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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1555 - The White Tiger’s Human Form
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1555: The White Tiger’s Human Form

Although Houston had known long ago that his son’s death would come some day and could not be changed, he still felt utterly horrible even though he had mentally prepared himself.

Jian Chen sighed inside as well. Houston had not been present when uncle Xiu Mi had passed away. He was unable to personally see his son off. Houston was not the only one filled with regret. Even Jian Chen and all the villagers in Longevity Valley were filled with regret. Jian Chen had no idea how to comfort Houston as he studied Houston’s expression. He understood Houston’s feelings since he was a father as well.

Jian Chen glanced at the white tiger. The white tiger was only a meter long. Its snow-white fur had been dyed red with blood and carried the strong smell of blood. In the earlier battle, the white tiger had suffered heavy wounds as well. Although it had already healed, it had not cleaned the dry blood from his fur.

Jian Chen became filled with joy when he sensed the white tiger’s current strength. He felt happiness from the bottom of his heart. He had an extremely special connection with the white tiger. Jian Chen himself was unclear of his feelings for the white tiger. Back then, when the white tiger had just been born, it was by Jian Chen’s side before it could even open its eyes. It had basically spent every year of its life by Jian Chen, aside from the days it spent in the Beast God Hall. Jian Chen had watched the white tiger grow from being a cub that could not even open its eyes to its current state. They were like companions yet also like father and son.

“Xiao Bai, I never thought that you’d obtain such a great fortune from the Beast God Hall, reaching the Origin realm even when this world is sealed and comprehending laws as well. Your mother must be extremely happy,” Jian Chen said to the white tiger. He then paused before asking with some doubt, “You’ve reached the Origin realm now. Are you still unable to assume a human form? Is the Winged Tiger God never able to assume a human form.”

Hesitation appeared in the white tiger’s eyes. However, the hesitation soon disappeared, replaced by determination. Its body transformed, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a young boy. He seemed extremely valiant. His skin was very soft, just like a newly-born infant. His hair was snow-white and at least a foot long, casually draped on his shoulders. His hair also possessed a mysterious luster, as if each strand was filled with power. His face, which was still rather young, possessed a sliver of resolution that did not match his age at all. It made him seem like a general who had experienced many wars.

Tie Ta, Changyang Mingyue, Shangguan Mu’er, Xiao Ling, and Houston all became fixated on the white tiger. They had heard from the ancient rumors that the Winged Tiger God had always appeared in beast form and had never appeared in human form, so everyone in the world believed that the Winged Tiger God’s bloodline was special and that it could not assume a human form even upon reaching the Origin realm. However, the rumor had just been disproven before their eyes.

Xiao Ling arrived before the white tiger and moved around him. Her bright eyes were filled with doubt as she murmured, “Strange, why do I feel a familiar presence on you?” Xiao Ling furrowed her brows, but she was unable to understand why.

“The true name of my species is not the Winged Tiger God but the Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors. We possess one of the strongest bloodlines in the world, comparable to ancestral dragons. The seal here is very powerful, but it’s unable to seal up our bloodline. We’re only able to assume a human form once we reach the Origin realm because of our unique bloodline,” said the white tiger. His voice sounded rather raw, probably due to the fact that this was his first time speaking. He was unable to utter his words very clearly.

Everyone there, including Jian Chen, had no idea what an ancestral dragon was. Even Xiao Bai had no idea what an ancestral dragon was, so none of them paid much attention to it. However, the weakened sword spirits were extremely shocked when they heard about the ancestral dragons. Their hearts began to churn.

“What kind of legacy did he receive? How can he know about ancestral dragons…”

“And what kind of heaven-defying species are the Sacredfeather Tiger Emperors? Why have we never heard of them? How can they possess such a powerful bloodline that is comparable to ancestral dragons? Even the sacred beast kings among the four sacred beasts in our Immortals’ World do not possess such a great bloodline…”

“Is he exaggerating…”

“He must have learned all this from the previous Winged Tiger God through the legacy. What are the origins of that ancient Winged Tiger God? He actually knows about ancestral dragons, yet ancestral dragons disappeared several billion years ago from our Immortals’ World. No ordinary person can learn about them, but anyone who does know about them is definitely be an apex expert who has survived countless years or someone important with a great background…”

At that moment, the sword spirits truly began to treat the white tiger with importance. They had never heard of the Sacredfeather Tiger Emperors, but since they comparable to ancestral dragons, they were definitely extraordinary beings.

At this moment, Tian Jian returned. He made his way over from the distance, and in his hand was an impressive, snow-white beast fur.

The white tiger saw the beast fur as soon as it appeared. He felt extremely close to the beast fur since it was fur that had been shed by the Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor from the ancient times. They were of the same species and the legacy he had just obtained came from the same Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor.

Tian Jian passed the last beast fur to Tie Ta. Tie Ta held the beast fur and was filled with various emotions. The previous war god, Aergyns, had been sealed up after being slain by the Winged Tiger God. His remains had been locked up for over a million years. He had finally gathered the eighteen beast furs and now possessed the key to removing the seal. He could let Aergyns’ remains return to the earth.

The moment Tie Ta obtained the beast fur, he did not think about the fortune or legacy he would end up obtaining. He only thought about planning the grand burial for Aergyns’ remains.

“Aside from the beast fur, I’ve found a few items that will be useful to us in the treasury,” said Tian Jian. With a wave of his hand, various jade boxes flew from his Space Ring. There were over a thousand of them.

A few people opened a few boxes out of curiosity. The items inside ranged from high class monster cores to various pills. There were many Class 9 Monster Cores while the rest were Class 8 Monster Cores.

“These items should have all been left behind by the former masters of this divine hall. Due to the seals on the boxes, all the items have been preserved perfectly. I don’t know how long they’ve been the treasury, but they’re still effective today,” said Tian Jian.

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