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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1563 - Protector Shui Injured
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Chapter 1563: Protector Shui Injured

Shangguan Mu’er wore a purple dress. Her indescribably beautiful face seemed like it was not something that could appear among the realm of mortals. She looked like a goddess from heaven. Her eyes were cold, but they were spirited as well, shining with an enchanting light. Just her gaze could mesmerize people.

The Heavenly Enchantress fell silent after listening to Jian Chen and did not reply for quite some time. Mixed feelings filled her eyes. She felt like she was torn between some decisions.

She obviously knew what Jian Chen’s intentions were. In the current world, no one could become powerful enough to fend off the Spiritking within a few dozen years by cultivating aside form Changyang Mingyue. Let alone reaching Godhood, even just the slightest improvement would be extremely difficult because there was no origin energy in this world. They would no longer grow as rapidly after reaching the origin realm.

Currently, the only method for them to rapidly strengthen themselves was the Yinyang Saint Rock. Shangguan Mu’er was very reluctant to bring up the rock. She had never forgotten what had happened in the past. The rock had been a fortuitous encounter for her, but it had also hurt her.

“Will you be able to deal with the Spiritking if you absorb the Yinyang Saint Rock?” Shangguan Mu’er finally replied after thinking for a while. Her voice was rather forced. She still felt conflicted about the matter of the Yinyang Saint Rock at the bottom of her heart, but after so many years, even Xiao Bao had become an adult. She had gradually let go of these matters and come to terms with them. Not to mention the fact that the Tian Yuan Continent currently faced a disastrous future. In just a few decades, all the lives in this world might end up threatened or wiped out. She needed to make this decision for Xiao Bao.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly replied, “The Yinyang Saint Rock is condensed from the yin and yang Qi of the world. They are extremely powerful energies, far greater than we can imagine. They’re far more terrifying than any energy we’ve ever seen before. If we blow up the Yinyang Saint Rock, the entire universe would probably be destroyed. It is exactly because of how powerful the Yinyang Saint Rock is that I can only absorb it after I have reached the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body, and I still require the balancing of yin and yang so that the Supreme Yin Force and Supreme Yang Force within the yin and yang Qi become gentle. Otherwise, it would cost me my life.

“At our current strength, we can reach Reciprocity at the minimum if we absorb the entire rock, or we could break through the Origin realm and reach Godhood. However, with my battle prowess, there’s no need for me to reach Godhood. I just need to reach Reciprocity. Even if it’s early Reciprocity, we would not need to fear the Spiritking.”

Jian Chen’s face was filled with confidence. He knew that the Spiritking was also an expert who could kill people at greater levels of cultivation, but he was confident that he would be no weaker than the Spiritking. Nonly did he cultivate Chaotic Force, but he was also a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master. Once the battle began, the rate at which he consumed Chaotic Force would be several dozen times or even a hundred times slower than his enemy’s energy consumption. However, the drawback was that it took him a hundred times longer to recover Chaotic Force.

He also possessed Martial Soul Force, an ability that could attack the souls of his opponents. Although he did not know of a way to use Martial Soul Force to its fullest extent, his soul would still rapidly strengthen as his power increased, so the power of Martial Soul Force would increase as well. Even though he would not be able to injure opponents at the same level, he was still able to distract them.

Hesitation filled Shangguan Mu’er’s face. She was conflicted inside. She knew that this was probably the only way she could protect Xiao Bao, but she was just unable to voice her agreement and go to the Yinyang Saint Rock with Jian Chen to practice the dual cultivation together.

“Give me three days to think about it. I will get back to you in three days,” Shangguan Mu’er did not immediately agree after hesitating fo a while. Although she had dropped the matter in the past and had gradually accepted it, her feelings for Jian Chen were not anywhere near You Yue’s or Huang Luan’s level.

Jian Chen looked at Shangguan Mu’er with mixed feelings. He said, “So far, that’s the only idea I can think of that we can use to fend off the foreign world. I will wait for your reply in three days.” With a flash of violet light, the Zi Ying Sword appeared beneath Jian Chen’s feet. After he had spoke, he left, disappearing in the horizon as a streak of violet light.

Shangguan Mu’er slowly sat down. She sat above the sea of clouds. Great gusts of wind buffeted her hair, causing it to wave in the wind. Her face was hesitant.

There was a huge world of ice to the far north of the Tian Yuan Continent. It was separated from the continent and the sea realm by a thick layer of cold air. The battle on the Tian Yuan Continent had been extremely intense. The terrifying shockwaves of battle had destroyed the entire continent while the Beast God Continent, the Wasteland Continent, and the sea realm were also heavily affected. Even though the icy tundra was not far from the Tian Yuan Continent, it had not suffered any damage at all. It looked no different than before.

Shrouded by a wall of thick and in the depths of the icy tundra within the white mist was a majestic divine hall. The entire divine hall seemed to have been carved from crystal, refracting sunlight into rainbows.

In a secret room within the divine hall, the armored protector Shui sat in the air. An extremely powerful presence radiated from her body as terrifying pulses of energy permeated the entire room. The energy was so powerful that the entire world would be destroyed if a tiny amount of it leaked out.

Protector Shui seemed like a god of war, radiating with an absolute pressure. She seemed indomitable. Before her, even the powerful Spiritking seemed as insignificant as an ant, let alone Jian Chen. They would not even be able to endure her presence.

Protector Shui’s hands constantly danced from one seal to another as she tried to decipher who the mysterious expert, who had almost caused the formation to collapse, was. She needed to determine who they were and work out whether they were a friend or foe because this was directly tied to the safety of the snow goddess.

Suddenly, protector Shui’s body violently trembled as she suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood. She did not stop after one mouthful. She continued to vomit over a dozen times before stopping. She fell out of the air in a horrible condition. She lay on the floor and was extremely weak, having been heavily injured.

“Who is this person? They’re so powerful. I didn’t even try to see who they were directly. I just tried to use some traces to work out whether they’re a friend or foe, yet not only have I failed, but I’ve also suffered such a great backlash,” protector Shui involuntarily cried out.

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