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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1552 - Driven Back (Four)
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Chapter 1552: Driven Back (Four)

Ouyang Yangwen used a secret technique this time. He wanted to kill Jian Chen as soon as possible. The divine hall caused him a headache that was painful enough. If Jian Chen also made trouble by killing all the Origin realm experts trapped in the azure streams of light, their world would suffer significant losses.

The World of Forsaken Saints could ignore the fates of Saint Emperors, but they needed to pay attention to the number of Origin realm experts they possessed.

Moreover, the azure streams of light moved just too quickly. Even Ouyang Yangwen was unable to dodge them. He would become trapped as long as they shot in his direction. Although he could break free from the restraints with his full strength, breaking free exacted an extremely heavy toll on his origin energy, especially if he had to do break free over and over again. There was no origin energy in this world either, so once he used all of his origin energy up, it would be extremely difficult for him to replenish it. This was also the reason why Ouyang Yangwen wanted to kill Jian Chen so urgently.

The blood-red sword Qi let out a dazzling red light. It tore through space as it moved toward Jian Chen with the power of the red sun. It produced a great disturbance, dyeing the entire sky blood-red.

Ouyang Yangwen was much stronger than Jian Chen. Coupled with a secret technique, he could erupt with even greater power, so Jian Chen did not show any carelessness whatsoever. Jian Chen watched Cheng Jingyun shoot off while feeling some regret. He was so close to killing a second elder of the World of Forsaken Saints, but he needed to give up now.

Suddenly, the twin swords seemed to recover their past power. They erupted with bright azure and violet lights. A dazzling white light mixed with the two colors. The white light emanated a soaring sword intent. This was the power of laws controlled by Jian Chen, who was at the partial achievement of Sword Origin.

Jian Chen could no longer worry about whether the twin swords would become more damaged or not. He used his full strength along with a sword technique. The two swords became three hundred meters long as they shot toward the blood-red sword Qi with lightning-like speed.

The collision between the two attacks immediately produced a deafening rumble. The blood-red sword Qi possessed extremely great power. It knocked the huge swords far away. The sword Qi continued toward Jian Chen. It moved extremely quickly, arriving before Jian Chen in a single red flash.

However, the sword Qi’s power had decreased after being obstructed by the twin swords, so it was no longer as powerful as before.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. The sword Qi had been drastically weakened, but he could still clearly sense that its power could not be underestimated. In that crucial moment, he backpedalled through the air and retreated, appearing several thousand meters away in the next instance. At the same time, he created a sword in his right hand. He used his powers at partial achievement Sword Origin, condensing the power of laws into a snow-white sword of light that was just as long as the twin swords. It let out a dazzling light.

The sword he had condensed using his power of laws was not extremely powerful. In fact much weaker than the twin swords due to his limited comprehension of the Way of the Sword, but the two swords had been knocked away from him and could not make it back to him in time. Condensing a sword was now the best method to block the remaining sword Qi.


The two strands of sword Qi collided and immediately erupted in the air like resplendent fireworks. Countless strands of residual sword Qi scattered through the sky like flowers, shooting off in all directions.

Jian Chen’s sword Qi dispersed, but a finger-sized sword Qi from Ouyang Yangwen remained. It shone with a demonic red light as it passed through Jian Chen’s body.

Jian Chen’s body shuddered. The power of the blood-red sun made the sword Qi extremely hot, so the region where he was injured rapidly melted away. It turned into a fist-sized hole in the blink of an eye, heavily damaging his organs.

Jian Chen suppressed the wound with Chaotic Force and used Radiant Saint Force to recover.

“First Transformation of the Blood Sun and Crescent Moon, Force of Moonrise!” Ouyang Yangwen cried out and continued to cast his secret technique.

However, before he could cast the next part of the secret technique, with a flash of azure light, he was trapped by the streams of light once again. This time, the streams were even more powerful, pushing the origin energy that had enveloped Ouyang Yangwen back into his body in a single moment.

At the same time, there was a flash of golden light from behind Ouyang Yangwen. Tie Ta had silently appeared behind him with his golden axe. Powerful battle intent conjured into a huge, illusory axe above his head. When it fused with the axe in his hand, it immediately erupted with an even more powerful presence. The axe was complete with both its form and soul. Tie Ta cleaved the air as it moved toward Ouyang Yangwen’s head.

Ouyang Yangwen’s face suddenly changed. There had been no prior signs that Tie Ta would appear. He had sensed nothing at all earlier. If he had not been restrained, there was obviously no need for him to treat Tie Ta’s attack with any importance, but now, he could feel a strong threat.

“Be careful, elder Ouyang.” The other elders of the World of Forsaken Saints also noticed Ouyang Yangwen’s predicament, so their faces changed and they all called out.

Ouyang Yangwen’s eyes exploded with light as he immediately bellowed out loud. Surging origin energy leaked out of his body without any restraint, causing the surroundings to shake and space to collapse. Even though his restraints did not break under his full strength, he pushed them three inches away. However, the golden axe touched his scalp.

Dealing with such a close situation, Ouyang Yangwen only managed to parry with his sword above his head.

The golden axe crashed down with the force of a thousand tons as it smashed into Ouyang Yangwen’s sword. The terrifying power knocked Ouyang Yangwen out of the sky and into the ground.

Jian Chen also hurried over with lightning-like speed as a blur. He caught up to Ouyang Yangwen in a single moment and stabbed out with the Zi Ying Sword.

Ouyang Yangwen swung his sword and blocked the Zi Ying Sword, forcing Jian Chen back at the same time. However, the Qing Suo Sword managed to pierce Ouyang Yangwen’s abdomen, passing through his body as an azure flash. It also deposited a sliver of the power of laws in Ouyang Yangwen’s body.

Ouyang Yangwen paled and vomited blood. He lowered his head to look at his abdomen. Disbelief filled his face as he mumbled while at a loss, “I’ve actually been injured. Impossible, this is impossible. How could I be injured by them?” Ouyang Yangwen struggled to accept this fact.

He was the greatest elder from the World of Forsaken Saints, a late Returnance expert only second to the Spiritking. However, he had just been injured by someone whose true strength had not even reached the Origin realm. This was a great blow to Ouyang Yangwen’s confidence.

“Tie Ta, go kill the other Origin realm experts. I’ll keep him busy,” Jian Chen said to Tie Ta. He then charged toward Ouyang Yangwen. The azure streams of light were unable to keep Ouyang Yangwen trapped. In order to prevent him from disturbing Tie Ta while he dealt with the other Origin realm experts, Jian Chen could only keep Ouyang Yangwen busy.

Without any hesitation, Tie Ta charged toward the other Origin realm experts. He knew that he was still slightly weaker compared to Jian Chen and knew that would have to expend quite some effort in order to kill Returnance experts. Since time was tight, he did not deal with the elders and charged toward the protectors instead.

The protectors from the Sacred Spirit Hall remained restrained. When they saw Tie Ta fly toward them, they immediately revealed different expressions. Some of them opened their mouths and cried for help from the elders.

Two elders temporarily broke free from their restraints and worked together to fight Tie Ta. With Tie Ta’s strength, it was a little difficult for him to face deal with two Returnance experts at the same time. As a result, he was greatly suppressed as soon as they began fighting.

At this moment, Changyang Mingyue peered outside the divine hall. She immediately said, “Let me deal with them.”

Tian Jian who sat on the jade-white seat suddenly opened his eyes. He said, “None of you can go out, or we might not be able to keep them restrained.”

With that, Changyang Mingyue paused. She hesitated before deciding to stay and provide energy to the divine hall to keep the other experts trapped.

Tian Jian gazed at the people around him and said, “I need everyone’s full support so that the divine hall can display even greater might to keep the Returnance experts trapped and giving Tie Ta time to kill the Receival experts. With the death of every Origin realm expert from the World of Forsaken Saints, there’ll be less pressure on the divine hall to keep the others trapped.”

The few Origin realm experts in the supreme divine hall did not hesitate at all. They immediately placed their hands on the jade-white seat. Their power surged out, making the divine hall even more powerful.

The two Returnance experts fighting Tie Ta were trapped very soon. Without them, Tie Ta immediately charged toward the Receival experts.

“Elder, let’s work together and kill him,” suggested a Returnance expert.

“The restraints of the azure streams are even more powerful. We can temporarily break free with our strength, but we’lll greatly exhaust our origin energy, and even if we do break free, we can only dish out a few attacks before we’re trapped again. It’ll be difficult to kill him with just those attacks,” another elder replied with a heavy heart.

Cheng Jingyun coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. She looked around and weakly said, “Elders, I’m heavily injured. I won’t be of any help if I stay any longer, so I’ll be leaving first.” With that, Cheng Jingyun used a secret technique, burning her essence blood in exchange for great power to break free from the restraints. She did not look back at all as she entered the tunnel, fleeing back to the World of Forsaken Saints.

Cheng Jingyun’s departure was not met with any obstructions at all. However, now that she was gone, the azure stream of light that had been trapping her split into six and spread among the six other Returnance elders. Their facial expressions immediately changed.

At this moment, there was a miserable cry. A Receival expert had died in Tie Ta’s hands. His souls had been wiped out. However, the death of the Receival expert made all the faces of the Returnance experts sink. The stream of light that had been trapping him was now divided into six, which then extended to them.

“This can’t continue. If it does, we’ll probably be dead before we can even waste away the energy of the divine hall,” an elder said with a heavy voice.

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