xiong Zhong, Xiao Ling, and Gongxi Ming fought in outer space. Their battles were extremely intense. They had obliterated the space around them and caused it to descend into pure darkness. Jian Chen and Xiong Zhong’s battle was particularly ferocious, having reached a white-hot intensity.

A huge, white tiger appeared in outer space. It radiated with a tremendous pressure, as if the god of beasts had descended. It directly shot toward Gongxi Ming with a condescending pressure.

The white tiger was ethereal, completely condensed from energy but seemed rather illusory. It was a direct result of Xiao Ling’s Nine Godly Arts.

Gongxi Ming was stern as he stood opposite of her. He felt a threat from the white tiger. it was far powerful than the threat he felt from Xiao Ling. He did not reveal any complacency at all. He used his ten-meter-long spear to stab the white tiger.

His spear was unbelievably fast. As it moved, the space near the tip of the spear immediately shattered like a mirror. Terrifying energy permeated the surroundings, causing the spear to become even more powerful. It shot toward the white tiger’s head with an icy-cold killing intent.

Gongxi Ming seemed ancient. His face was coated in wrinkles. He seemed like he was about to pass away, but his strength was slightly greater than Cheng Jingyun. He had reached the peak of mid Returnance, close to breaking through to late Returnance.

“Nine Godly Arts, Worldlock!”

At this moment, Xiao Ling formed a hand seal with both hands and yelled a name. The space around Gongxi Ming froze at that moment, immobilizing him. Even his strike, filled with uts the terrifying power, calm to a halt, having been frozen as well.

Although Worldlock seemed similar to the space frozen by Sainthood experts, the power between the two could not be compared. Worldlock was one of the nine great secret techniques of the Nine Godly Arts, having been personally passed down by Mo Tianyun. Any one of the nine secret techniques was greater than a Saint Tier Battle Skill. They still possessed unfathomable power when used by Xiao Ling, who had reached Returnance. They were unlike Saint Tier Battle Skills, which were completely useless to Origin realm experts.

The moment Gongxi Ming was frozen, the huge white tiger arrived before him and roared. It raised one of its claws, swiping it toward Gongxi Ming like a mountain that had fallen from the sky. The claw possessed a mysterious power, and wherever the claw moved, seemed to compress, becoming extremely tough.

Directly beneath it, Gongxi Ming experienced the effects of the claw the most. He felt like the claw above him had become a mountain, falling down on him with a tremendous might. Not only did his body become extremely heavy, the energy within him slowed down as the claw smashed down. This heavy, slow feeling intensified as the claw neared him, making Gongxi Ming suspect whether the energy within him was under his control or not. It felt like it would be sealed away if the claw reached him.

“What a powerful ability. First she traps me so I can’t move, and then she uses the white tiger to suppress my abilities. It’s just fortunate that the person using these abilities isn’t as powerful as me, or I really would suffer today.” Gongxi Ming’s cloudy, old eyes suddenly light up, shining like two lanterns. Suddenly, the deep sound of thunder came from his body. He was suddenly covered in countless sparks, which constantly crackled. The light they produced made him shine like a sun, dyeing all the surroundings white.

The power that had trapped Gongxi Ming suddenly collapsed because of the electricity. Coated in a powerful layer of electricity, Gongxi Ming maneuvered his spear and stabbed it at the tiger’s claw. It erupted with a boom.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s Azulet swords erupted with his utmost strength. He stabbed through Xiong Zhong’s chest, where the tip of the Zi Ying Sword poked through his back. Only the sword hilt was visible from the front.

However, Jian Chen became heavily injured as well. His left shoulder had been struck by Xiong Zhong’s mace, which not only reduced his entire shoulder to a cloud of blood but also shattered the left half of his body. His body became a bloody mess

Jian Chen and Xiong Zhong possessed roughly the same level of strength. Coupled with the fact that the two of them were fighting as hard as they could in an attempt to kill each other in the shortest amount of time possible, the two of them were severely injured. They both became even more injured, Xiong Zhong in particular. The power of laws from the Way of the Sword wreaked havoc within him, causing severe injuries. It even harmed the essence of his life, causing him to show some weakness on his face.

Jian Chen constantly vomited blood. His face had become sheet-white. However, his eyes still glowed bright, showing no weakness at all. He controlled the Zi Ying Sword with his soul and attempted to stab Xiong Zhong’s forehead to end the battle.

“Is this Jian Chen unkillable? His true strength is clearly weaker than mine, but he’s still so lively even after taking so many heavy attacks.” Xiong Zhong swore inside. Even he had to admit that his endurance was not as great as Jian Chen’s endurance despite being a late Returnance expert.

Jian Chen had become unkillable in Xiong Zhong’s eyes because his regenerative abilities were just far too powerful. At the same time, he seemed to possess an endless energy that never ran dry. Xiong Zhong could not afford to test how much longer Jian Chen could keep it up.

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