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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1550 - Driven Back (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1550: Driven Back (Two)

Tian Jian sat on a seat made of white jade while he controlled the divine hall. Jian Chen, Xiao Ling, Xiao Jin, Houston, Tie Ta, Changyang Mingyue, and Shanggyan Mu’er gathered around him. They continuously poured their powers into the seat so that the divine hall could erupt with even great power to fend off the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

With the support of several Origin realm experts, the power of the divine hall immediately skyrocketed. The azure streams of light it conjured were enough to trap the Receival experts of the foreign world. They could not resist the streams at all. Even the Returnance experts were trapped.

The two sides were locked in a stalemate for the time being. To everyone’s disappointment, the divine hall specialized in defense. It possessed offensive formations, but their power was pitiful compared to its defenses. The offensive formations were nowhere near strong enough to kill Origin realm experts.

“The expenditure of the divine hall is just too great. Coupled with the lack of origin energy in this world, once I use up all of my origin energy, it’ll be extremely difficult to recover just by absorbing the energy of the world. It’ll be extremely disadvantageous if this goes on for a long time. We might not last much longer,” said Changyang Mingyue. She spoke very sternly.

Even with the support of a great group of Sainthood experts and several Origin realm experts, the divine hall was unable to keep Ouyang Yangwen and the others trapped for too long. After all, the divine hall’s offensive capabilities were insignificant. Just defending would not work.

At the same time, keeping Ouyang Yangwen and the others trapped and blocking any attacks from them would expend the energy of the divine hall. Once it used up all their energy, the divine hall would become useless. At that time, even if Ouyang Yangwen and the others were unable to smash through the divine hall, they could take it away.

The divine hall, without any formations or energy, would just be a tough and heavy building. Saint Emperors might not be able to withstand its weight, but it weighed nothing to the Origin realm experts.

Everyone frowned due to what Changyang Mingyue had said. Their complexions all became horrible.

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts before a gleam of cold light flashed through his eyes. He said in a heavy voice, “This can’t continue. You guys support the divine hall. I’ll go heal. I’ll leave the saint artifact here. We can take turns entering the artifact space and having the artifact spirit heal you.” Jian Chen left behind the saint artifact and left by himself. He found a quiet place to focus on healing.

The fusion of the twin swords had failed, but Jian Chen had still suffered a significant backlash. His injuries were severe since his body had almost collapsed. Even his soul was heavily injured.

In a secret room within the divine hall, Jian Chen used a precious droplet of sap from a stalk of Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo. He placed the sap on his forehead, and as soon as it came in contact with his skin, it silently seeped in. It turned into a cool presence that nourished his soul, allowing it to recover rapidly.

At the same time, Jian Chen used the origin energy of a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master. Combined with his Chaotic Body, he healed as quickly as he could.

The Origin realm experts from the foreign world remained trapped in the azure streams while Jian Chen healed. Even Ouyang Yangwen was stuck within them, but even though he was trapped, Ouyang Yangwen showed no signs of anxiety at all. Instead, he sneered, “I’d like to see how long you last. There’s no origin energy in this world, so once you use up all the energy you have, it’ll be very difficult to recover.”

“Elder Ouyang, are we supposed to remain like this so that they continue to waste their energy?” A Receival protector asked.

Ouyang Yangwen glanced over and coldly replied, “Do you have any other ideas aside from wasting their energy now that the situation is like this? If we don’t waste all the energy of the divine hall, we can’t do anything to them. Even if I break free from these restraints by using my full power, there’s nothing I can do to the divine hall.”

In the blink of an eye, a whole day passed while both sides remained locked in a stalemate. During that time, the foreign experts in the Origin realm did not use much energy, but the divine hall continuously maintained the azure streams of light. They restrained the foreign experts and prevented them from attacking the divine hall and, thus, damaging the Tian Yuan Continent from the shockwaves. As a result, their expenditure of energy was extremely severe. Many Sainthood experts had used up all their Saint Force and were currently meditating to recover. However, their rate of recovery was nowhere near the rate of expenditure.

As time passed, all the Sainthood experts would begin to use up their Saint Force. The divine hall’s power would weaken without their support.

The current situation would become worse for the Tian Yuan Continent the longer it lasted.

However, a figure suddenly charged out of the divine hall at this very moment. He was clad in a special light, which radiated with extremely sharp strands of sword Qi. Two swords, one azure and one violet, hovered above his head, shining with their respective color. They were much duller than before and were riddled with cracks.

As soon as Jian Chen appeared, he shot toward the Returnance expert closest to him in an aggressive manner. His presence soared, causing the wind and clouds to churn.

The Returnance expert was the elder Zhang, who had faced off againt Houston earlier. As he watched Jian Chen charge toward him, his face immediately changed. Without any hesitation, he erupted with all his strength at Returnance. He pushed the azure streams of light around him three meters away. At the same time, a sword appeared in his hand, and he stabbed out with it.

Elder Zhang knew Jian Chen’s power, so he used his full strength from the first attack. He held nothing back.

Jian Chen had fully recovered from his wounds, now back in peak condition. The Azulet swords were damaged, but he still could defeat mid Returnance experts with his full strength. The elder before him was only at early Returnance, so as soon as they began fighting, Jian Chen knocked elder Zhang’s sword out of his hand. At the same time, the Qing Suo Sword shot forward with a flash of azure light and chopped off the elder’s right hand.

Elder Zhang grunted and attempted to flee. However, since he had just used his full strength, the azure streams were no longer kept away from his body due to the origin energy used in the attack. They immediately rebounded and trapped him once again.

“Oh no!” Elder Zhang’s heart immediately sank. However, the moment he thought that, he saw an azure flash. Without any hesitation, elder Zhang abandoned his body and fled as quickly as he could in the form of a soul. He ran toward the tunnel in fright.

“Spurt!” The Zi Ying Sword pierced his head. Jian Chen slammed his hand into the hilt, causing elder Zhang’s head to rupture. The Zi Ying Sword turned into a violet streak of light, pursuing elder Zhang’s fleeing soul with lightning-like speed.

Elder Zhang’s soul couldn’t flee as quickly as the Zi Ying Sword. Seeing how he was unable to escape, he immediately cried out, “Elder Ouyang, save…” However, before he could finish what he was saying, the Zi Ying Sword caught up and wiped out his soul.

Jian Chen did not pause after killing elder Zhang. He immediately shot toward another Returnance expert.

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