Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1549 - Driven Back (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1549 - Driven Back (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1549: Driven Back (One)

“The divine hall should be their final line of defense. It’s so tough that I am unable to destroy it, but it’s impossible for them to maintain it for very long with their strength. If we attack the divine hall without stopping and waste away their power, they won’t be able to maintain it for long. I’d like to see what trump card they’ll play  they lose the divine hall,” said Ouyang Yangwen while sneering. He glanced at the Returnance experts below him and said, “Elders, let’s attack this divine hall. We might end up gaining a divine hall that might be on par with our Sacred Spirit Hall.” Ouyang Yangwen became excited. The power of the divine hall before them interested all of them. They all shifted their focus onto the structure, no longer paying any attention to the other Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent.

In the eyes of the elders and protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints, there were some experts with shocking strength from the Tian Yuan Continent, but whatever threat they posed could be handled by their elder Ouyang. Moreover, their world possessed an even more terrifying Spiritking aside from elder Ouyang.

If they obtained such a powerful divine hall and brought it back to the World of Forsaken Saints, it would be a deed of great merit even if they could not use it. Bringing back the divine hall would be countless times greater than contributing to the invasion of the other world.

The other Returnance elders did not object Ouyang Yangwen’s command. They all attacked together, striking the divine hall as hard as they could. Booms immediately began to reverberate through the sky as terrifying pulses of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings. The pulses raised great gales, which kicked up the sand and dust on the ground, causing the sky to become gray and hazy.

Large portions of the cracked continent collapsed from the barrage of shockwaves. They turned into bottomless chasms. They made it seem like the world was ending, facing destruction.

Ouyang Yangwen sent several dozen sword Qi toward the Receival experts who were trapped in the azure streams of light, helping them break free. After regaining their mobility, the Receival experts all joined the attack on the divine hall without any hesitation at all.

“Are you okay, big brother? You’re bleeding so much. Big brother, let’s go into master’s divine hall.” Xiao Ling stared at the bloodied Jian Chen with tears in her eyes while choking back her sobs. With a wave of her hand, a ball of origin energy enveloped his body and pulled him toward the supreme divine hall below as quickly as possible.

Of all the Origin realm experts who stood on the side of the Tian Yuan Continent, Xiao Ling was the only one who had not been injured. Neither side was injured when she was battling Gongxi Ming.

At the same time, Changyang Mingyue raised her head to look at the divine hall, which flickered with azure light. After hesitating, she also turned into a blur and shot into the divine hall.

Tie Ta also rose up from the ground. He glowed with a layer of golden light, but it was extremely dim compared to before. He was pale and haggard as he weakly flew over to the divine hall.

Xiao Jin flew up from the ground as well. He had been cleaved in two by Ouyang Yangwen, but his body had reformed. He was a spirit of metal. His body was condensed from a golden liquid, so rejoining his body was not difficult.

The Empyrean Demon Orb hovered above Houston’s head as it dragged his injured body toward the supreme divine hall.

When Ouyang Yangwen saw the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent fly toward the supreme divine hall, he frowned and yelled, “The divine hall has become so powerful because of the addition of all those people at Sainthood. If a few Origin realm experts join in as well, who knows how powerful the divine hall will become. Stop them. We can’t let them enter the divine hall.”

A few Returnance elders from the World of Forsaken Saints immediately moved to stop Jian Chen from entering the divine hall. However, more streams of light shot toward them at an unbelievable speed. At the same time, the streams of light trapping the foreign Saint Emperors were withdrawn. After gathering some power, they turned into a stream that was even more powerful, which targeted Ouyang Yangwen.

The elders of the foreign world were helpless against the azure streams of light. The streams were unable to pose a threat to them, but they did move very fast, exceeding a speed they could react to, so they were unable to dodge them. Whenever the streams of azure light shot toward them, they would end up trapped.

At the same time, Changyang Mingyue entered the divine hall. Gaining the assistance of an early Returnance expert, the streams of light became even more powerful. This time, the elders of the foreign world required more strength to break free from the bonds created by the streams.

Ouyang Yangwen immediately failed to break free since the stream of light trapping him was the most powerful.

With the delay, Jian Chen, Xiao Ling, Tie Ta, Xiao Jin, and Houston all managed to enter the divine hall, disappearing before the Origin realm experts of the foreign world.

Ouyang Yangwen’s face became terrifying. He stared at the vaguely-visible divine hall and gritted his teeth, “Even if you’ve gained the support of several Origin realm experts, they’re all injured. It’s impossible for you all to recover without taking a few months or years. I’d like to see just how long this divine hall can last. Not only will I flatten your world, I’ll take your divine hall as well.

Ouyang Yangwen and the other Origin realm experts all attacked the divine hall as best they could. At the same time, Ouyang Yangwen ordered the Saint Emperors below, “All Saint Emperors disperse and slaughter all fighters of this world. Remember, do not kill more than a million people each, in case of Celestial Decay.”

The Saint Emperors’ eyes glowed with a bloodthirsty light. They immediately scattered in all directions.

Tian Jian’s face immediately changed in the supreme divine hall. Without any hesitation, he immediately controlled the power of the divine hall and sent streams of azure light toward the scattering Saint Emperors, immobilizing them all to prevent endless massacres across the world.

Ouyang Yangwen could not help but laugh out loud. This was just what he had anticipated. He did not care whether the low-level fighters of the world died or not. His true intentions were to drain the divine hall’s energy faster.

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