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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1565 - Revenge
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1565: Revenge

Jian Chen was dejected. On the other hand, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian were ecstatic. Now that the seal was gone, there was nothing stopping them from breaking through to the Origin realm. Although the origin energy in the world had not been replenished yet, that was not a problem for the three of them. When they had entered an endless cycle of rebirth in the past, they had stored origin energy in their Saint artifacts. Aside from them, no one could use the origin energy within the Saint artifacts, including Saint Emperors from the ten protector clans. If they used the origin energy they had stored up, they could quickly reach the Origin realm.

Aside from them, the many Saint Emperors from the four races were extremely excited as well. Now that the seal was gone, they all saw the path to the Origin realm. Even though there was no origin energy in the world, they believed that reaching the Origin realm through the energy of the world was not impossible. At the very least, they found a glimmer of hope to a higher realm and didn’t have to remain Saint Emperors for the rest of their lives and end up passing away from old age.

There was a vast expanse of land in the forbidden grounds of the city lord’s estate in Flame City. It was always dead silent. The prosperity and noise of the city were unable to overcome the silence. Even the guards that patrolled the estate would avoid the forbidden grounds. As a result, it seemed to have become a whole different realm compared to the outside world.

A pure-white divine hall stood in the forbidden grounds. It let out a faint, silver light that appeared like the glow of the moon.

Fairy Hao Yue’s figure sat on a jade bed within the divine hall. The moment the powerful formation in outer space shattered, her eyes suddenly opened. She gazed through the obstructions of the divine hall and could see everything happening in the outside world.

“She really has left and much earlier than I anticipated. The tunnel to the Saints’ World has been opened. I can leave as well. Once I reach the Saints’ World, I’ll be able to recover my body with a secret technique,” fairy Hao Yue murmured to herself. A gleam of light flashed through her eyes. She was eager to leave. She had been trapped on this lower world for a very long time. She was extremely eager to return to the Saints’ World and tell her father about Nan Potian’s scheme.

That was what she thought, but fairy Hao Yue did not take action immediately. She murmured, “In my current state, it would be extremely difficult to return all by myself. I’d have to pay a huge price to pass through the tunnel and I might even lose the ability to keep myself safe. If I can’t even do that, I’ll probably die during the journey back to the Moon God Hall. I’ve waited tens of thousands of years already, so it’s fine if I wait a few more decades. Jian Chen won’t stick around for much longer. I’ll spend a few decades waiting for him.

“If he dies to the hands of the people who seem like Spiritsages, I’ll just ask them to cooperate with me.”

Fairy Hao Yue did not treat Jian Chen’s life with much importance. She had accepted You Yue as her disciple because of Jian Chen and had even interfered and saved Jian Chen when he had been trapped in the miniature world of the protector Changyang clan. She didn’t want Jian Chen to die then since she could use him to reach the higher world in the future.

Fairy Hao Yue did not treat the protector clans with any importance, which was why she helped Jian Chen break out without any hesitation. To her, it was simply effortless work. However, she was extremely fearful of the Forsaken Saint Race, which was extremely likely to be a part of the Spiritsages in the Saints’ World. She dared not to offend them.

Her relationship with Jian Chen was not particularly deep. They were not even friends. They were just cooperating with one another.

Outer space gradually settled down and the tunnel leading to the World of Forsaken Saints closed very quickly as well. The Ice Goddess Hall had left the world through that tunnel. The mysterious organization had ceased to exist on the Tian Yuan Continent.

However, when the tunnel was about to close, two figures suddenly shot out of the Death Nest. They charged away from the Tian Yuan Continent like loose arrows, headed toward the tunnel.

A gleam of light immediately flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes when he saw the two figures. He immediately dismissed his other thoughts and coldly said, “It’s Kaiser and the tiger emperor form the Beast God Continent. It looks like the two of them actually want to go to the Saints’ World. It’s time for your revenge, Xiao Bai.”

The white tiger had reverted to his beast form. His eyes shone with a vicious like as he gave off a heavy killing intent. Coupled with a deafening roar, he immediately disappeared with a single leap. When he reappeared, he was in outer space, extremely far from the continent. He just happened to appear before Kaiser and Lankyros.

Compared to the past, the two of them looked dispirited. They had lost their dignified appearances. When they saw the white tiger suddenly block them, their faces drastically lchanged. Without any hesitation, the two of them separated. They wanted to make their way around the white tiger and enter the tunnel.

The white tiger had reached the Origin realm, so the two of them gave up on the notion of putting up a fight. They chose to flee without any hesitation at all.

However, how could the white tiger let them enter the tunnel? With a deep and furious growl, the wings on his back gently shook as two strands of Force of Slaughter shot out. The strands pursued the two of them as blades.

Spurt! Spurt!

The blades condensed from the Force of Slaughter mercilessly beheaded the two of them. They had become Saint Emperors many years ago and had been two great rulers who had reigned supreme in certain regions, yet they were unable to fight the white tiger. They were as puny as ants.

The white tiger sealed up their heads, sealing in their souls. He took their heads back with him to the Beast God Hall. His mother, Rum Guinness, was still in there. He wanted to deal with the two Saint Emperors while his mother watched.

Kaiser and the tiger emperor had schemed against the white tiger several times in the past, attempting to possess his body and obtain his bloodline so that they could venture to the ninety-ninth floor of the Beast God Hall for the beast god’s legacy. The death of the white tiger’s father was also secretly orchestrated by them, and even Rum Guinness had almost died. All these matters had stoked the flames between the white tiger and the two Saint Emperors. Even though the threat of the foreign world loomed heavy, where everyone from the four races had put aside their differences and were working together to fend off the World of Forsaken Saints, the white tiger was still unwilling to let the two of them escape.

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