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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1553 - Driven Back (Five)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1553: Driven Back (Five)

Ouyang Yangwen’s face became extremely sunken when he heard what was said. They could have easily run amuck in this world, but the appearance of the divine hall had turned the situation around. They, who originally possessed the upper hand, had entered an awkward position. All the Saint Emperors and Receival experts had been trapped by the azure streams of light, and they could not break free at all. Moreover, the Returnance experts suffered from the azure streams of light as well. Now that a Receival expert had fallen and Cheng Jingyun had left, the restraints on the six of them had become even more powerful.

Ouyang Yangwen had originally originally wanted to waste all the energy in the supreme divine hall. Once the divine hall exhausted all its power, the people hiding inside would all become sitting ducks. They would not be able to flee even if they wanted to. At that time, not only would they be able to kill off all the Origin realm experts, but the divine hall would belong to them as well.

However, Ouyang Yangwen had never thought that the situation would be reversed. Not only did they fail to waste all the divine hall’s energy like he had imagined, but they were also forced to deal with the problems thrown at them.

Even Ouyang Yangwen, who was extremely confident in himself, felt slightly pressured because he was no longer able to break through the azure streams of light now that they had strengthened. He could only loosen them by using origin energy. Not only did he need to devote a portion of his strength to keep the streams at bay, but he also needed to suppress the wound in his abdomen and prevent the power of laws from spreading. Ouyang Yangwen still barely managed to gain the upper hand while dealing with Jian Chen’s swift attacks. He could no longer use pure strength to suppress Jian Chen. He was powerless to stop Tie Ta.

At this moment, another miserable cry rang out. A second Receival expert from the World of Forsaken Saints had died to Tie Ta’s hands. His head had been smashed by a single strike from Tie Ta’s axe, dispersing his soul in the process.

As soon as the protector passed away, the elders immediately felt the azure streams around them strengthen once again. Their faces dramatically changed, and even Ouyang Yangwen struggled to remain composed.

If all the protectors were killed by Tie Ta, the azure streams would probably become so powerful that even the elders would no longer be able to break free. They would no longer be around to shoulder the load from the divine hall. At that time, only death would await them.

Moreover, their world could not endure the loss of so many Origin realm experts.

“Elder Ouyang, the situation is becoming worse for us. Let’s retreat for now,” an elder said with a heavy heart. He glanced at the tunnel below from time to time. He had clearly already made up his mind. If Ouyang Yangwen insisted on staying, he would flee even if he had to offend Ouyang Yangwen.

Ouyang Yangwen clearly understood the situation at hand as well. A sliver of disgrace flashed through his eyes as he gritted his teeth, “All retreat!”

Without any hesitation, the other elders immediately broke free from their restraints. However, they did not immediately enter the tunnel. Instead, they all arrived before the trapped protectors and freed them from their restraints.

The streams of azure light that trapped the Receival experts were much weaker than the ones that trapped the Returnance experts. They collapsed after a single attack from the Returnance experts. With their assistance, all the trapped protectors broke free in just a short while.

At the same time, Ouyang Yangwen furiously bellowed out. He forced Jian Chen back with a full power attack. The sword in his hand danced about furiously. He sent a wave of sword Qi toward the trapped Saint Emperors before retreating back into the tunnel with them. They all returned to their own world in horrible shape.

The supreme divine hall did not take advantage of the situation and attack them. It allowed them to escape. The azure streams of light could have trapped them again, forcing them to lose at least half of their experts, or even all of them, but all the Origin realm experts in the divine hall would have exhausted all their origin energy in exchange. In fact, they might not have had enough origin energy to kill all the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

They were in a world that lacked origin energy. It was difficult to completely recover all their spent origin energy within several decades or a century once they expended it all. Without their support, the divine hall’s power significantly weaken. Once the next wave of experts from the foreign world came, they would not be able to fend them off.

The divine hall rapidly descended from the sky after the foreign experts retreated. It guarded the entrance of the tunnel by blocking it.

The intense battle between the two worlds had finally come to a close. All the survivors from the four races let out breaths of relief. Many of them were joyful that they won.

Many of the Sainthood experts in the divine hall had channeled all their Saint Force into the divine hall so that it could become more powerful. Thus, they were utterly exhausted. The moment the battle ended, many of them collapsed where they were. They had used up all their power, and some of them had even used secret techniques to burn their essence blood, becoming haggard and extremely weak.

Tian Jian, who was controlling the divine hall through the jade-white seat, and the Origin realm experts around him all let out a breath of relief as well. A smear of paleness had appeared on Tian Jian’s face. He was not the only who paled; even the Origin realm experts around him also paled. The divine hall consumed energy far too rapidly. Even though only a short amount of time had passed, they had exhausted close to half of their origin energy. If the foreign experts had not retreated, they probably would not have lasted much longer.

“I never thought that the World of Forsaken Saints would attack so soon. It’s fortunate that I managed to refine the supreme divine hall from the city lord in time, or the outcome would have been unthinkable,” Tian Jian said, rejoicing. If he had come with the divine hall just a little later, the current situation would be completely different.

“I never thought that this divine hall would be so powerful, where even late Returnance experts can’t even shake it. Mo Tianyun truly is worthy of the title of the greatest human expert. His true strength probably surpassed Returnance long ago.” Shangguan Mu’er sighed in surprise as she observed the divine hall.

“Hmph, the power of my master is beyond your imaginations. So what about Returnance experts. My master could kill them easily with a single finger. When that war god of the Hundred Races attacked our Tian Yuan Continent back then, he was far stronger than this Ouyang Yangwen, yet he was still easily repelled by master. If it weren’t for the fact that my master didn’t want to kill the war god, how could he have escaped from master’s hands?” Xiao Ling pridefully .

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