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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1542 - Ouyang Yangwen
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1542: Ouyang Yangwen

“Who is it? Who has discovered this place and almost caused the formation to collapse?” Protector Shui raised her head as she stood on the divine hall. She seemed to have fused with the surrounding space, but she was no longer as calm and composed as before. She no longer seemed to possess the confidence that came from having the entire world in her control. She was instead filled with surprise and shock.

With a single movement, protector Shui appeared in outer space. She was far away from the Tian Yuan Continent. The massive planet where the Tian Yuan Continent lay only seemed to be the size of a head.

Protector Shui glanced around the area around her and scattered the senses of her soul in attempt to find any traces or marks. However, she found nothing after searching for quite some time. She did not find any presences that could cause the formation to collapse or any unique pulses of energy either.

“This person shouldn’t be from this world. They almost caused the formation to collapse, which means they used power beyond Godhood. Such great power will never be allowed by the laws here, so the laws definitely would have rejected it and caused huge ripples. It’s impossible for this place to be so calm. Unless that person’s actually a Grand Prime, which is enough for even the laws of this world to shake in their presence.

“But even if a Grand Prime has come here and has done nothing, a large region of space would have collapsed. The space here is perfectly fine and calm, so a Grand Prime definitely did not come personally. With that being the case, that person’s definitely still in the Saints’ World. I wonder who has discovered this place and whether they’re a friend or foe.

“In the past, before the ice goddess, her majesty, had found the world where the snow goddess, her majesty, would reincarnate, she had asked a few old friends to search with her. If the expert who has just found this place is a friend, then I have no need to worry, but if they’re an enemy…”

Protector Shui became extremely stern. She silently vanished and crossed a huge distance, reappearing in a secret room within the Ice Goddess Hall. With a wave of her hand, the door was shut tightly with a heavy sound. Protector Shui was now seated in the center of the room. An indescribably tremendous pressure radiated from her body. It was countless times more powerful than anything a Returnance expert could exhibit. If even just a trace of it managed to leak out, the world would change and space would shatter. The Tian Yuan Continent would be reduced to pieces, disappearing from existence entirely.

However, the pressure was completely locked up in the room. None of it leaked out at all. It was not even able to shake the room.

Protector Shui was solemn as her eyes glowed. Her hands constantly formed seals before her chest. Extremely great power would radiate from each seal. This power exceeded the Origin realm, belonging to Godhood. In fact, it was power equivalent to the very apex of Godhood.

She was holding a clairvoyance in an attempt to find out whether the expert from the higher world was a friend or foe. She did not directly look into the expert’s identity. She knew that they were extremely powerful, far beyond something she could search for. If she tried forcefully, she would fail and suffer a dangerous backlash. She might even be noticed by the expert.

As a result, she took an indirect approach. She looked for some information that would allow her to deduce the experts identity and find out whether they were on her side or not.

This was extremely important. It was directly connected to the survival of the snow goddess, so she could not afford to be careless.

Protector Shui’s actions and the changes to the terrifying formation that sealed the world did not catch the attention of Jian Chen or the experts from the World of Forsaken Saints. They had no idea what had just happened.

Only fairy Hao Yue in the Bright Moon Divine Hall noticed the changes. She opened her eyes the same time protector Shui did. She then gazed into outer space. Although she was just a soul, her gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the walls of divine hall. She saw the moment the the formation was about to collapse.

Fairy Hao Yue’s face was also rather stern, but she returned to normal, like nothing had happened at all.

The great battle on the Tian Yuan Continent was extremely intense. The army of the four races grew weaker and weaker. They sustained extremely heavy casualties, and the shockwaves of battle between so many Saint Emperors and Origin realm experts had already damaged the continent. The entire continent constantly shook as cracks spread across its surface, like chasms leading to hell. The beautiful continent was divided by the cracks. It was no longer whole. It had been split into four sections by four extremely thick cracks.

As Jian Chen’s wounds gradually healed, he gradually gained the upper hand against the mid Returnance expert he was fighting in outer space. Killing his opponent would become certain once he made a full recovery.

Suddenly, a powerful strand of sword Qi shot out of the tunnel with a chilling killing intent. It tore through the sky, like a dragon, sweeping through an entire region. It wreaked havoc, causing space to collapse and the ground to shake. It was so powerful that it suppressed all the experts on the battlefield, catching the attention of countless people. They were all surprised.

“It’s elder Ouyang!”

“Elder Ouyang has come! I’d like to see how this person withstands elder Ouyang’s rage!”

All the experts of the foreign world immediately cried out while the Receival protectors all let out a breath of relief. They knew how powerful elder Ouyang was. As soon as he entered the battle, there was be no one in this world who could stop him. Elder Ouyang walked steadily out of the tunnel. His face was sunken while a sea-like presence permeated the surroundings. Within it was uncontainable anger.

He was Ouyang Yangwen, the strongest beneath the Spiritking in the World of Forsaken Saints and the great elder among the eight Returnance elders. His status was only second to the Spiritking, yet as soon as he arrived in this world, he had been trapped by the treasure that had originated from their own world. He even had to be carried away by Xiong Zhong, someone he never got along with. How could he endure that humiliation with his pride?

This was an embarrassment. It was a permanent stain to his name.

“I will make all the Origin realm experts of this world kneel before me. I will only ease my anger then.” Ouyang Yangwen’s face was sunken. He spoke very gently, but his voice was able to penetrate everything. It resonated throughout the world, and even the experts fighting in outer space could hear it clearly.

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